The ‘Trader’s Solution’ to Saving Your Retirement

It seems money – or, to be more specific, the record rate at which our government is spending it – is once again the center of national attention. President Obama’s budget plan is making headlines all across the nation – in particular, its lack of attention to the two biggest, government money-eaters by far: Medicare and Social Security.

60% of the budget is already slated to bankroll entitlement programs and it’s estimated that spending will rise 71% for Social Security, 72% for Medicare, and 115% for Medicaid (the third gorilla in the room) over the next ten years.

Let’s face it, the pressure is building. And, if something isn’t done, sooner or later they’re both going to blow. I shudder to think of the disastrous financial straits it will leave many American’s in (The collapse of Fannie and Freddie will pale in comparision…)…
Fortunately, whether you realize it or not, you already know the secret to ensuring that money won’t be an issue in your golden years.

The simple fact that you’re reading INO’s blog articles clearly indicates the solution is already hardwired into your natural behavior…

We’re investors and traders. We hate to leave the fate of our financial future in the hands of others. Rather than sit idly by, we grab hold of the reigns. We take responsibility for growing our own nest eggs… building our wealth… and ensuring our monetary needs will be met regardless of what happens with the government’s burgeoning entitlement programs…

The KEY to ensuring you have enough wealth to retire in comfort is clear:

Use your natural ‘traders’ mentality in the most effective manner possible.

For starters, you and I both know the traditional, buy-and-hold approach is dead – the recent market meltdown confirmed it. Most investors spent years rebuilding their nest eggs after the Tech Wreck – only to see the rug get yanked out from under their feet yet again in the 2008 Financial Crisis. All in all, ELEVEN years have been lost and many people are still no closer to having the nest egg they want or need…

And while the opposite extreme – day trading and swing trading – can be exciting and profitable for some people, it requires more time and technical skill than most Main Street investors are able to devote on a daily or weekly basis…

The solution: a mix of the two – trend trading.

By taking positions almost as you would with traditional buy-and-hold – e.g. taking a position based on solid, longer term technical and fundamentals – and then moving in and out of the position as the trend changes, you get the best of both worlds. Let me show you what I mean…

If you had bought the four ETFs tracked in MarketClub’s Perfect ‘R’ Portfolio – SPDR Gold Shares, United States Oil, SPDT S&P 500, and Currency Shares Euro Trust – in January 2008 and then simply held them until June 2010, you would have suffered a 32% loss.

On the other hand, if followed the MarketClub alerts to step in and out of them with the trend, you would have GAINED 8%. That's a 40% swing in your favor despite the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. If that isn't iron-clad retirement protection then what is.

Better yet, consider MarketClub’s Global Strategy Portfolio. Between January 2000 and June 2010, following the Global Strategy trader alerts on just five ETFs would’ve handed you a 23% GAIN versus the 29% loss suffered by buy-and-hold investors. THAT is how small nest grow to become retirement wealth regardless of what the markets – or the government – throw at you.

Bottom line: Trade smart and it won’t matter whether Washington ends up cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits… or simply ignores them until they implode. Either way, you’ll have the nest egg you need to your live your retirement in the comfort you deserve.

Find out more about MarketClub’s Perfect ‘R’ Portfolio, Global Strategy Portfolio, and World Cup Portfolio – not to mention Trade Triangles, Talking Charts, Smart Scans, Auto Alerts, and much more – in this new, uncensored video:

What MarketClub can and can’t do for you

All my best for your trading success,
Adam Hewison
President of
Co-founder of MarketClub

15 thoughts on “The ‘Trader’s Solution’ to Saving Your Retirement

  1. Ashley, I agree with you totally. Be sure to read
    the book Bilderberg Group if you have not already.
    Our future has been planned by the corporate and
    ruling elite and it is not pretty.

  2. ONE ideia is marketclub choice 4 to six stoks every months, as a PERFECT PORFOLIO MONTH, receiving clear and concise research reports, supported by in-depth fundamental and technical analysis, as well as current news that can impact the particular stock and the sector/industry. The analysis involves extensive research on company regulatory filings, income statements, balance sheets, forecasts, product pipelines, historical and projected growth trends, and much Bmore. begin with fundamental analysis, because without strong fundamentals, a stock can fall flat at any given time. Once we identify a stock with strong fundamentals then we look at the technical indicators, and only if the technical indicators are also favorable,publish the reports.
    Up to 4 research reports a month.
    Email notification when new research reports are published.
    Email notification of news and technical analysis updates on previously published stocks.
    Access to archive of all past research reports.
    Comprehensive performance evaluation, not just a select few top performers. So you can truly see your service performs over time.
    Is just I THINK a good idea, a good service to complete and better your service.

  3. I trade for a living, Market Club has turbo charged
    my returns. I especially like the trade triangles
    they take the guesswork out of buying and selling.
    Thanks for a great service.

