2 successful traders, 2 trading styles, 1 common goal!

Be sure to join in tomorrow, June 9th at 3:00pm Est. as our own Adam Hewison will be a guest on Tom Busby’s live Trader Talk.

Tom Busby is the Founder and CEO of the Diversified Trading Institute, better known as DTI. Before he moved into the private sector, Tom was a money manager with some of the world’s largest wire houses.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear two market experts discuss everything from trading strategies to current markets.

The room is filling up quick so reserve your seat today!

The MarketClub Team

One thought on “2 successful traders, 2 trading styles, 1 common goal!

  1. most traders are advising investment in gold now even if the market price is very high now. All countries on risk of high rate of inflation - like China or EU - are in possession of big amount of gold reserves. On the other hand many of this countries are fighting against crisis and don't allow themselves to rise up interest rates. Therefore the most easy way to shorten currency consists in open market policy - means selling gold. The increasing of interest-rate would be a too dangerous indication for economy. So gold-ratings will go under pressure like it was during the 70-ies. I don't know if my idea is wrong.

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