POLL: Will Obama's Job Plan Pass?

Economists have given mostly positive reviews to Obama's job plan Friday, with some estimates that at least 1 million jobs could be added in the next year if Congress passes the package. The question is....

Will Congress pass Obama's Job Plan?

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42 thoughts on “POLL: Will Obama's Job Plan Pass?

  1. Of course it will pass. There is no substance to it but it sounds good. There is nothing there that would allow for establishing any metrics to measure whether it is doing any good or not... a polititian's dream.

  2. Mike: President Obama ran on a platform to remove the troops in the "GOP" wars, why hasn't he?
    The Congress and the Senate was being ran by the Democrats during both of these wars why didn't the Democrats
    cut the funding and thus end the wars. Last Obama has increased the national debt more than Bush, his father, Clinton and even RR. Under Obama more people are unemployed, he has put more people on food stamps than in the whole history of the program, and he has the most inexperienced people ever placed into a position of power. And in financial decisions has Obama ever made a correct one? If so please let me know what that one was.

  3. The first job creation would be for anyone holding a job that are gettig close to 70 years old should step aside and teach the young to take over. Possibly at age 65 would even be better.Most of them are 2 family jobs,while the other has none.We also need education but. For trade school only.We have to computer geegs and school teachers now. This go's for Canada as well as the USA

  4. Don't blame Obama for exporting most of the manufacturing jobs. And if your political system wouldn't be so polarized; maybe things could work better too. You have a lot of super rich people in the US and most of them don't care for your average wage earner. And what political party do these people support; think about! - By the way I live north of your bordour.

  5. Larry, Warren buffets Co. is fighting the IRS now because they don't want to pay the 1 Billion they owe now. I sure he will pay in the future though. Get your facts straight.

  6. Job plan? Job plan? I was completely unaware of any proposed plan. Perhaps you could demonstrate the text of some proposed legislation, or point to a website showing the text of such a plan? As an attorney on TV mighty say of your question: "Objection. Assumes a fact not in evidence."

  7. It does not matter if the plan passes we are still broke, the payroll tax holiday is paid for by Social Security which we are told is broke. The rest is $126.00 monthly child credit; this will cover one trip to Costco.

    The issue to date with stimulus packages they are way too small since most of us working or not are way under water, wages stagnant cost increasing.

  8. Wake up to the facts. FDR failed to bring us out of the depression. His Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau Admitted in 1939 that all the spending did NOT reduce unemployment but just gave a bigger debt. This first stimulus didn't work and neither will more gov't spending. The gov't needs to get out of the way of the business sector so it can do what ONLY it can do --create jobs!

  9. Republicans might pass Tax cuts. Unless the stimulus spending mobilizes the Trillions of dollars in private capital sitting on the sidelines, there is no point to the Obama plan, other than to pander to his own constituents. Infrastructure spending is just a sop to union workers and will have no immediate affect on job creation.

  10. It won't pass because the GOP knows it would have a marginally good effect on the economy - not as powerful as the hugely successful stimulus plan which pulled the country out of a devastating tailspin created by right wing fraudonomics (which still holds the country in its ugly grip.) Sad to say, Obama is no FDR, but that's what America needs - that, and putting the right wing fraud of raygunomics / trickle-down on the trash heap of history where it belongs.

  11. Since you are sooooo smart!!!!! why don't you tell all Americans the solution. And by the way, where are your ancestors from? Prejudice is not a something to be proud of, neither is a solution to any problem.

  12. Absolutely,
    Repubs are gutless,dems brainless and oh bama is muslim with aspirations of undoing us free enterprise folk. First stim $ 800,000,000,000.00 gave 24 government thugs a free pay check. This $ 447,000,000,000.00 will give 13 more.

  13. Absolutely,
    Everyone is trying to get reelected. No one cares about USA. All self centered.
    The first stim $800,000,000.00 created 24 jobs. This one 13. Obama knows that he is
    destroying our economy. He wants to.Remember the Boston Tea Party.Yahweh !

