My Response: This is going to infuriate some folks but it needs to be shared

Hello everyone this is Adam,

I just want to thank you all for all your comments on this posting. I've taken some personal attacks on this from people who don't know me and who accuse me of being a racist. I found that one comment repugnant, and certainly not reflective of my views on humanity.

I have also taken plenty of hits from those of you who think I am on the far right and hate President Obama, nothing could be further from the truth.  And those of you who think I hate the left, you are also way off base and incorrect in your thinking. So then, I must be a right wing nut? Sorry, no on that front also.

So why would I intentionally post something on our very reputable blog just to bring out peoples emotions? It was to bring attention to an important trait that you must have if you are going to be successful as a trader. Here's the takeaway lesson, and it has everything to do with the markets.

What I am talking about is EMOTIONS. Bottom line is, personal emotions have no room in trading or investing. Just look back, we are all guilty at some point or other of letting emotions get the better of us in trading. Here is a typical scenario, you get caught up in some story or tip from an expert on TV and you irrationally put on a trade. You have given this trade, no thought or analysis, yet you are committed and in the market. Then what happens? You guessed it, you lose money.

So here's the question I have for you, if the market throws you an emotional surprise, do you act emotionally to that news or do you have a clear game plan that is well thought out and void of emotion?

Here is what I mean ...

The market is not personal, it is not your best friend, nor is it your worst enemy. The fact is the markets are just about as cold and emotionless as you can get.

What causes all your problems in the market is not this blog posting, which I knew would cause an uproar, hence the title  "This is going to infuriate some folks but it needs to be shared"


Once you get emotionally involved about a market, all of those human frailties begin to sneak in. You know the one's I am talking about,fear, greed, anger, frustration, happiness. I would absolutely bet that many of you have had those emotions sometime when you have been trading.

As a trader emotions are by far the biggest hurdle to conquer. It is far easier to find a trade and go long and then take a profit, than getting your emotions under control.

MarketClub's Trade Triangles do an excellent job as someone commented on this particular blog posting of providing a non emotionless way to trade the market.  If you take ALL the TT signals in a disciplined, emotionless way, you will make money with our service.

Win, lose or draw, try to keep your emotions in check when it comes to the market.

I want you all to know that our mission here at MarketClub is to help you become a better trader. Sometimes on a blog like this you have to be dramatic and a little edgy to make a point, this was one of those times.

So here is the bottom line, leave all those emotions behind you when you put on your trading face.

Here's to your best year ever in 2012. You can achieve this goal when you eliminate the "BIG E".

All the best in 2012,
Adam Hewison

P.S. Are your emotions in check when it comes to trading. I would like to hear back from you

53 thoughts on “My Response: This is going to infuriate some folks but it needs to be shared

  1. Adam.
    I spent my money for trading advice not politis. IBD got too political and I canceled my membership there and I will not renew my membership here. If I wanted politics I would watch Fox or read the Huffington Post.

  2. Adam i look at you as my teacher and what ever you say i take them as lessons to learn.I am very glad that i am your club member.I have learned a lot from you.I agree with what you said.Thanks for helping us out

  3. I would agree it seemed like a bait and switch tactic. I was not overly happy with that. I imagine that sort of thing only stirs up irritation from people on both sides of the isle (each for different reasons). Yep - got it, I understand the emotions issue - I've been learning about how that influences trading as both a fully paid Market Club member and coaching student. I guess there are many ways to make a point and this is, I suppose, one of them (Ok). As usual, I don't typically care to see what people post on these types of things, all I did was fire and forget concerning my comments. Happy trading. 🙂

    1. Chris,

      I think it was perhaps an unusual way to share a lesson, but it did get the point out and illustrate to a lot of traders how emotional we can all get. Emotions in trading are and account killer and the sooner investors see that the better off they will be.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  4. Back to the opening premise; I seriously doubt that the nominal figureheads of the U.S, and North Korea are in actual fact commanders in chief of the armed forces. Both these systems seem to me to be run by military-industrial oligarchy. It´s more out in the open in N-K and more concealed in the U.S. through mass media brain washing and so called democratic "elections" all funded and presented and manipulated by said oligarchy.

