Do You Want To Be A "Trillionaire"

If you checked in last week, then you know all about our prediction challenge. If you missed it, I guess we will forgive you(just this once), and HIGHLY recommend that you get caught up HERE!

Emails have been pouring in with a wide range of predictions for the DJI and DX. It is fun to catch a glimpse of everyone's view of the market. If you have not yet emailed [email protected] with your predictions, do so ASAP...remember, the challenge ends June 1st! Yes, QE2 runs through the end of June, but what fun would it be if we allowed you to guess up to the day before judgment?

Don't miss your chance to be a "Trillionaire"...Email [email protected] now!

Good Luck,
The MarketClub Team

14 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be A "Trillionaire"

  1. Market Club has helped me immensily in that triangles basically tell you
    if you have a weed or a flower. I like that concept and have traded recently
    due to MClub. Adam, 2 thumbs up, cuz that's all I have. Two toes is next.
    Best to you right back. Be watching.
    Ron in Wonderland

  2. Do not forget the S&P TSX. The Canadian mineral exploration will rise the TSX to 13750 this year.That's what i expect.

  3. It has been proven that the Federal Reserve has been playing the stock market to keep it looking bullish. I believe the market is due for a major correction i8n the near future and we will see a Dow Jones of 6,000 or less

  4. I believe that QE-2 is to end on June 15th. Has anybody notice what happened in the equity markets between April 2010 when QE-1 ended and the announcement in August that QE-2 would start in November? I find it amazing what 1.5 to 8 billion injected daily into the markets can do with such low volume. I'm betting lower, much lower in the DJI and higher in the dollar..... Unless the geniuses in Washington decide that we need a QE-3 to stop the selling panic that I believe will begin soon as we approach the end of QE-2.....

  5. I have been foloowing the E-Mini S&P Futures for June 2011 and I still see a pull back for the short term. I feel that in a few days it will be time to move back into the S&P for some nice gains. I see a pull back all the way to 1310 or so, and then a nice opportunity to ride up to new highs of about 1375 or 1400. The S&P is not done yet my friends.

  6. Hi Jennifer
    I predict the DJI will be at 13,278.40 on June 30th.
    I predict the DX will be at 69.32 on June 30th.
    Paul Laird

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