Weekend Update: 5/21/11

I just finished your weekend update. Watch now to analyze the trends from the week!

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We hope you enjoy the weekend update, and that you leave your thoughts in our comment section. See you Monday (5/23/11) at 1pm ET!

All the best,

Adam Hewison
President of INO.com
Co-founder of MarketClub

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update: 5/21/11

  1. Thank you Adam.

    The weekend session with the weekly charts
    is very helpful because I never know if those day to day swings, up & down
    during the past week are due to computer trading, market manipulation or
    an actual indication of a trend change.

    Looking forward, the debt ceiling issue in congress, and the expiration of the QE2
    could put some more volitionality in the markets.

  2. Hi Adam,
    I find your updates very useful in helping me keep track of and keep up a basic understanding of the US and world markets which are becoming more complex and interconnected every day.

  3. Adam,

    I always look forward to your weekend updates. It gives me plenty of time to re study the charts
    and be better prepared for trading on Monday.

    I never miss your daily 1:00pm updates. They always shed light on the trades that I am involved in. Usually,
    they will give me new ideas for new trades.


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