  14. I work in manufacturing, and we had done well with exports with the low dollar, BUT, we have now reduced shifts because new plant was built outside the US to supply that local market, and we lose jobs. There is no turning back on this global economy unless we capitalists agree the government establishes protectionist policies that disrupt the free market. Sort of a contradictory position. WE ARE CRITICALLY WOUNDED, stimulous only wipes away some of the blood with an alcohol wipe.

    Also, demographics of the baby boomers spending reductions have also shifted to more saving, so if there are no new jobs and seniors spend less on goods, where does the real growth occur? Not here!!

  15. We have the same problem here in Europe. Socialists seem to believe the governments create jobs. They don't. Businesses create jobs. Government's task is to enable businesses, not steal their profits in order to set up in competition with them. Technology moves the Human Race along. Businesses organise that technology into usable formats. Governments - especially socialist ones - then plunder the wealth created in order to fund their pet social engineering projects. The think 'fairness' will enhance the world. (who's definition of fair is another matter of course!) But it doesn't enhance. It restricts and impedes. As the toll starts, socialists blame the markets. They interfere even more. Results in further distortions. Eventually, the people themselves realise this is going nowhere and turn back to 'free' market thinking. Too late! Then the new government has to spend its term in office trying to unravel the mess of socialism. By the time they have done this, so much unhappiness has resulted that the people yearn for a return to the good old days. They vote in the next bunch of socialist meddlers and so it starts all over again. Socialism does not create wealth. Technology does, filtered through the business process.

  16. Agreed, but what is that 'new model'? That's the problem. No one has such a thing. The only other option is complete collective ownership wherein resources are allocated on an as-needed basis. Then the question arises "Who allocates and to whom?".

  17. The Obama plan will not pass because Obama will never get anything through the Tea Party dominated House of Representatives

  18. As a young man during the early 1960's, I was employed by a CPA firm as an auditor. At that time our firm had several millionarire clients for which I had access to their personal tax returns, form 1040. The high end of their tax rate was 70%........thats right 70%. I would bet that all of this country's wealthiest individuals would not complain about an increase in their current tax rates. This is not to say they would not stop taking legal advantage of any and all loopholes they can find. If businesses were not taxed and instead the flow of profits to a 1040 form were taxed at a fair graduated rate, business would invest heavily in capital expenditures and employees and the government would eventually run a balanced budget.

  19. Paroll tax cut is a free ride for people who would not pay own way.When medicare vouchers and advance age requirements eliminate the deficit these people will be lucky to survive.The reason to have advance funding for peoples own salvation was apparent in enactment of social security and medicare

  20. Republicans will block it in the interests of their agenda.

    Meanwhile, the price of US govt. debt is at a 200-year high. Yield of the ten year note is down to 1.91% a level that may have last been seen in the early 1800´s. I think they should just send the 50 million lowest income families a trillion dollars over the next 36 months. It wouldn´t move inflation one bit, would be hugely beneficial for consumers and businesses and with the price of debt at a 200-year high funding this would bee a breeze.

  21. I truly beleive you would not even know how to turn on a radio!

    If you are so smart, run for President and see how many votes you will get.

  22. I would love to see the bill pass but we have a party on one side that only understands one word.
    That word is called No!

    Now if that party would learn what the meaning of compromise is, then this country could get back on the right track.

    It's time to move the country forward with compromise and do what is good for the American people!

    It's about time to let the big corporations pay their fair share. Even Warren Buffett agrees!

  23. It won't pass because the GOP is so tied to the "no new debt" ramble that they would rather see the country fail than lose the presidency in 2012.

  24. The country is broke because of two GOP GWB unfunded endless wars, an unfunded trillion dollar tax cut and an unfunded prescription drug plan. Please send "we're broke" comments to those that caused the problem and don't harm those that suffered from the consequences of those horrible financial decisions.

