Weekend Update (4/23/11)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. The action never stops at INO. I just finished this weekend's market update. I base this analysis off of our weekly charts and "Trade Triangle" technology.

I don't think it will be shocking to anyone that the dollar is continuing its downward plunge. You can almost see the invisible tax hitting the markets.

The S&P 500 is looking good for the long term, but short term traders should be out of this market (for now).

All indicators look positive for silver. It had an 8.7% gain last week alone, but can it go down?

Find out why I'm not too enthusiastic about gold.

Finally, crude oil continues its upward sprint...can it reach 120 a barrel?

Find out now...

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Every success,

12 thoughts on “Weekend Update (4/23/11)

  1. @TechMasterGenius
    haven't received any reply to my post below in response to
    your predictions on Apr 23, 2011
    smasterful at gmail

    1. Hi Sid,

      Adam is out of the office until May 16th on holiday. I will remind him to address silver and gold when he returns.

      Thanks for your feedback,

  2. Giúp tôi video hướng dẫn đầu tư vàng và cách cảnh bảo khi cu hướng thay đổi

    "Video tutorial helped me invest in gold and a warning when the user was changed"

    Translated using Google Translate

  3. @TechMasterGenius

    Agreed, but silver almost touched $50 on Monday, so $75 is not far off....however, the big question is what happens AFTER silver hits $75. What will it fall to, over what time? If you get that right, you are a genius... because many people can see silver hitting $50 ... and more. And the same for oil. That's not a discovery.

    So can you tell what us what silver will fall too? If you really can't, I'll tell you, and then you can consider me a genius 🙂

    If I turn out right you owe me tons of .... yes, silver 🙂

    BTW better if you can predict the price of oil, not gas at the pump.

    PS Adam: video is not working for me either. smasterful at gmail

  4. Making predictions... (as someone has above, is risky) I let the market lead and all I do is follow... I do not know WHEN something WILL happen, nobody does... anybody who claims this is using something beyond technical analysis. Even using fibonacci/ elliot wave (or other) projection clusters only predicts a "possible" turning point - not a DEFINITE turning point. Fundamentally I believe you are right on silver and gas, but personally I don't trade what I think, only what I see on the charts because even if it does go up the reward to risk might be upside down and therefore a bad trade anyway

  5. Not seeing the video... too bad. Will try again in the AM to see if it shows up.

    Not so sure about the S&P long-term as you are, but I only have your upbeat blurb to go by, since as I say I cannot see your video. Anyway, I saw futures all over the map since close of business Thursday. At this moment they are up, but starting well off the last close. They have also been down.

  6. Thx for the update. Much appreciated. Not sure why the mild negativity on gold. The 6 mo and one yr charts look great, new highs; anything can reverse but there's no evidence of that yet. This is a minor quibble but if there's a fear of falling for gold prices then there should be an equal fear of falling for silver prices, though Market Club is normally concerned with demonstrated weaknesses, broken support, etc.

  7. The volume is skipping on n& off all thru it. i tried my other computer and same deal can't figure nothing much out, please fix it, it looksto be good. Ed

  8. Today is Saturday April 23, 2011

    1. By Monday May 2, 2011 (just 9 days from now) --
    Silver will hit $50 or above on or before that date.

    2. On or before the 4th of July 2011 (I could say WELL BEFORE)
    Silver will hit $75 or above on or before that date.

    3. On or before the 4th of July 2011
    Gas Prices will hit $6.00 a gallon or above (in Chicago) on or before that date.

    I expect to be 100% right on these with 0 margin of error.

    And if you thing that these are easy or obvious say so NOW
    BEFORE the events take place.

  9. Thank You Adam...

    Your Market Analysis really helps my brain...Would love to see you analyze more on Forex...

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