Sears and the Trade Triangles

Sears Holding Corp (NASDAQ_SHLD) announced today that it will be closing up to 120 stores in its Kmart and Sears chains to focus on the stronger stores. This news made the stock drop more than 19% today at the open. Of course MarketClub members were on the right side of this move down well in advance of the news by following the Trade Triangles. The Trade Triangles signaled an entry into a Short position on 12/14/11 @ 51.14. With a current price of 36.92 members are sitting on a profit of 14.22 per share (+27.80%).

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3 thoughts on “Sears and the Trade Triangles

  1. Got ya! Sorry. Just a quickie regarding exposure. If you take up a long trade in a certain stock; then you await the issuing of a red weekly TT to determine your initial exit. Is there some kind of control built into the red weekly TT so that this doesn't turn a winning trade into a losing one (but if so, by not very much)?

    How often do you stick to the same stock and retrade it a number of times rather than looking for another stock to trade?

  2. Hi,
    Are these videos not now available for public viewing? I was able to see videos up till 23 Dec.

    All the best


    1. Martin,

      There isn't a video for this posting. It's a posting to show how the Trade Triangles had members on the right side of this trade. The daily videos will return next week after the new year.


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