  5. poor taste adam, and completely unnecessary. you could of made the point of leaving your emotions off the table, 100 different ways. And i have to tell you I am not an obama fan. again. very poor taste and judgement.

    adam, i'm still a big fan of MC. i'm sure you will think this through next time.

  6. There's nothing wrong with being on the left OR the right. It's the people at the extremes of either end that are the problem !!!

    Adam, don't listen to some of these chuckleheads. You've got it right.

  7. Non-emotionless, I believe, would mean the same as "with emotion". I don't think that is the message that the author was trying to convey.

  8. I just joined market club today and hope to reverse the consistent losses that I have experienced in the stock market. Not sure why such a message as yours appeared in the blogs, but hope that your primary goal of making us better traders is intact and your company and the trader members will thrive.

  9. Oh Adam! You went and got me so cranked up, I nearly sold my whole subscription to Market Club 😉

    1. My sentiments exactly. Is this a financial club or being used to promote a political view? I am outta here...... no wonder America is such a divided country and it does not bode well.

  10. I'm curious whether, when you take the club private, IOW take your ball and run home sniffling, if you have forgotten the reason you started the club in the first place. It was clearly a marketing strategy to increase your exposure to potential subscribers among the general public, and a good idea at that. Now that you've turned it into a bicker board and feel you need to beat a retreat, what ya gonna do for marketing? You won't get much new egg business from those who've already bought the hen.

  11. ...just a quick political comment...I would invite everyone to travel to the Far East. By doing so, you will see very quickly the degree of freedom business has over there to invest and grow. We are so mired in politics and regulation over here it has become a bad joke, but nobody's laughing...especially the unemployed.

    And for those who will jump on this comment and say that China, as an example, has no environmental regulations or protection for its labor force -- guess again.

    China leads the world in environmental initiatives. They are the largest producer and user of solar panels, wind power, environmental clean-up, and nuclear power. In other words, while we discuss these initiatives and turn them into political games, the Chinese are doing them.

    And why is China able to clean up its country, improve labor standards and health care? Because it can afford to! In other words, a strong private sector provides the money to improve all citizens' way of life.

    If North America continues to kill the golden goose of strong business growth that has provided us with the standard of living we all take for granted, then we better be prepared for our children to endure a quality of life much worse than what we have enjoyed.

    We cannot keep piling the debts for our excesses onto our children. They will labor their entire lifetimes to pay off our's not fair and it's not right.

    I think that is what Adam is getting at...and like me, he lumps all politicians into the same group who feel it is still 1975, with a national surplus and politics as usual. It's not, and we better start making changes to improve our business environment soon and pay down our debt, or we are toast.

    History shows, he who has the cash rules. Britain ruled the 1900's; the US ruled the 20th century. And right now, China and the Middle East have trillions while the US has $14 trillion in debt and over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities: the largest debtor nation in the history of the planet.

    As Obama says, "This isn't politics; this is math." More money has been borrowed than can ever be repaid.

    Time for the fools on the hill to lead, rather than play politics.

  12. Adam,

    New traders and the 98% that make up unsuccessful traders (based on actual futures account results, not the wishful thinking of boastful wannabe's), have no idea of the importance of your comments.

    Emotions are absolutely lethal to one's trading success. Often when we receive the signal to buy, the media is calling for the end of the world. And just as often when we receive the signal to sell, the media is telling us the market will go up like gangbusters.

    As an example, everyone -- and I do mean everyone!! -- was saying it was 2008 on the price of oil as it fell to $75. They were calling for $50 oil and maybe worse. Of course it started to rise and there was a short-term buy signal in the high 70's -- depending on your methodology. Had you taken that signal, you would've followed oil to $102. That's about $23,000 per $9000 contract, or over 200% in a few months.

    On the other hand, if you were busy listening to the media, your hand would've been shaking as your mouse hovered over the buy and you would've been on the sidelines yet again as you missed yet another big gain.

