Now This May Make You Mad

It Doesn’t Matter What You Think!

Let me say that again: It Doesn’t Matter What You Think!. Why would I say something like that? Why doesn’t it matter what you think?

Well here’s the cruel reality of the marketplace…

It doesn’t matter where these markets are headed, what matters most is that you get the direction right.

MARKET DIRECTION … is what’s important. It’s one of the keys to trading success.  The reality is that these are trading markets and are all driven by market sentiment.


These are the kind of markets we are in right now and we are likely to stay in this mode for quite some time.

As I said, what matters most is that you get the direction of the market right. You can only determine the trend by using pure market action and the easiest way to do this is by using a program that can tell you in plain English what the market is doing.

Don’t let the hype, hoopla, news, and the chat rooms fool you. A market can only do three things: it can go UP, DOWN, or SIDEWAYS – that’s it!

When you hear about the next hot or cold market that is headed for the stars or the basement, just say to yourself “it doesn’t matter.” That way, you will know when to get in and more importantly, when to get out.

Then, take a couple of minutes and watch this educational video. This video is all about common sense trading and removing the number one account killer – emotion.

Here’s to thinking “it doesn’t matter what you think,” it’s the direction of the market that is important.

Let the markets have their say … all you have to do is listen.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

19 thoughts on “Now This May Make You Mad

  1. Jeez Lance, I agree with keeping out the "external stuff" and viewing the market with as little emotion towards politics and religion....BUT, you kind of took a pick axe to certaingroups without much basis for your argument. Imagine someone stating a certain culture, race or creed was stigmatized for not being very good at trading, creating, engineering, etc. I think most languages have a term for that. Try to back up your "dissertations" with facts or keep your opines strictly to price action and not your dislike for races, creeds or color!
    God Bless

  2. Hello Adam and Fellow MC traders!
    FYI, I joined MC this week. I spent the last two years trading with my emotions and what information I could glean from numerous blogs, newsletters etc. Luckily I have stayed above water and recovered from some pretty bad trades I made early on. I paid very careful attention to reading the charts and determining trends with the Triangles and ONLY invested with these tools Monday and Tuesday. Today, and with only $15,000 invested, I am up enough for 3 yearly subscriptions to MC! Hoping for more green arrows but ready to trade those life-saving red ones too! I am placing my confidence in these algorythms/tools MC has established for us to use.

    Cheers and best wishes to all of you,

    1. That's awesome, Bob! Glad we could be a part of your success. Please keep us apprised of how things go!

      Susan and the MarketClub Team

  3. Adam,
    Simply put this really is a rerun of 1929/1930, and it has been caused by the same morons that caused the Crash and the Great Depression. The financial regulations were taken away and highly risky, highly leveraged financial instruments were allowed to be traded and bankers were allowed to be traders, which has ALWAYS been a disaster.... Those that championed for the removal of Glass-Steagall will be found to be the culprits and they will be banished by the voters, just as they were in 1932.... This is what Kondrotiev forecast in the 1920's..... He said it happens every 40-70 years and Gee, it just happens to be 70 years from 1929 to 1999 which is when G.S. was removed... go figure, aye?

  4. And just how do you know who you have out- traded? What makes you so certain Christians, news watchers and Republicans are not Market Club members or successful traders on their own? Sir, your biases are showing. They don't reflect well on you nor are they helpful to the cause of Market Club followers.

  5. Terry,

    Although governments can move markets, during strong trends they too will bow down to the market gods. Does Obama REALLY want 10% unemployment? No...but there's little he can do about it. In fact, according to a survey on PBS broadcast last night, business owners want one thing and one thing only from the government (Hint: Adam's already told us):

    Don't do anything and get out of the way!!!

    As a past business operator myself, I can honestly say that government itself is now the number one impediment to business success, whether through red tape, import duties, regulations, tax collecting, etc. It's gotten so bad I would honestly vote for a politician who stood up at election time and said, "Elect me and I promise to do nothing."

    Think about what America would look like without past political interference: No bailouts for the weak auto industry over the past 30 years, thereby ensuring only the strongest auto makers survive, leading to a world-beating industry; no artificial promotion of home ownership under Clinton and Bush, thereby no financial crisis in 2008; no bailouts for financial institutions, starting with LTCM and the S and L's -- thereby, again, no financial crisis and a stronger American banking system, no tax increases, no debt crisis, and a much better future.

    Problem is, any government that runs on reality doesn't get elected when their competitors promise all the goodies with no costs attached -- a complete fantasy.

    I'm not talking about completely unregulated society here, just that the pendulum has swung WAY too far towards regulation and interference with a truckload of unintended consequences.


  6. I guess one of the interesting things about 'the news' and 'the politics' is that they do seem to fall into a pattern such that the old rule ... "buy on the rumor ... sell on the news" ... is helpful to correlate some peaks and bottoms. After that - choosing the correct direction for the next trend is indeed critical.

  7. "Don’t be like me and try to start or guess the trend."

