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  1. My comment of "Still Drinking the Kool-aid" was directed at skipuppy....... and I gotta say that must be some kick ass kool-aid to make him want to vote for the obamanazi again,

    Adam your comments are spot on and I agree with you whole heartedly.

  2. Less corrupt than.... Bernie, Bill, or Blogo? Voting for Obama again is just compounding stupid.

    Higher taxes just motivates me to dodge taxes . . . for the rich there is that option. The rich don't earn income . . . tax free bonds, rental income, capital gains, dividends plus all the tax advantages that go along with owning your own company.

    Rich Company owners just pass higher taxes on to the consumer - YOU! Now you get to pay twice. You remind me of Bug's Bunny "How many lumps do you want?" "O... 3 or 4"

  3. The SEC nailed Martha Stewart and completely missed Bernie Madoff despite repeated tips. Are they proud of that?

  4. I agree absolutely with you but a taxpayer has the least power and influence how the country is going and all the power is going to non-taxpayer and too few that milk this country.
    Thank you for screaming aloud your comments.

  5. Spot on Adam, looks like things could get very ugly in the U.S. down the road. Take care

  6. Adam
    I would like you to talk about banks and the banksters who are responsible for all the mess we are in since 2008... Bush, Bernankee, Geithner and President Obama did the best they can to solve those problems inherited from those free businesses...Good bless you Adam
    l. nadeau

  7. Fully agree with you Adam! I live in Chile, and fortunately the chilean population got sick enough of the socialist and communist lies and "non-delivering", that we now have a more decent government. That does not change many things though, because the "opposition" (left wing parties)is behaving like a baby whose passifier has been pulled out of their mouth. I can't believe how negative and uncooperative they can really be, just out of envy, and because they lost their free access to public money, of which they robbed the contry for the past 20 years.
    Unfortunately the socialist jargon is so spread out throughout the world, and the news media is leaning so far left (I am surprised they haven't fallen over), that a big percentage of the population is just brain washed with regards to their "rights". They have totally forgotten their "responsibilities" and "obligations".
    Since these people only want hand outs, they will continue to vote for the clowns that are in office all over the world, even if they lead the whole economy to devastation.
    This problem will not end well on the long run for most people, because the "trusted" hand outs will end when the government goes broke, just like Greece.
    Read "Understanding Economics in One Hour". A very simple and funny lecture on macro-economics. Really worthwhile!
    The question is: How do you re-educate more than half of the world population with what you are saying? First thing is to get the news media on board, and have them start changing their message to the world.
    I'm glad to see that you spoke up though! Congratulations! At least there is a certain number of people that will spread the message of this video, and that will be one more grain of sand......


  8. Hear, hear! Eyes of America have been wide shut for so long, I'm not confident even with this concert of effort to bring us down closer to the level of third world nations, including the slight of hand infusing money into Wallstreet at the expense of Main street to cover the losses government regulation created, the lies of supporting the economy with creation of jobs in infrastructure (never took place with the "shovel-ready" caveat), our borders and ports are no better protected than before 9/11, money thrown after bad at things not working...all with public statements that we're coming out from under the cloud-just slower than expected. Who believes that rhetoric?? Czars, feds (vote of confidence for Bernanke???, I wonder what the prevailing thought is now!), agents of detrimental change.
    Federal courts now are the arbiters of all that is confusing to others (in government...usually quite clear to moral private citizens). Often the decision of merely 5 judges determine the laws of the land for all (e.g. Roe v. Wade). The 9th Circuit Court just ruled that adult video games are perfectly fine for our youth citing the 1st and 14th Amendments and that there is no evidence to show that youth will act on what they see, yet the 10 Commandments posted in schools would do irreparable harm! What happened to the other 2 branches of government?? Congress is to enact laws, not courts!! The Constitution is quite easy to understand. Twisted definitions now are common...first nationally recognized with Clinton (what "is" is), now with Obama...redefining "agressive action" in Libya, and "inflation" with the exclusion of anything volatile in the commodities markets (gasoline and groceries are no longer in the cpi??? give me a break!). America pleaded 2 Chron. 7:14 after 9/11, a defining point for us, and months later we went on about our buisness....with eyes wide shut!
    I think we are closer to the precipice of economic ruin than ever before...and 3 days from chaos and mayhem. Never have I been more anticipatory of the return of Christ in my lifetime than now!!

