Weekend Update for 7/02. Plus what's with BARRON'S ... $150 OIL!!

Hello fellow traders everywhere. Adam Hewison here co-founder of MarketClub with your weekend trading update for the week ending on 7/01/11.

This past week was one to remember.

The equity markets rallied 5.6% for their biggest one week move since 2009.
Also on the move was crude oil which rallied back to a point higher than when President Obama released the 30 million barrels of oil. The cover of BARRON'S had one of the biggest headlines I have seen recently saying "READY FOR $150 OIL?" Sound's like a game changer to me.

Closely following the move in oil was the CRB Index which jumped 2.39%.
One of several things that stand out to us this week was the potential creation of a "bullish engulfing line" in crude oil. A higher close this week in crude will confirm that this market has found a bottom

Here's what happened last week in the major markets….

Click on the image to watch the weekend update.

S&P500 +5.61%
Silver -1.23%
Gold -.97%
Oil +4.06%
$ Index -1.79%
CRB Index +2.39%



If you haven't watch our 1 PM updates, I recommend you take a look on this blog at some of our earlier postings.

As always, we rely on our market proven Trade Triangle technology for catching the big moves.

Have A great 4th of July !

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update for 7/02. Plus what's with BARRON'S ... $150 OIL!!

  1. We went through this a couple of years ago, where we had to register to get good tutorials on Market club and see videos. I registered. The phone never stopped ringing! A brokerage trying to sell me some Options strategy! Tons of daily e mails from ino filling up my inbox! How do I keep that from happening this time? Please respond.


    1. Leonard,

      The Trade Triangle signals are produced by a triggering of our proprietary algorithm. The RED and GREEN triangles signify changes in trend on a monthly, weekly and daily level. The triangles are produced for all 250,000 symbols we track. Once the triangles are produced, they are never removed and are able to be backtested according to your own unique trading style.

      MarketClub suggests a filtering approach when following the Trade Triangle signals. The filtering approach differs between security types and trading style.
      The Trade Triangle algorithm is comprised of weighted factors that include, but are not limited to price change, percentage change, moving averages, and new highs/lows.
      GREEN triangles suggest positive trends.

      RED triangles suggest negative trends.

      The Trade Triangle algorithm is not intended to catch tops and bottoms, but instead identifies the majority of a swing trend. By allowing the trend to mature before a triangle is issued, we can trust that the trend is more steady and stable.

      Note: The triangles will always be produced regardless of trend strength. The triangles should be used when you have a significant trend strength. You can use the Trend Analysis Score or other technical analysis studies to ensure the trend strength is appropriate for trading. For example, if a market is in a sideways motion, the triangles will still be produced even though you may want to be on the sidelines for that particular market.


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