    The wealthiest investors are those who can anticipate trends BEFORE they happen. Most investors do indeed follow the trend, and some of them do indeed make money - especially during periods where trends are prolonged. And of course there are traders who make money following the briefest of intraday trends. Nevertheless, the Jim Rogers and Warren Buffets and Paul Tudor Jones of this world aren't waiting for a market bandwagon to jump on. Jones, in fact, makes MOST of his money off market bottoms (and shorting tops), thank you very much. (Read Market Wizards where he talks about this.)

    I respect Adam, and wish everyone luck, but there's more than one way to skin a cat.

  8. LOL that's what happened to me too Jay. They are hilarious and sometimes I want to kick their !!!!, (my apologies to anyone I may have offended for my reference) but as a newbie I've lost plenty of money to those salesmen. Not to mention that this is a heck of a market to learn to trade in. I figure if I can learn to trade in this market then I can trade in any market. For the time being I've got a lot of bad habits to break and a lot of lessons to learn. 🙂
    Thank you Adam and staff and market club members and contributors for being here for me.

    AKA "bearish"

  9. Adam,
    All the talking heads have a large following even tho their expertise is being able to read a teleprompter. Doesn't the fact that their audience makes investment decisions on 5 minutes of TV coverage have some effect on the market? Not everybody thinks, as I do, that they are part of SNL or Comedy Central.

  10. I guess I have to disagre with some of the comments. Political decisions, like the S&P thingy did move the market, and that decision was at least in part political? Then when Nixon took us out of the gold standard there was a reaction to this political decision. And then the fed res stuff has impacts much of the time. As do when someone invades another country, a political event, many times the mkt is impacted. So, there is no pure market that is totally isolated from political actions.

    Politics can start or stop a trend, or even have no impact on the trend.

    I do think the trend is your friend as they say, but I have a bad habit getting into a mkt when I think the mkt has made a top or bottom. That is, too soon and thus there was no trend reversal. And then there is the question of how long does a trend last?

    Personally, IMO, we seem to have moved away from a free enterprise market system to one where govt actions seem more influential than they ever have. Take GE. At on time it was a major manufacturing entity. Now, most of their revenue comes from financial operations and they seem to be well connected in DC? But they have always had a "management" bias, unlike Westinghouse that had an engineering bias? GE is still here, Westinghouse is not. Politics rules the world these days. Not morality, not business.

    Indeed, follow the trend. Don't be like me and try to start or guess the trend.

  11. I have been without a tv for a week do to moving
    to a new residence.I still know what is going on in the
    markets thanks to market club and e-signal.
    CNBC is just noise, i listen to it because it
    because the brainwashing and bullish bias is so laughable.

    CNBC is owned by GE one of the government bailout candidates.
    enough said!

  12. Mr.Adam i am still sure we will see market plunge by the end of the 3-rd q. closer to end of the year:history repeats,good luck to all

  13. Just a quick thanks for all the informative videos and information. I really appreciate it. GodBliss. Brendan

  14. Well said. Fox News is just as bad for your trading account as watching CNBC. In some ways it's worse because they bring politics into what their telling you about the market.

    The cold hard reality folks is that you should never bring spin, politics, whatever, into your trend analysis.

    Hollywood paints a false perspective of stock trading: you have to be a genius to make money in stocks.

    Good stock trading is actually boring and is based on mathematics. Charts are simply visual representations of the underlying mathematical patterns.

    Traders make their money by out trading other traders i.e. a greater fool bought the stock after you which pushed it up in value.

    Money managers went on TV a couple of weeks ago over the weekend news cycle on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. and said that the Standard and Poors downgrade would not have any effect on the stock market because it was mostly already priced in. They then went on to pitch their stocks they wanted you to buy. This, of course, was wrong and the markets had a huge sell off that Monday when trading began.

    The worst traders are: Christians, political ideologues, and news watchers, because they bring their personal and subjective views on the world (or somebody elses) into their stock trading. Republican's are particularly bad about doing this.

    But don't get me wrong, I love these worst traders because with a mathematical trend analysis tool like market club, we make a great deal of money off of them.

  15. Thanks to ADAM AND THE MARKET CLUB for these videoes.Icant stress enough how important these basic fundamentals are.I have been an auto mechanic for 25 years and have seen lots of inovations and technology in that time.Through it all a strong understanding of the basics has seen me through it.Thats my aproach to the market stick to the basics and keep it simple.Thanks again Bob

  16. Hi Adam,

    Just wanted to add my $.02. I think the number one distraction for traders like me who aren't full time pros are the talking heads, especially CNBC. When I first started using Marketclub, I didn't have CNBC so I was focused on the trends, and made decisions mostly unbiased. But then I started watching CNBC and I noticed that I would look at the market with a bias. At first it was a bias aligned with the talking heads on CNBC, but then it turned into a "counter CNBC" bias. I struggled with the divergence between what CNBC would say and what the charts told me. Eventually I realized what was going on and was able to make decisions guided by the charts alone...I still watch CNBC....but just for entertainment.....


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