So now that you've seen it, what did you think?

We have high hopes for MarketClub TV to become an informative, live and interactive forum for investors.  Please help us continue to improve the service by leaving your feedback in our comments section. See what you missed here.

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63 thoughts on “So now that you've seen it, what did you think?


  2. Audio has echo sound to it. Don't forget your many SENIOR's who subscribe and listen to you. Your show clears up many questions I might have had. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. There is a lot of potential with this aproach but there are still challenges with the video components and live feeds. Nonetheless, I like what you are doing and am really interested in your product offering.

    Best Regards

  4. If one is looking to "trade" this seems to be of little help. The daily signals will whipsaw you merciless.
    That is what has to be worked on, with real time charts, and being able to draw trendlines that stick to the charts. Just my opinion. As far as swing trading, i agree with the other poster, signals kinda lagging.

    1. Mike,

      We do not recommend using the daily TT for trading stocks. I have passed along your comments to out IT team. Thanks.

      We are constantly working on upgrading MarketClub ... there is no finish line. The minute we stop making MarketClub better the game is OVER!!!

      All the best,


  5. I think it is a great forum for people to ask real questions and have Adam answer them......Thanks Adam!

  6. yes i agree! Links to MarketClub TV could be better and the layout and buttons could be better.

  7. I've tried the URL mentioned as having the recorded video ( but only get a few seconds of the video, and no sound. I have looked around the MC site while logged in but can't find it -- can you post a direct link?

  8. i have done well with your program, however if you really desire to improve it, the best change you could make would be to have real time charts, it is difficult to compete when you are 15 minutes behind everyone else. Additionally, it changes the candlesticks because the last 15 minutes from the day before is recorded to the next days candlestick

  9. Thanks Adam/Susan,

    A great effort for first time outing, just to echo a few points already made; charts were not as easy to read as on webinars, would be good to have 2/week at some stage (one for new members on basics and one for those seasoned MC members looking for more detailed education), didn't think looking at individual peoples share picks worked very well - especially if people are going to ask for penny/cent share analysis! I'd be really interested to see how Adam can educate us better on stop/money management advice, as it doesn't matter how good the TT's are at first getting you in, you have to know where you feel comfortable with a predetermined stop, it is just to dangerous to be in a trade thinking you'll get out when the opposite TT appears - you could have lost a lot of money by then, and is no consolation to come home from work to find that a sell TT was triggered during the day and so many £'s out of pocket! All in all, a great adition to MC, and I'm looking forward to next week.
    Best Regards, Chris

    1. Chris,

      Thank you for your input.

      This coming show deals with stops and other key trading elements.

      Hope you can make it this Thursday.

      All the best,


  10. Ditto on disappointment on the game changing aspect of this. I expected announcement of realtime charts and/or additional features of the new program. I actually changed plans with others to be there.

    As to details, Adam is always exceptional. I want as much of his insights as he is willing to share.

    I agree that letting us know ahead what will be in the presentation or the degree of expertise would be helpful. Also agree that using sector, industry or other generic catagories assist more viewers in applicable illustrations. Specific companies can be chosen within them by us.

    Overall the idea is valuable and I will watch again with interest.

    1. Lally,

      Thank you for your valuable input. We are working on the complexities of real-time data.

      Look for more upgrades in the future.

      All the best,


    1. Dale,

      To reset your chart take the following steps

      1. Open a chart

      2. Select 'Daily' from the drop down menu

      3. Select '1Y' as your time frame

      This should reset your charting.


  11. Yes. It was was great!! I'll just throw out there it didn't work for me in Safari @ all. Switched over to Firefox and everything (screen-sizing, getting sound, etc.) came through fine. I'm looking forward to the next presentations. Being able to access past sessions will really help if we're not here to watch it live as well. Great Job to everybody at MarketClub for this - Thank you!!

    Chris in Chicago!!

  12. Sorry I was late. Good first try. I am sure you will respond to the technical comments/request. With the wide divergence of interest and experience you have some jugeling to do. As a new investor/member KISS! Thanks for your work!

  13. as usual from Market Club there is excellent will be great to see how this new feature gets established. Adam, with your global audience, the timing of the "live" element might be something to consider. It is OK from my perspective to just use this as a further that's great.

    be well
    (English Lake District)

  14. Brilliant show - thank you all. All went very well for a brand new show too! See you next Thursday.

  15. Helo,my country has ronga time for looking your t/v so I look more time again yes when after for recorder ing plees my englies no ver gute i is 1 yar hie skool yesteryeer me nou 13 and 3 munts ant go tu be gute traderie yes ok when me oldier.. tak hans

  16. A bit earlier would be so much better in Australia too as we are 14 hours ahead of EST and so this is 9 am here and not a good time with work commitments.

  17. Need more forex examples and more detailed on triangles and how to get into a positions with minimum risk

  18. Basic stuff, nothing new which i was expecting, same software. I sent e-mails prior and never get a response. Asking if one could draw trendlines and save them--i know the ansawer but i thought something new was in the works. Wordens "free" software lets one draw lines and they automatically stick as long as you need them, until you erase them. I might give it another shot--8pm is better for me and probably for west coast prople.

  19. GOOD PRESENTATION! THE SCREEN WAS TO SMALL FOR MY EYE"S. the charts were a little small. I would have liked you to provide us with a few more possible 90+ trades i could review. Thanks for your presentation.

  20. Susan you mentioned in the last webinar that you could supply a link to a previous show that would allow us to see how another member was using trade triangles to trade options on.Where would I find this? Thanks.

  21. From the point of view of a new subscriber, the show was very helpful. I can see J. Follis point of view and think his suggestion is likely a good one.

  22. sorry but television is so 20th century and on its way out. Reading is much more efficient.