  25. "You can fool some of the people some of the time,some of the people none of the time and none of the people all the time", but still its worth a try, even when we dont have any real answers. honestly when did borrowing oneself into more debt ever solve the problem. Personal spending and corporate spending must be less than the incoming if we are ever to arrive at the enviable position of financial freedom and or success as a home , business or country manager. As an ageing Australian I have seen successive Governments down here build and pull down our economy. One spends big and borrows like crazy until the populace has had enough, and then the next cuts and trims and rebuilds until the populace says ah those evil businessmen, gimme gimme more of what they have. Then the cycle repeats itself. Its time that we all take personal responsibility for the choices we all make, starting with I will require less freebies, less government handouts, less government intervention, even less of the good life until we are on top again.
    Ps thanks Winston, good quote

  26. I must agree with Mac, most of us are fed up with buying 3 cheap Chinese units when 1 quality made unit would serve longer and maybe better. However when we are at the buying counter with out wallet open how many of us are willing or able to say no thanks to the itm that costs $20 when the alternative is $60 or $80. Most of us compromise and spend $20.
    Again we all have experienced the $60 purchase that is just as unreliable and with as little backup service as the $20 unit. I am afraid that we have cut off our noses to spite our faces.

  27. According to Keynesian economics government intervention does work to stimulate the economy. However, the trick is to find the right balance between government intervention and private sector initiatives. In any case, as a nation we are in dire need of a strong and decisive president who can energize the creative and entrepreneurial resources of the country.

  28. Only a low dollar will solve USA job problems, but will it solve the debt. At some point in time the debt must be seen to be manageable and the dollar price of quality goods competitive.Timing to re-enter the market will be decided by these 2 factors.Personally I'm fed up buying 3 Chinese made products, when one quality US product would have done the job.

  29. It will probably pass in a modified form. But it sounds just like more of the same, unsuccessfully previous attempt. Americans can either choose to accept years of hard time to fix their problems, or they can just accept what Obama and FED does best, print more money postpone an even greater disaster.

    David Goldberg

  30. Poorly worded options.....Congress will pass a compromise jobs package, and there will be mostly unionized infrastructure and teaching jobs provided. But, these are not what the doctor ordered.....because American business exported the sustaining manufacturing jobs offshore.

    Between oil dollars and trade dollars, the deficit can never be reversed.

    Our certain and eventual bankruptcy is definitely going to hurt!

  31. Obama is dumber than a home made radio; the country is broke. No one wants to listen to the same program time after time with the same plot; more money while the country goes deeper in debt. We all know the ending. Why doesn't he get it? Spending more on his non-directional programs to produce jobs is an insult to all Americans. Why doesn't he just throw in the towel and return to Kenya and give his "fair share" to his cousins. Damn, what an idiot!!!

  32. Yep. the repubs will agree only to the tax cuts....maybe they throw Obama one tiny crumb. Bottom line is stimulus not enough to goose economy. Game over. short the U.S. and hand it over to India, China and South Korea.....title of this show: Wall street sells America to the Chinese, gain short term profits but lose the country for good.
    Multinationals love cheap labor (too cheap)....meanwhile, unions love expensive labor we cant afford. Engineers get their wages pushed down while low level govt employees see their wages rising. Its all upside down. "The market" destroys peoples lives with efficiencies (cut engineering wages) and unionization (a market distortion) removes all efficiency from the market.

    What we need is a new business model that allows humans to survive and thrive....not a "market" that destroys our peace of mind every few years. We also cant afford unions that are innept and destroy rational market mechanisms. I mean we need a middle ground.....

  33. I agree that the proposal could pass, but I think that there will be filuster that this is just wasting more stimulus money after the first couple did not get results. So, I voted NO, and if it does pass, I also agree that it will not create jobs, just hold off the evitable teacher/union layoffs til 2012 when it really hits the fan.

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