  9. Politicians are like babies...they need to be changed often, and for the same reason.

  10. Adam! You have surprised me sir with you rant! Don't get me wrong - its spot on - I find it a refreshingly edgy change to your usual buoyant & positive "Marketclub persona". Maybe we will see a new edge in your trading strategies too? Keep it up brother. AG

  11. Nothing gets done. All Americans do complain and moan and return to their couches to be mesmerized by the plug-in-drug and continue to put up with all the garbage coming out of DC. One day you will wake up and most of the freedoms you have left will be gone.

  12. I'm a retired small business owner. I invest and have been successful at both business and investing. For my money, I think you couldn't be more wrong about Obama, government and the economy. In my opinion, President Obama is the best president - by far - we've had in my lifetime. The problem in this country is not too much regulation but far too little. It was this lack of regulation brought about by several Republican administrations - and lack of enforcement of regulations on the books -- that has created the mess we are in today. CEO's getting paid ridiculous amounts for flying around on corp jets and making decisions to move business overseas. Bankers encouraging their employees to oversell credit and mortgages to those that can't afford these debts and then using various and apparently illegal means to foreclose. The problem is capitalism gone wild. We need higher taxes not less spending. We need more regulations not fewer and we need tougher enforcement of all the regulations.

    During my career I saw the demise of the character of American business. Perhaps best exemplified by a former CEO of American Airlines who did a study and decided to remove two olives from each salad served. It saved millions of dollars but was perhaps the beginning of where we are today. Businesses and their owners used to look out for their customers knowing that in reality that is the best way to do business. Owners used to look out for their employees knowing that employees and their friends would also be customers and in order for the business to prosper everyone had to come out of deals with a good deal.

    Sam Walton used to run Walmart with a Buy American approach and would likely be horrified to see what has become of the store. Crooks and crookedness permeates society today. Selfishness and greed is the morality today and forget the consequences. Instead of thrilling customers with great deals and making them enthusiastic partners in the economy the approach today is to try to squeeze as much as possible from everyone and dare employees to quit and customers to go elsewhere. Today there is no elsewhere because as soon as such an enterprise exists it gets bought up and shut down, eliminating the competition needed to keep business honest. What happened to Mobi books? Or to the corner hardware and drugstore? Does CVS really compete with Walgreens? The lack of anti-trust enforcement has led to Target 'competing' with Walmart. Small business is being crushed by national cartels. Allowing small businesses to be taken over by larger businesses is the key to eliminating competition. It is happening with banks, brokers, insurance agencies, travel agencies, telcos,etc.

    Government is my friend and business is my enemy despite the fact that my income derives from trading the markets. I despise the management ethics of business leaders today. These overpaid, impulsive, greedy execs running the big banks and oil companies, the airlines and utilities need to be made to think about the bigger picture than the price of their stock and the size of their jet. Congress tends to reflect these attitudes as well. The my way or no way attitude needs to move toward some kind of sensible view about what is good for the country, for my customers and my employees will turn out to be good for the country as well as for the business.

    I'll be voting for Obama again, given the chance as he is less corrupt than most. We don't have a spending problem we have a greed problem. Double my taxes and I'll have to trade better to make more income - what's wrong with that. Double my neighbor's taxes and they'll have to work harder to keep up. Look at higher taxes as stimulation and it will brighten you day!

