Reversal on the way? Simple if you know where to look.

While being a member of MarketClub can easily tell you the trend for any market, it isn't the only way to determine the strength of a market. In this complimentary trading video, Darrell Jobman, published author of more than a dozen trading handbooks and editor of major financial publications, will walk you through how putting indicator clues together can help to identify setups for a new trend.

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You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

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8 thoughts on “Reversal on the way? Simple if you know where to look.

  1. gday,I tried vp years ago and found it a complete waste of time and money,I was trading 1fx pair and 2commodities,the cost to purchase and use was ridiculous,I was trading much better before I got it than I did after so I ditched it and returned to my own profitable methods.gday dave j

  2. I've been approached by their marketing, persuasions and call by call, the thing is that they have a indicator led signal service with their methods however, they would not give it a free trial like most of other products. Simply my question is this... why on earth VP wants to sell something and yet would not even give a free trial... i mean common... even if they give 1- 3 days trial how much could i possibly win or how could they possibly loose..

    the winning and loosing here i'm talking about is gain confidence over them and their product that they claim has accuracy of 80 over %.

  3. I also use Vantage Point and have found it sub-par from their claims. I called and talked to a rep from the company and told them it is more geared toward the Forex and Futures Market. I have found that my previous methods of trading stocks worked as well if not better than using VP. I now use Vp to give me trading ideas but don't rely on the price movements they predict. The biggest problem I have with it is the lack of securities they list. Half the time they don't list the stock I'm interested in trading. You are limited to only the stocks they provide which is only about 12% of all the exchange lisited equities.

  4. I gain confidence every time I wach one of the videos. The content and presentation is very good

  5. It is easy to make claim on software accuracy. However, you still need other indicators before you place a trade which
    means to say I don't have the full confidence.

  6. I didn't have much success with the Vantage Point software.
    So I checked their claim of 86% accuracy.
    I plotted the 3-day moving average and the neural index.
    When the neural index is 1, the 3ma two days out is supposed to be higher than the current day.
    When the neural index is 0, the 3ma two days out is supposed to be lower than the current day.
    For the ETFs I trade, the accuracy was 60-62% over a 3-month period.
    Perhaps the neural index is 86% accurate for futures and forex, but for my ETF trading, it wasn't that good.

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