Poll: And the hits just keep on coming!

Between natural disasters, shutdowns, and rallies, there is no argument that we are facing some MAJOR volatility in the markets right now. Of course, most of us would like to keep our emotions out of our trading, but lately that seems impossible.

How successful have you been with keeping your emotions out of your trading (in the last month)?

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We value your opinion and would love to hear how you are coping with the current volatility, so be sure to share in our comments section.

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14 thoughts on “Poll: And the hits just keep on coming!

  1. Does someone out there have a simple formula of what to watch after choosing a sector and stock to watch and judge movement and buy/sell actions? Please share with us. thanks

  2. The bull market is about two years old. We're down to gold, oil and commodities with half the indexes slightly above resistance and half below and confirmation is non-existent or scarce. Set tight stops is my advice.

  3. I have to admit, I was a bit more nervous using just the Monthly/Weekly TTs
    because of the large spread between the 3-Week Highs/Lows during volatile price movements.

    But since using the Donchian-Willams%R-3 Day Rule to exit or re-enter,
    I'm cool as a cucumber 🙂

  4. Have you guys ever played Monopoly?

    Whatever you lost and whatever you earned it ALL goes back in the BOX..Just enjoy the Life and enjoy what you have. Emotions is not gonna protect you from anything.

    Forex is just like that...You make some you lose some but NEVER get to keep them all..

  5. Live in Europe and have some investments in US$ doing extremely well in absolute terms but the Euro is eating away my profits. There are ways to rotect them but they calin the tools are risky such Market Vectors Double Long Euro (URR)

  6. OIL - USO and DBO
    GOLD - GLD
    Silver - Silver

    No emotion, just count the money at the end of each day!!!!

  7. I do love your courses. However, since I am a new trader, I do not know how to find out the stocks' symbols. For example: You show us the gold and silver, but I do not see any symbols from the chart you had presented. Could you please help me on that?

    1. It doesn't matter how experienced of a trader you are, as long as you are trading! And we are always here to help. When you are watching Adam's updates, you should see the symbol in the description bar above the chart. If you are a member of MarketClub, and are looking up symbols, simply enter the symbol you would like to find in the symbol search box in the upper right hand corner and you will get a list of related symbols to choose from. If (unfortunately) you are not a member of MarketClub, simply go to our INO home page: http://www.ino.com and enter your symbol in our "Quotes and Exchanges" search box in the upper right corner for the same results.

      The MarketClub Team

  8. This is an absolute roller coaster ride. You will win and you will loose. They key in the end... what did you learn from it that you can apply to your strategies for the future. That is why you need to keep your emotions in check as much as possible. It is hard to learn if your emotions are running wild. Keep them in check and in the end you will learn a ton from this ride. Keep up the great work everyone!

  9. It is hard to keep my emotions out of trading. Trade triangles not only helped they have saved my trading but it's always their.

  10. no need to get emotional, just been putting my money in the oil patch. seems simple enough.

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