  13. Excellent. Very well said. The system has become a mess and it's getting worse.

  14. I totally agree with NED, The Elistists agenda is being followed
    to the letter. Look up "Bilderberg Group" and you will understand
    why we are in the state we are in the world at this juncture.
    It was planned folks... Wake up!!!

  15. Thx for the video and your comments. Let's call this the first of what will be known as "Adam Rants"!
    Hope you do more of these on a regular basis. It's good to hear you exercise your First Amendment right; may we never give it up or loose it.

  16. All you right wing Rand types are alike. Govn is bad except when you got your hand out then it is a subsidy or tax incentive. Hey Adam you can brush your teeth with antifreeze in the tooth paste. I will moved to some country that you right wing wackos have perverted yet. Look a little deeper Adam, Greece is faltering cause they ate a lot of crappy derivative debt peddled by your buhoys on Wall Str. Yur right enuf regs! All we need is to stop the revolving door of right wingers being appointed to dismantle the agencies then throw up their hands and say oh by gosh by golly regs dont work.
    I think the operative word is pathetic. Most of the things Adam laments about are repub origination.
    Please just go back to giving us your triangle expertise. Can you imagine McCain running this joint the last 3 years with bomb bomb bomb Iran as his slogan. Look bottom line is the only crooks 'Bama could get past the repub senate is the same Wall Str stooges that were in place under Clinton's chummy up to the Street. The laugh is on all of us. The Street just cut up 35 billion in bonuses last year when they were broke 2 years ago. Wonder where that money came from!

  17. Not sure that things have ever been different with politics, gov't. SEC, IRS, etc. in the last 100+ years. So, personally, I don't see any hope of change. Unless, people learn to handle power and greed...and they never have learned that.
    But, you are absolutely right...not that it matters.

  18. You are on the mark!
    Central planning never works.
    The Feds are unaccountable, and the media
    is a propaganda arm of the DNC.
    The corruption stinks,
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Unfortunately, Albert is right. Obama and the people around him are not stupid. They know that the things that they are doing will collapse the US dollar and the economy. Out of the ashes will arise their version of the New World Order. Sol Alinsky, and Cloward and Piven have written about the strategies that they are now using. George Soros, who is funding so much of this, calls it an "Open Society". Of course it is the opposite of that. It is a neo-Marxist, high tech, totalitarian society.

  20. You nailed it! When are we going to get some adults running the show who know how to say NO, that would be nice but we can't afford it? Unfortunately, it seems like the only way to get elected is by saying YES. It's not just the politicians who need to grow up, it's a big share of the electorate. How about if you don't pay any taxes, you don't get a vote?

  21. "men stumble over the truth from time to time; but most pick themselves up and hurry off - as if nothing happened"
    Winston Churchill

  22. In NO WAY is this Obama's economy. What we are currently in is the double dip in Bush's depression. Why did Obama keep BUSH's Beraneke as Chairman of the Fed?

  23. Thank you, Adam, for telling it like it is! I for one will be doing my best again this next election season to get candidates nominated and elected who truly respect our Constitution, have worked in the real world, and respect the hard work of the dwindling number of people in our Country who pay taxes, fight to defend it, and work hard every day to make it a better place to live for the generations to come.

  24. I guess if you had any "liberals" as clients they will be terminating their membership this week. How do you really feel about our Country's leadership. Don't hold back next time. I didn't vote for the President the first time because I am not a racist and I will not vote for him the next time becuase I am not an idiot.

  25. I'm glad someone is talking about this and you said it with alot more polish than I could, I do wish someone could do something about this mess! Frustrated & Powerless

  26. Couldn't agree more Adam. I live in the UK and it's exactly the same here, apart from the healthcare!

  27. Adam, If your weekend rants become a regular feature, I will look forward to them. You are certainly not alone in seeing what is going on around us. It is becoming more obvious to more Americans that we are in a race to the bottom with our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats at the wheel.

  28. Well Said....People in this country need to wake up! The only problem is close to 50% of the population now get hand outs from the government.