  4. I have found that for Position-Trading (holding from several days to several weeks),
    using the Dochian-Williams Method as shown by Adam on previous videos
    along with the Trade Triangles works very nicely.
    USO has been so erratic that I now use XLE for the energy component of my modified perfect portfolio.
    Also, I use the SLV & MDY instead of the GLD & SPY because they seem be getting better returns.
    As soon as the EEM starts up-trending, I plan to add it to make a 4-basket modified perfect-world portfolio.
    When the next 07-09 bear market comes, I can switch to the SH or RWM for some profits in the downturn.
    So from my perspective, MC was well worth the price of admission.

  5. To those badmouthing this system, if you can trade better on your own, then by all means do so. As a new subscriber, I must say I am quite impressed with the trade triangles. They would have kept me out of trouble on a few recent losers. And I do trade using my own system quite well, much of it with Elliott Wave. There is no holy grail, so stop looking for one. And the Perfect R has done quite well considering you could pay somone 2% or more to actually manage your money, and there is no guarantee of profits there either. The Perfect R is much less costly than a money manager and the track record is pretty good if you ask me. Keep up the great work Marketclub, and yes I am a subscriber, and nobody is paying me to say this.

  6. Ashley, I pretty much agree with you. the court decision to allow corporations fund as much as they want to elections will destroy the country "of the people by the people". Now its "of the corporation by the corporation". God help us all.

  7. Until the people say and then vote out the military hawks the country will slide down the slope of poverty for all. Until the corporation are removed from the status of "being treated as if they are people" in the court system the country will keep sliding down into slavery for all. Until the congress is cleaned out of the thieves of Wocial Securty fund being used for other budgetted and off budgetted items the country will slide down the slope of poverty for all.

    Corporate welfare, and political financing by the corporation for the corporation, must be stopped and stopped soon than later.

    Free markets cried by the corporations is pure "Bull Roe" and "get regulations of by back" is only a cry to get a regulation off individual firm's back; but, keep them on the competition. Firms only want monopoles.

  8. Hi Adam,

    I wonder if you have 10 (or 15 or even 20) year comparison? 2 year span is too small to see the effectiveness of any method used to build a retirement nest egg. I suspect that over a period of 10-15 years, there won't be much difference between buy-and-hold(-and-re balance) and trend trading/Perfect portfolio.


    1. Trikaal,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I'm not so sure that's the conclusion that the simple buy-and-hold would be better in this case. One of the problems with using ETF's is that they do not have a lot of history behind yet. However that will change in time.

      The trade triangle technology we use in my opinion is going to outperform the market even over the 10 to 15 year. Because invariably you have downdrafts in every market that the triangles will get you out of. One only has to look at the NASDAQ index to see that it peaked over 10 years ago and has never made it back to those levels again.

      The one thing I like about the trade triangles gives you a discipline and a game plan that you know will work overtime. It really does put the odds on your side.

      I hope this answers your question.

      All the best,

  9. It seems most of what you posit in the introduction to this blog is based in distortions and misrepresentations. We all know that, in truth, subsidies to the Military industries are the biggest and most wastefull expenditures of the US government. Social Security is a red herring. It's an independent insurance program that is solvent and unrelated to the federal deficit. As we all know, insurance programs work best the more people buy into them thus spreading and minimizing the cost to all. If the cap on the income level which pays into SS ($100,000)were lifted then all of this bogus hoopla which is really an attempt to expose the SS fund to the investment bankers gambling, would be mute. The same is true for Medicare. Insurance is most efficient when everyone pays into it.

  10. Simple core trading is your technique. I agree 100% deversify in time frames rather than stocks. I use a hybrid combination of fundamental and technicals-actually I am in the process of completeing a book on technical analysis due out in the March/April time period of this year. People know me as coswil, check on twitter for my release date . Back to your thoughts on core trading. It takes a determination to do both fundamentals and technicals. The advantage is if we screw up or don't have the time to sit at the computer all day as a day trading or swing trading approach takes, then trading a fundamentally sound stock is much safer. We also get better moves from a fundamentally sound stock as well. Also as things have changed in the market due to technology , buy and hold doesn't work. There is too much ease of information , we have to remember also, that some of a smartest minds are behind the other side of our trades, plus computer trading programs. We have to keep current and up to date or will be left behind without any coin. Learning price,volume and trend techniques are a sound investment for a person's financial well being. Look for my book It is designed for retail in particular and I reveal my trading stratigies... coswil see you on twitter

  11. Funny how any comment in any way critical of these little infotainmentmercials never gets published. That does a lot for my confidence in you.

  12. So gambling the MarketClub way is necessary because Social Security is going bankrupt? Pretty simplistic scenario, no? Betting on stocks is still risky and the last time I checked, your "system" wasn't doing any better than any of the other "make money with our insider knowledge? systems. If you could guarantee a return of 7-10% overall, wouldn't everyone be signed up with you?

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