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30 thoughts on “Want to know what's happening in the markets right now?

  1. Its well know that December is a good month for stocks. So far, many strong seasonal trends have manifested themselves this month. It will be interested to see the how the mess in Europe is sorted out. Although stocks are taking a breather this morning, there maybe some more room to the upside.

  2. I almost forgot what do other human beings think about eating horse meat made in USA slaughter houses and being sold out of the country so our great leader can finally say he is creating jobs,and what about the packaging company being sued by the little pennystock company in Pa.symbol llti taking on not one giant company but will the other big company pay to shut them both up.Maybe instead of buying a hamburger and having a chance to win on there monoply game they could make a horse game to win prizes for eating horse burgers,of coarse that would be in a different country but it should help our export problems,but that will be tied up in court for a long time and I would bet with a gag order oh well happy riding,just goes to show you what you don't know can hurt you,only a thought but, but I bet the biggest hamburger people in the world would keep it real quite,you know loose lips sink ships and thats to far for those horses to swim. Again just another thought happy riding.You wonder if the little guy will win (llti) or if on of his mares just doesn't want nobody to ride her anymore.It,s kind of funny just watching them step over dollars just to get to the pennies.No hard feelings,or should we say no horsing around. God help and bless all of us everywhere.

  3. I would like to know more about the triangle theory on one of my companies I have,does your theory take into play that it has been paying a monthly dividen even in as we say not so good of times as well it has a huge amount of money to pay back to the bank which owns more then half of them in 2013,which I know pbkef owners are well aware of this payment and have plenty of time to prepare for this obligation.I have had this stock up in canada for quite some time and have made a good profit moving in and out of it,as we say the flowers always grow better in the spring time,does the triangle say stop taking the monthly dividen and move, on because I have already been eating my cake for a while or should I take the low road and save some cake for later,I know this is not for advice on your part,but does this learning strategy just look at numbers and volume or you could say supply and demand or supply and pay.I would rather have a little bit of a good thing than alot of a bad thing,at least for right now,so please give it some thought of coarse I would take it as just another adventure with me just wanting to here how the whole picture looks because I like to color in the lines and some people like to color out of the lines.Just food for thought and I would like to hypothetically, like to see how the triangle colors or eats so I could digest more to understand and use this experience to make some more iceing to put on the cake. Keep up the good work,this was just food for thought.Thank You Sorry about my spelling!

  4. How hard can inflation really get out of control in a global economy that does not offer an equivalent alternative to the US Dollar?

  5. Stoneweapon, I do comprehend what you said, but I thought your mom had cashed in before the big upswing in the market. I am glad she didn't. I understand what you are doing. I agree that it is bad to focus on one day in the market but I did want your mom to catch the upswing. I lost confidence in our government with the stimulus, tarp, quantitative easing, etc. The politicians are only co*@cf*.comcerned about how much cash they can stuff in their own pockets. They really have no concern for the people of America who support their addiction to money and power. I too am very disillusioned, and this step to bail out Europe will be disastrous. I have consistently read that we would face another recession and the market would tank. Well, now it seems, this administration will do anything, anything to keep the market propped up and running, maybe even another QE so OB will be re-elected. After all, "change is hard, and it may take another term," per OB. Hyperinflation will come. Then what?

    Can anyone explain what will happen to the market when inflation hits hard, and the Fed has said it will keep interest rates really low so the loans may be paid back. Maybe a world Depression....

  6. Has Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Lost His Mind?

    Pritchard clearly has it in for Germany. Why I do not know.

    What's disappointing about his article is that he predicted well in advance that the Euro experiment would end in failure. Rather than bask in the glory of being correct early and often, he has now lost his mind attempting to save the unsaveable.

    If that's not losing one's mind, what is?


  7. Say in the market and get good stocks with good dividends, this is the only way to stay ahead as banks and elsewhere give crumbs...

  8. Does anyone else see the cruel irony with "Want to know what’s happening in the markets right now?" and Market Club paid side being down this morning with server issues?

    I'm just say'in...



  10. A low cost GNMA mutual fund will let you sleep easy. They go up a little or down very little and average up about 5% a year like clockwork.

  11. I was searching for technical analysis confirmations for my model analysis. I am lucky and finally found one.
    I almost forgot Cramer's show. Now please pay attention, he did excellent technical analysis for EURO. You still have time to watch it before you see the crazy move next week.


    My model analysis shows that next week Chicago bears will show up on Chicago exchange. on new year day, Chicago bears will then walk up to new york exchange and say happy new year.

    Thank about the reason why FED is doing this kind of CPR procedures in first place, which showed we are in a moment of deep crisis.

    Thank you and good luck!

  12. Good point...who will buy German cars if other European countries collapse?. The world has thankfully gone off the "beggar thy neighbor" philosophy.

    Speaking of cars, Donald Trump is mad at Japan for not importing enough Shevroletts from USA. Japan's alleged rip off sounded fair for a moment, but then it occurred to me..."Are American cars as good as Tototas?

    You can have your own answer but fairness in international trade may not be as simple as balancing number of units bought and sold.

    P.S: Mr. Trump also attacks China for currency manipulation (justifiably) but buys a ton of stuff from China for his construction projects.

  13. When will the last night's Market TV be available? I am in short positions and have heavy losses. Shall I keep the short position or take the loss.

  14. you sound like a good son mr stoneweapon, having your mother push the reset button. there is nothing better than a good financial adviser, but who really knows what is going to happen with all this volatility. we have not been here before.

    hopefully, the germans can lead responsibly, and they work cooperatively with the others to find a way, but, who knows, when the bond markets punish irresponsible government policies--i believe the global bond market is the true instrument of control, and when it takes over everything else becomes reactionary.

