MarketClub's weekend wrap for the trading week ending on 6/10/11

Hello fellow traders everywhere. Adam Hewison here co founder of MarketClub with your weekend update for Saturday the 11th of June.

Here's what happened last week….

SP500:Down for the sixth week in a row with a loss of -2.25%

Silver continues sideways with a loss of -.11%

Gold finished the week with a loss of +1.6%

Oil closes with a loss of -.98%

The US dollar index rallied and posted a gain of +1.47%

Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodity Index) finished the week flat -.09%

3 thoughts on “MarketClub's weekend wrap for the trading week ending on 6/10/11

  1. Adam, I always look forward to your daily 1PM and weely updates. They give me both your inisght and confidence in my growth as I learn more about reading technical analysis. Thanks for the support and education.

  2. Hello Guys and Gals:

    I am a novice at trading. It's very interesting to me!

    What I would like to know, why does Adam discuss just those particular markets. The market that I am referring to are silver, gold, (CRB, oil and etc.
    Do these market have a major impact on the major average. I really dont know. As I am a novice.

    Thanks for your response in advance.

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