5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I am not a Trader and have no experience in trading beyond electronic equipment related tom Trading., and trading platforms.My experience is that of the telecommunications design for platforms. I would like to
    have some trading experience, but do not know where to star.

  2. Adam does it seem like the S&p 500, the metals, oil and most of the other curriencies all are moving in a polar opposite direction to the dollar. it looks like when the dollar goes down all these swing up at the same time.What do you think. is itthat simple? Thanks

  3. Adam,

    Please explain how we can have a +100 score in crude oil with a weekly down triangle.

    Thank You, Tim

  4. I have a question . i noticed that the daily red and green arrows always alternate. there are never 2 arrows of the same colour in a line even when the trend is very strong.

    When you are hunting for longterm core and swing trades which smart scans do you use in order of priority?

    Thanks for your answers.

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