Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting

Candlesticks; used by many...truly understood by few. As a special treat to Trader's Blog readers, Gary Wagner is offering you an in-depth look into candlestick charting. Join co-founder of Wagner Financial Group. and acclaimed author as he walks you through set ups in ways you can take your candlestick charting to a new level.

In this video workshop you'll discover the crucial chart patterns that candlesticks reveal - how to interpret them and how to use them to pinpoint market turns. You'll also learn how to use candlesticks in combination with familiar technical indicators like Stochastics, %R, Relative Strength Index and Moving Averages to create a dynamic, synergistic and extremely successful trading system.

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5 thoughts on “Advanced Trading Applications of Candlestick Charting

  1. First of all, the first time I looked at candlestick charts, and flirted
    with the idea of trying to understand them, I said "Forget it man".....
    "This is too much" TMI baby!!!!

    Now, I use nothing else, and personally, I have just barely tapped into all
    that goes into candlestick chart other words, I still have a lot
    to learn.

    I like to simplify stuff. Fast track, all my life. That does not mean not work hard, I am just a sprinter, not a long distance runner. That led me to swing trading. Before that I was flailing in stockland not knowing which way was up, and about to join the "90% or more Quit" Fraternity.

    Candlesticks changed everything, and from there, upper and lower trend line, touches, support and resistance....etc etc.

    I am convinced you take a facet of stock trading, learn it, stick with it, and one will make money. Then it gets to be exhilarating, and there is nothing better....well, I'm sorry, there are a couple for us guys. One of them is going #2, and the other feels even better than that.

    So, don't lose heart. Just talking about it wants me to learn more and get better, one day at a time.

    Lastly, practice humility. Yeah, there has to be a certain amount of arrogance and confidence to make money in this arena, but more don't and talk a big game. Therefore, Humble yourselves and He will lift you up in due time.


  2. Will the other installments be made available here also?

    I thought this was very good for introducing one to candlestick charting.

  3. Will further sessions be made available?

    I found the first session very valuable (I have been charting candlesticks for 10 years)

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