  29. We're stuck with a big brother, nanny state Federal government.
    The big money, powerful special interest groups fund the elections, own the congress
    and their lobbyists write the legislation.
    The Republican & Democratic parties are nothing more than opposite sides of the same coin.
    So the rich and powerful, and the too big to fail global corporations will always do well,
    small businesses and working folks will always fight the uphill battle.
    It doesn't matter if you vote Republican or Democrat, we always get more of the same.
    The oligarchy/plutocracy wants the government to remain incompetent,
    they win, we lose.

  30. Adam....thankyou for saying publicly what many of us have been thinking and talking privately for a while. I have been in and out of the markets for over 40 years and there has never been a more frustrating time than now. Seems there like we are in a continuous short term boom/bust cycle.

  31. Thanks for speaking out, Adam. We need everyone with a platform to spread common sense until it becomes common wisdom.

  32. "Let's imagine you were an idiot. Then let's imagine you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."

    - Mark Twain

  33. Amen to your rant. What everyone fails to realize is that our leaders are NOT stupid. Sol Alinsky (sp?) the socialist Guru - wrote that America (USA) must be led to bankruptcy for Socialism to take hold. Is it a coincidence - Obama wrote papers on this guy in college?? What is happening is deliberate! The 'Ponzi Scheme' that the Fed is running under Obama's direction is the biggest Ponzi in the history of the world, and when the USD collapses ... they will have achieved their goal.

  34. Bravo, Adam! I agree wholeheartedly with you, as I'm sure the large majority of thinking Americans do. Unfortunately, not many of us are really thinking and most importantly about the general welfare of our poor country. There are too many special interest groups and too many just waoitng to be handed their daily bread on a platter.

  35. Thanks for your uncommon common sense comments. They make me feel a little less lonely. More and more lately, I feel like some far right wing nutcase. But , unlike many, I'm taking action to protect my home, family and net worth. Let's hope that 2012 is not too far away to put some adult leaders in office. The current crew is either hopelessly incompetent or-worse- purposely destructive.

  36. we need trade triangles in real life to ignore all this bs thats happening!!!! adam for president lol

  37. Agree ?? 1 million % !! It is a joke, that will get worse before it gets better. Obama ?? Please.

  38. I can only agree, it is a parade of clowns running US and Eurozone denying the facts and twisting the truth.

  39. Fire up Adam! The view I have from here in Australia is that you are spot on. The way the government and economy is run over there is absurd. Legislation seems to only get passed if every person in government gets their little slice of something sweet, often not even related to the bill being passed. I have traded the markets for 15 years and it is so painfully stupid what the fed has done and so weak that no-one in government stopped them. I mean the dot com boom wasn't a bubble Mr Greenspan, do you have a brain? Every time the US stock futures have looked disastrous for the last ten years the Fed has jumped in and cut interest rates before the market opens to save the day so people thought they were on a sure thing. Now they print money so people thought they were on a sure thing again. The only problem is they can't cut rates now and money printing has suddenly been shown to not help much, this market could fall a long way in a very short time frame. Adam, I am wondering why you seem to be fighting the trade triangles on the crb index, and not accepting the prospects of a USD rally both of which would occur in a falling equity market. Gary Shilling is predicting deflation and a rising USD, it is certainly my view as well now that inflation has slam dunked the consumer.

  40. Adam,
    You are pretty much calling it as it is. I have been in the market most of my life. I would really prefer a market where we are looking for more optimistic investments in our economy rather than being in a defensive position much of the time. We can still make some money, but it would be very nice if it were not a market where we have to try and counter the actions of our government leaders that lack much of the common sense you are expressing!

  41. Well said sir. The release of the SPR was nothing more than a political event designed to improve Obama poll numbers and drive traders out of the oil market. What are they going to do next, buy of the Greek debt to help save the EU. What a bunch of clowns.

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