  23. Good for the initial effort. The biggest problem with past webinars and the live show is the disparity in the experience/knowledge of the viewers. There was a lot basic information covered that was not beneficial to seasoned traders. I realize that part of the goal of the show is to educate new members and drive sales for those not already subscribers, but I cannot see spending 30 minutes to an hour each week watching the ABC's of Market Club.

    I would get greater benefit from webinar/live shows devoted to more complex trading strategies, market predictions,a review of the different portfolios and suggestions on how to improve the service. Maybe you could alternate the format, with one week devoted to new members/non-subscribers and the next to experienced investors.

  24. I would want Adam have a presentation showing which stocks are ready to move. Thank You

  25. Great work. This has enormous potential. All you need to do is make the audio level consistent across all portions of the show.


  26. I will be honest, I was actually looking for your surprised newly improved product introduction. I believed you announced that you are going to give some big surprise that will change our trading concept to whole new level. Beside that, program was good, only my expectation was different and high. Please keep on doing this kind of TV show/Webinar again and again

  27. I watched the recording today Friday. But can't find a button allowing me to drag back and forth. Is it possible to do it just as any video recording? Thanks

    1. Hi mm,

      Yes, if you go to and click on the 'Videos' tab on the right-hand side, and scroll down and select 'MarketClub TV March 17th, 2011,' you will be able to move ahead or back as in any other video online.


  28. Excellent program.
    I'm on Pacific time, and have to get up early, so I watched the re-play.
    The Dochian/Williams%R indicators work really well with the Trading Triangles
    to watch for a retracement off the Weekly Trade Triangle signal.
    In this volatile market it's nice to have a regular weekly session with Adam.
    I look forward to the future ones.

  29. I agree with Dave, most of this has been discussed in the
    past and was very basic.
    I would like to see some cutting edge strategies from
    Adam as it is obvious he knows how to make money.
    Market Club continues to be the best source I know for
    making money.

  30. Hi there
    could not make it. The 7pm in your country is 1am in Athens Greece.
    This is very frustrating cause I was anxius to watch the premiere.
    I dont know if other members of market club have the same problem with me but I suggest, if it is possible, do concider the time of brodcasting at a time more conviniend to your overseas friends.


  31. I was hoping for more, most of the staff was already discussed in the past webinars, was a bit disappointing.
    Hoping for more on general market predictions and some more tips on stocks,
    please don't repeat what was already discussed in webinars.

  32. Content, good. I am hopeful these episodes will be archived so we can look over them again later.
    Like other commentators, I think the video size or full-screen quality needs improvement. Do you have a fat enough Internet pipe to stream in HD?
    The presentation needs a little polish but that will come with time. I would personally use a less busy background wall but that's just an aesthetic issue.

  33. i gave up after the very slow start and repeats of material already presented. for the future, consider opening the presentation with an outline of the material to be presented and get into the material quickly.

  34. Agreed!

    And can y'all please fix the chart for UPRO? It's alllll over the place and very hard to look at.

    Best, -JPDG

  35. I can not see this,because I´m from Europe and this time 7pm EST is very bad for Europe peoples.In my country is this 1am morning(GMT+1) and is impossible to watch this-it is too late,because I need to sleep and next day wake up at morning.I think better time for MarketclubTV is some time between 2pm to 5pm EST.This is 8pm to 11pm (GMT+1).Than is possible to see MarketclubTV for American and Europe people too.What do you think about it.

    Best regards Matus

    1. Hi Matus,

      If you visit and click on the 'Videos' tab, you will be able to see recordings of our live presentations.


  36. It was great for starting a new concept, sound and videos were great will not miss any episode in the future. with time i am sure it will develop and grow.

  37. Excellent.

    In the future I would suggest a sectional overviews on commodities, developed countries G-7), emerging countries and forex. Stay away from too many individual stocks. Rather, concentrate on overall themes (where the action is!). You would still be able to teach how to use your system and help direct viewers to the developing market themes.


  38. Loved the show last night! The only improvement I would suggest is to make the charts twice the size they were. For some reason, the charts were half the normal size, as compared to previous webinars. I was unable to enlarge them on my end. This made the numbers on the right side of the chart almost impossible to read. Also, I tried to send emails to the email listed three times, and none of them went through. I sent about 30 emails yesterday and did not have trouble with any of the others, so I am not sure why that happened.


  39. I was all set to watch it from work after finishing up my day.
    I used the link and ... the site was blocked because of the video source.
    Our corporate watch guard software blocked it as "shared television".
    It's the same with youtube and many video-sharing sources.
    So, I guess I'll have to be sure to watch it from home from now on.
    Will last night's broadcast be available to view?
    Thanks, Jim

    1. Hi Jim,

      You can replay last nights presentation by visiting and clicking on the 'Videos' tab.


  40. The first MarketClub TV was well done and very information. I hope in the future there will be more information in looking at current trading triangles that have recently triggered - like the example yesterday concerning oil.
    Neal Burrell

  41. tried to use the chat but it seems you need to register to use it.
    sent in a email with the win header and got no reply reciept
    requested the trading plan and got no reply reciept.

    will try to watch again next week.


  42. Admit I came in late. Resolution was poor in full screen and too small to see detail in condensed size. But the interaction seemed good and the content was more free flowing than your webinars. I'm sure you'll get better as both you and your audience have more experience in the medium. Good first effort.

  43. It was a good presentation which helped to understand a little about your trading tool and a good overview of the market. Perhaps you could show more clearly which buttons you click for various functions. For a start, today's MarketClub TV was a great presentation.

    Thanks much.


  44. I enjoyed the first broadcast. I will probably have questions to submit on future broadcasts. I hope the broadcasts will be available for replay.

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