Happy Thanksgiving from MarketClub and INO.com (original video)

Happy Thanksgiving from MarketClub and INO.com

We have a lot to be thankful for at our company and we also have a great staff who pleaded to be in this years Thanksgiving video.
Starring in the 2011 Thanksgiving video are Bob and Lindsay, who handle all advertising for INO.com.

Representing MarketClub we have Jeremy from tech support and Melissa, head of customer service.

So sit back, watch the video, and see how talented our staff really is.

Happy Thanksgiving!
From the INO and MarketClub Teams

20 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from MarketClub and INO.com (original video)

  1. Wish you and yr staff a very Happy Thanksgiving. U are a very professional lot and it is a pleasure to read and listen to your comments and I admire the simplicicity with which U impart good knowledge to us. God Bless you and yr staff, Adam.


  2. I have been a member of Market Club for several months. During that rather short time I have learned a lot about investment, trading, and the markets. I have learned this during a time of economic chaos and a very, very difficult market. Adam's video alerts have taught me a lot. I value this service and it is quite worth the subscription price. I wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day to Adam, his family and his staff. Mike Williams

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Market Club, both staff and members.
    Be sure to have too much for your Thanksgiving meal!

  4. Dear Adam and INO team,

    Thanks for taking care to ensure we do not become Turkeys ourselves.

    Your guidance has really helped us.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. Happy thanksgiving to you all at Market club - nice touch guys - so different from the rest of the mob online!


  6. thank you all at marketclub
    wished had known u b4 now
    my wife and i say A BIG THANK UUUUU 2 U ALL AND ALL YOURS

  7. Thaank You and a very Blessed Happy Thanksgiving to all of you now and for many years to come.

  8. Well done!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff as well. It's so nice to see that you and your group are in the spirit!

  9. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for your help negotiating a very puzzling (to me anyway) market.
    Hope to see your occasional video analysis of the Perfect Portfolio (SPY, USO, FXE, GLD) soon.
    gobble gobble 🙂

  10. Hello all,

    Quick one to wish you all the very Happy Thanksiving Holiday. Enjoy your friends and family on that day of celebration!

    Cheers, :-))


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