Predictions DO pay off!

Bernanke’s speech was a huge news story, and talk of QE2 ending / QE3 possibilities is going to be an even bigger spring story. So, we decided to get in on the fun, and think you should too! Guess what you think the exact number of the Dow (DJI) or Dollar (DX) value will be on the close of June 30, and the winner receives….

100 Trillion Dollars! (well, some sort of 'dollars', and a place in history.)

Email your prediction (yes PREDICTION…ONE guess per person) to [email protected] by June 1st (11:59 5/31/11). Simply posting your predictions in the comments section (while entertaining and appreciated) will not count as entering your vote. Plus, do you really want to give everyone access to your brilliant oracle insight?!

The most accurate guesses for the DJI and DX will win an Android Tablet so you can take MarketClub with you wherever you go. Follow your trades and make some “real” money with MarketClub.

We will announce who has won the title of The Smartest Man/Woman of the Universe on July 1st!

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99 thoughts on “Predictions DO pay off!

  1. DJI 12973 on 6/30/11. The Republicans will prevail and there will be major reductions in the budget in return for the debt reduction. The Democrats power will be sharply reduced which will be positive for the market.

  2. Mi predicción es que esa DJI estará a 12.595 al cierre del mercado el 1 de junio.

  3. Mi predicción es que esa DJI estará a 12.1585 al cierre del mercado el 1 de junio.

  4. I predict the DJI will be 12756 on June 30, 2011.
    I don't foresee any major market disruptions this coming month.

  5. 12,756 because I don't see any major disruptions to the market in the upcoming month.

  6. I believe that the DOW will be at 13,087 on June 30, 2011. It certainly a guess as there are so many issues that affect it. All the talking heads have different opinions and offer rational explanations. The market cannot be foretold.

  7. You are all missing the boat. The dow, s&p or any market is unimportant. You are not buying these markets. You are buying individual stocks. We are now living and workingl in a world market. I buy stocks from Canada, Israel, India, China, South America and of course the good old USA. I look for solid stocks which pay a dividend higher than 6%. One which has paid a dividend regularly over a number of years and one that has increased it's dividend regularly over the same time. Of course at the same time I am looking for steady growth. I prefer stocks with a P/E of between 8 & 18.

    Buy getting a good dividend you accumulate cash for use in buying more stocks. Remenber if you are not a professional, sell 1/2 of a stock after it doubles. That way the half you still own is free and is still working for you.

    Good luck.

  8. Goldman Sachs will get nailed for conflict of interest for selling securities without full disclosure of their bearish positions on those same securities, involving $Billions. Can't wait!

  9. This week (May 16 - 20) will be quite eventful. Monday will be a sloppy mess with multiple news items. Pressure with the European debt concerns with Greece at the epicenter. Meanwhile the Fed Auction will carry the US debt over the ceiling while the Empire Manufacturing index will come in at 16 but will be reported at 17 and the housing index likewise will be around 15 but will be reported at 16 - most all indicators are a manipulated distortion to paint a better picture than reality. Many of the bank stocks are all demonstrating a willingness to engage the bear perhaps tomorrow with a sizable sell off. Many of the bank sector stocks have begun to penetrate and or have broken their support line. Together Monday will likely be a down day, triggering downside pressure on the indices for the balance of the week. This week I expect the DOW to tag at least 12,193. (My play last & this week is FAZ)

    My collection of bank sector stocks combined with early hints of downside interest in the DOW NASD & S&P all suggest a threat of a potential black swan lurking, could a flash crash be in the making? Who knows I'll let God and the computers doing their trading determine that scenario. The threatening elements are there. Of interest is the downside on the Yuan and the upside in the dollar which is partly due to the Euro & European pressures and a possible quiet/hidden move to cash (moving out of some equities) seeking safety but only temporarily (Dollars & US debt are dangerous). Investors will quickly find an alternative to cash and US bonds both of which are maturing to new levels of risk. I can see the DOW to drop quickly to 10,933 followed by a bounce back to 11,229 before downside resumption - by the end of May.

    As for June ending forecast, the market will begin to factor in the end of QE measures as well the political bickering regarding the debt ceiling. Ok here's a guess End of June will see the DOW at 10,498.35 Is that close enough? 🙂

    (Exact numbers on the DOW are purely for fun nonetheless they do represent the range and targets that I expect.)

  10. I do not think much will happen by June 1-st Dow. will be about the same [FLAT] but prepare for plunge after the third quart

    thank you
    Good luck

  11. What a waste of time and energy .... trying to guess the rise or fall of the dow.... Just trade the price.... who the hell cares where it goes.

