POLL: Are You Off For The Summer?

While some traders see the summer months as an opportunity to get away with their families, others keep pounding out trades all summer long, just as if it were any other time of year. This year the dip in trading volume seems to be a bit more extensive due to the current state of the economy. Many people have pulled out of trading, at least their trading of stocks, which leaves much money on the sidelines, and we are already heading into summer with a few months of lowered trading volume at our backs. So we are curious...

What is your trading strategy for this summer?

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13 thoughts on “POLL: Are You Off For The Summer?

  1. Although I checked I'd pick up trading again after the summer, what I meant was that I cut back drastically and trade maybe once a week. Enough working harder and harder for less and less.

  2. Yes please, Constance! We really are curious about how people are trading during these summer months…especially with the economy being how it is.
    Preservation of capital is MY theme. (I am OLD). I buy when the market tanks, I sell when the
    market flies.

  3. Summer?

    In this part of the world we are celebrating the beginning of the skiing season over the Queen's birthday long weekend.

    Seriously. Over Christmas, summer, things get very quiet around here as everyone takes a break.

    Happy holidays all.

  4. i am alexandr.
    i am economist and work in shop.
    i love my work.i live in israel.
    i am religion tora.
    thank you for messges.

  5. Gday,are you hung up on the home market?Judging by the comments here you'd think the u.s. was the only country in the world with a market,many other world markets are forging ahead and have been for years...You have to pull your head out, open your eyes and take a good look at the trends around the world.Then when you see what the international traders are looking at you should be able to make a buck in the international trading market,when it's summer up there in the north its winter down here in the south and vice versa.You don't even have to move your butt off the place it's resting right now you can even use your own u.s.brokers to trade the international mart.No matter what you trade stocks indexes options bonds fx futures etf's,it's all there and the trend is still in place so what you waiting for go for it forget the dow and the qqq s&p etc your'e trading to make a buck and it's soooooo easy going international bring up the charts have a lok china vietnam chile brazil russia turkey thailand to name only a few ...gday from down under, dave j

  6. Trade less but also more cautiously. Invest less time researching on week ends.

  7. Short everything under the sun! Financials,Truckers,Retail,Metals and miners And Oil producers, Take a look at the inventory's on the advanced durable report "Inventories of manufactured durable goods in April, up sixteen consecutive months, increased $3.2 billion or 0.9 percent to $350.5 billion. This was at the highest level since the series was first published on a NAICS basis in 1992 and followed a 1.7 percent March increase" Unemployment is going to explode! Building products no one is buying, Take away the piggy bank (Fed)and it all caves in.

    Good luck to all happy trading.

  8. It appears that I am among the few people looking to take a break this summer, but always looking for opportunities.

  9. Preservation of capital is MY theme. (I am OLD). I buy when the market tanks, I sell when the
    market flies........ mostly I sit tight.

  10. with the extremes of the government and the volitility of the market, flexing to any and all crisis' I hesitate to invest heavily in anything- Chasing IPOs' is the nearest panacia to it all -----
    I will draw in the strings of struggle, that of making a quick profit !! Continue on course of buying in to industires that are in the limelight of popularity and demand of their product, of course with a track record of capital surplus and profits in this economy And by darn, its tough to find !!

  11. Although I checked "the same" it's not quite the case, just the closest choice. I always try to adapt to current market conditions, which tend to be somewhat different during summer, and I spend more time "out" (or close) than usual.
    Sometimes there will be a gem of a trade, and I'll go for it and watch it closely, but this seems to happen less often during summer in most years. Leading up to the crash, you were definitely dumb to "sell in may and go away" for example. Not so much the last couple, but now and then there are still good trades worth waiting for and taking when the setup is good. The news, and the other players (in this case, the fed and the bigs) don't take summer off...

    1. Yes please, Constance! We really are curious about how people are trading during these summer months...especially with the economy being how it is.

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