We just had an earthquake.

Everytime I hear about  earthquakes here in the US  I think of the legendary trader Jesse Livermore who was short the railroads back when San Francisco had a huge earthquake in 1906,

Jesse was the who was short the market made a fortune as the railroads crashed down and helped cause the great panic of 1907 where Jesse made some really serious money. Nothing quite like that today however, as the equity markets have been on the uptick all day. The only market that is crashing is the gold market.

The markets are never boring, nor is living on this planet.

All the best to everyone.

Adam Hewison

5 thoughts on “We just had an earthquake.

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  2. I live near the epicenter and put some stuff up on my forums about it and some attempts to measure radon release due to the quake (short answer -- no worries). We'll be continuing to update with more sensitive measurements to look for any leak from the North Anna reactors as well. Here's a link:


    There's also some links there to seismic data for those who are interested in that. We're seeing some indications in todays data of a little more plate slippage - some very minor aftershocks you wouldn't feel as things get comfy again in their new positions.

  3. I've shorted all the railroad stocks as per Adam's and Jesse Livermore's advice...lol.

    Someone should tell Obama this isn't what people had in mind when they said, "We want to get Washington moving again."

    Hope no one is worse for the wear after being shaken up.

  4. I am in New Jersey and we felt it pretty strongly here....No one recognized it and everyone thought the movement was actually low sugar a couple hours after lunch...lol

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