  15. I don't care for PHK, PTTRX is the ultra conservative fund holding $244 billion which I was referring to in their high cash position.

    My mother won't be investing this year, time for an extended walk away. Keep in mind that I may have my families back protected from hyperinflation through my gold resource property, I am one of the last private patent holders left in my township of Tully, Xstrata owns everything around me for miles. My grandmother wanted me to have it (half a square mile) before she died, but I wasn't in her will. It took me 7 years to secure a clear title by convincing the remaining family members in trust to sign off their interest in the property to me, many many signatures.

    My business is set to get worse as my government is cutting back from their last round of infrastructure spending. I have to make it up through the increase of efficiency, low cost marketing initiatives and product innovation, while keeping at least 1 yrs cash worth of burn on hand so I can hold out longer than some of my competitors, or relocate to a stable growth market.

  16. So it´s done, ok, you have to invest movements in this days are erratic so perhaps in the next days market will take some benefits of this week, try in the meantime to select your movement my recommendation is that you analyze what you and your maother feels comfortable with, it could be very sad for her having her silver days in trouble.

    Again find a good combination of dividend stocks, your mother is not making buys very often so, evaluate stocks as: DTE, NLY, AGNC, MO (+),PHK (you like Pymco),and think about AAPL, no dividend but with high potential for the next 12 months after all this madness goes.

    Don´t move in a hurry think your movements and wait the right moment to buy, will come in the next weeks.

    And....don´t believe so much what media says...they need to say something EVERYDAY, don´t trust them,

    Your business is better that you think wait and see.

    Good luck.

  17. The ignorance of checks and balances........

    David Zervos from Jefferies has proposed an extreme variant of this, accusing Germany’s fiscal Puritans of reducing Europe’s periphery to “indentured servants” and driving the whole region into depression with combined fiscal and monetary contraction.

    “We in the US need to snuff out these sado-fiscalists and fast, they are a danger to the world. The US can force monetisation at the ECB. We should back up the forklift and buy Euro area bonds. Lots of them,” he said.......


    But why won’t the ecb act? Why won’t it do what every other central bank in the world would do? That is the golden question. That is the question making the Krugmans and Roubinis of the world pull out their hair.

    Everyone knows that the ecb is essentially a German-run bank. Surely Germany knows that if Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal collapse there will be no one to buy its bmw’s. If the euro falls apart and the Europeans go back to their individual currencies, surely it knows that the German mark would soar in value, while the lira, drachma and other currencies would plunge. Who could afford expensive German imports then? German workers would quickly get a taste of the unemployment line—and a longing for the socialized welfare they so criticize the Italians for.

    What has gotten into Germany? Surely the elites realize that in this interconnected world, the whole global economy is at stake.

    A sense of frustration and incredulity is growing. “America and China must crush Germany into submission,” writes the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. “You cannot allow the biggest bankruptcy in history to run its course—with calamitous domino implications—before all options have been exhausted.”


  18. gg, her manager liquidated today if you would just comprehend what I said, it just worked out that way because I gave her that extra push yesterday, and it should be good for 3 points. It's bad to focus on day to day action anyway, this is how politicians make decisions these days, and it gives me no confidence for any sort of stability in the future. Sorry, I have totally lost faith in a financial system that won't take measures to face fiscal accountability, just throw more debt at debt. I read a few articles recently that are trying to paint a picture that fiscal responsibility is evil now, not running the printing press is evil and destructive, what a perversion! The only reason my manufacturing company is still in business is because a number of my competitors have had to face the accountability of too much debt and either shut down or lost its ability to be competitive. We don't have access to the Fed window, so we have to face the reality of a shrinking construction market.

  19. My first intention is to too remove her attachment of recovering her losses that she may never realize. She rode the wave of 2008 at a 34% loss. I want her to start fresh, free of the bias of attachment, and evaluate the current environment clearly. IMO central bank liquidity is a gift in disguise giving her the opportunity to liquidate with minimal losses and reassess her next investment move. Take a look at Pimco's fund, 61% cash, 22% bonds and tell me they are not petrified about the $244 billion they manage.........

  20. Advill, like your advise. Too bad liquidated just before this huge market move. We are looking for good dividend/quality stocks as well, and also the ability to sell calls on them to bring in more income. Very good advise on your part.

  21. I¨m not sure your decision is right because she is carrying a low adquisition cost because the 10 years, additionally you are liquidating in the worst moment, is not a matter of sleeping well or not, is not her fault ALL the market is the same, in this moment there are stocks with good quality and potential that provides dividends over 10% (your Mam rate is much lower that that) and good up potential search in some electric companies, telecomms and some REIT´s try to move from one stock to other with dividend that allows to pay a bigger portion of the morgage, but don´t push her to take a loss now.....i have my mother with the following mix:

    50 % good dividend/quality stocks
    40 % Apple
    10% a high risk/reward one.


  22. I finally convinced my mother in Canada to liquidate her stock portfolio into cash of almost $100K that she inherited from her parents 10 years ago, which she is down 12% on it since then, and she still has a $200K mortgage on a $400K house at today's value. I told her I would sleep better at night if she would just embrace taking control of the limit of her losses and sit tight in cash as she has zero protection against deflation. She met with her manager last night and he agreed with her and liquidated today. I'm proud of her! Her manager now want's to sell her gold to be delivered to their vault. I said no......your vault and a maximum of 10% of your cash. My mother is not going to trade triangles long and short repetitiously, so my recommendation is simply to limit her exposure to no man's land and make conservative recommendations to her based on what the market (trade triangles) is saying. It seems money managers are bent on selling inflation with little attention to deflation. I believe the masses have more power than central banks, and if the market votes deflation, deflation it will be.

  23. It looks some what stability. Every one is kicking together to overcome like family problem. The main
    reason is world is one great family.

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