  12. My prediction is that that DJI will be at 12943 at market close on June 1.

  13. Dow at 12043, and DXY at 83,6
    (and sept.2011, Dow at 11433 and DXY at 91,3. US will get a break.)

  14. Hi Jennifer! I predict that DJI will be at 13125.46 and DXY will be at 71.00 by the end of June 30th.

  15. Hi Robert,

    Where can I find real Iraq Dinar ? What is the current value to the US Dollar today ?


  16. Reply to mr Snitch
    I happen to own an Ipad,and I have to say that it is like being a prisoner,not able to watch flash videos,and to beginning to use this piece of s--t,you must have a PC to begin with! It's a joke! So many restrictions,this piece of junk is going to be overrun by it's competitors...

  17. OK, even if "my brilliant oracle insight"
    will not count as my entered vote
    since I post in here, anyway I dare:
    ►DJI might be at 13147.~
    closing 30.June,2011►
    I tell nothing for DX.

  18. They will raise the debt limit they have no choice the economy cannot
    stand on it's own.12900

  19. I see DJ forming a head and shoulder pattern. So will predict 12050 by June 1st. The
    Dx dollar index will be 71.00

  20. DX will be exactly 72.99 on June 1, and NOT 72.98 like Raj thinks.

  21. DJ will be over 12,895 on June 1. Gold will correct in both May and June and will be around $1300 by July 1... and upside thereafter. Silver will have a correction also and be around $32 on July 1... and upside thereafter. Silver will hit over $200 by end of 2015!!! WoooHooo, Hi Ho Silver!!!

  22. dji would be at 13098 and dxy should be at 72.98 on closing date june 1st...i wish every one have a good luck....

  23. Dow 13210........Gold and Siver correcting..$1,300...$33.00
    A Black Swan or 2 by then.
    Keep figers crossed.

  24. I believe the Iraqi Dinar will increase in value. The United States owns 3 million Dinar. The United States is under contract to purchase oil from Iraq at $43.00 a barrel. The United States will be one of the largest oil wholesalers. The dollar will increase, Gold/Silver will decrease in value. One million U.S. Citizens purchased Iraqi Dinar protected by Presidential Order 13303. One million U.S.citizens increase liquidity, pay down mortgages,credit cards, buy news homes, cars, boats increase Gpd.

  25. I am loving all the emails I have gotten in the last 24 hours! If you haven't emailed me with your predictions yet, please do so at [email protected]. I am cataloging them from there:)

    Thanks everyone,


    P.S. We are offering the Android Tablet over the iPad because the Android supports all of our networks...which means you can take MarketClub with you wherever you go!

  26. I believe that the market will top this week or next, then because of the budget battles and the inability of the politicians to address them, a sharp correction will take place and it will be at 10,295 on June 1, 2011.

  27. DJI on Jun 1st will be 13490......My optimism stems from the Osama Bin Laden catch as well as the fact that they will use the additional funding and extend the deadline of the $14.3T max until July'2011. Thanks for making this offer.


  28. If substantive austerity measures do not accompany the increase in the debt ceiling, look for gold to be at 1800 by the end of June, and Silver to be at $75 by the end of July.

  29. I think the banks will crash in the mid part of
    May DJI will be at 8567 June 1



  31. My prediction is that that DJI will be at 9521, on June 1,2011
    By this time I beleave that the USDX will be below 72.00. Than that is when all the problems really start!

  32. Dj = 12154.34 exactly . if we are still living . i only want 0.001 trillion cents

  33. dow will be around 14000, DX AT 71.50 BELIEVE IT OR NOT!! & then watch a big reversal, by august dow 8000, DX 80!

  34. My prediction is that that DJI will be at 13105 at market close on June 1.

  35. Price-wise, I do not know. If you be talkin' value, my prediction is $0.00 for both.
    Thank you Mr. Voltare.
    Buy gold.

  36. I believe that the dollar has been devalued against many of the major currencies such as EURO, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc. In may there is a probability the the Chinese Yuan will leave the Dollar tie and the US Dollar will gather strength. The DXY will be around 78.50 or higher.

  37. Hi,

    The DJI will rise up to 23890 and by June 1st it fall down to 12050.

    Many thanks,


  38. The Fed ostensibly lets QE II lapse and makes NO FORMAL announcement for QE III, but continues to expand its balance sheet by making purchases of treasury securities after QE II has ended. We will have QE II-1/2 (STEALTH) so that the FED provides both low interest rates and one of the few ready markets for Treasury securities that continues to exist. While the rise is the stock market will continue, it may have to do so against slowing GDP growth and increasing unemployment claims, thus potentially creating another bubble.

  39. In my kumble opinion, DJ will continue to rise for a good portion of the month of May, but will start declining as investors secure profits before the summer break. It happens all the time. So my prediction is that it will be 12595 by 1 June 2011.

  40. The possible rise in interest rates and mainly hidden by the government crisis will begin to fall in all markets.
    Thank you

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