MarketClub TV 5/19/11

Did you miss last night's live episode of MarketClub TV? No problem. Watch it now!

Last night we welcomed Adam back to discuss some of the big moves that took place while he was gone. Get updates on all of the hot markets, and find out who the largest commodity firm is.

We would like to congratulate Michael P. from Las Vegas, Nevada on being selected for a one year FREE membership to MarketClub. Find out how you can enter to win in last night's episode!

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We hope you enjoy last night's episode, and that you leave your thoughts in our comment section. See you next Thursday (5/26/11) at 7pm ET!

The MarketClub Team

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  1. Hello, I am interested to know what parameters of Donchian channels you use for different types of markets (for example for gold and silver markets, for SP500, EURUSD, GBPUSD and others). Thanks in advance!

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