    Fear and emotion have no place in trading.

    Let the numbers be your guide...nothing else.


  13. Adams

    The truth is you are always unfuriating the same folks with your stupid comments on politics. The truth is you put too much emotions when you comment on politics. The truth is you hate politicians and democracy. The truth is you use MC too often to make propaganda agains't President Obama. I don't pay subscriptions to MC to read those irrelevant comments. Stop doing politics or put your political ideas and comments on your Facebook or Twitter pages. It will be ok for me.

  14. Emotions may not belong on the trading room floor but they are omnipresent. They cannot be banned from the environment anymore or less than apes from the Nubian jungle or the Leviathan creature patrolling the oceanic depths.

    And the market is psychologically-driven, its activity hyper-blasted through a universe of slice-edged trading and response, ripped through the entrails of computer algorithms and the Godless greed and ambition of the mercantile minions...

    Jake Has Spoken

  15. We Are Living In The End Times!

    March 1997: The Good Lord Said he will come in my lifetime.

    October 2011: (Nothing will be worth nothing) within the next 7 years.

  16. "Non-emotionless" is the same as saying: "with emotion". From what I can tell, that isn't the message you wanted to convey?

  17. So you posted something like this just to get people riled up to teach a lesson in trading emotion? Wow. The problem with this is some people agree with the content of this thin, and frankly, boneheaded metaphor and it brings out the hate and intolerance, perpetuating a very dangerous trend in this country. I saw the comments after, mostly on the extreme right, showing the growing disrespect for who we are, all together, with all of our ideas, trying as we must to create a greater good, with tolerance, even if we think the ideas are preposterous. If Obama is this bad, then FDR and Johnson should be on par with Stalin and Mao. It's far too extreme and I know there's a lot of angry people out there suffering, but we are turning into a very ugly people. This exercise has not helped and in the end it does not seem like a wise choice. There are other, less jingoistic ways to get this message across. You divide your membership and create the idea that people not on the far, religious right are not welcome here. Adam's feelings were hurt from the response he got? That is ridiculous.

    1. Ronald,

      I appreciate you taking time to write in your thoughts, let me say this and it gets back to trading. Trading is not usually a team sport, each individual is responsible for making his or her own decisions on the market. A great many folks who have commented on this blog are in fact NOT MarketClub members. You may have read some of the comments that they were cancelling the service well I checked and they were not members of MarketClub and have never spent a dime with us. Always interesting. In the very near future we will be taking the marketclub blog private and available only to members who will have total access to the new blog and my private postings.

      All the best,

      1. I have to agree with Ronald here. I don't believe this is a good way to teach people to be aware of emotions in trading. People disagree politically. Some people disagree in an ugly manner. What the hay does that have to do with trading or emotions? You may as well have said you posted that to get people to focus on trade triangles or the macd or whatever. My aim is to give positive feedback and not negative criticism. When people engage or use ugliness, ugliness becomes more common or normal. I'd prefer that you didn't use it here or anywhere.

  18. We are all human. Part of being human is having emotions. Therefore, the advice to "leave your emotions behind" in trading is not the correct approach - and is pretty much impossible. We can pretend and "stuff them", but they are always there. The better strategy is be AWARE of our emotions and how they affect us in trading, e.g., revenge trades, fear, greed, etc. Once aware, we can work to use discipline to do the "right thing" per our plan and execution strategy.

  19. Adam, I'm sorry if my response to your editorial was in part responsible for so much emotional criticism.

  20. It contains another lesson - if you say something without intent to offend and people take offence, they are the ones with the problem, not you.

  21. I am always amazed at the self professed open minded and oh so tolerant until their belief is questioned or scurtinized. Then the ad hominen attacks roll out. Personal insults, and name calling are the response. These are the hallmark of serial hypocrits.

  22. Wow! What a great lesson! Our emotions can really handicap us, distorting the facts and our perspectives, so that we can make awful decisions. Ironically, even when we make a bad choice, those same emotions can even blind us from ever recognizing that reality!
    Thanks, Adam.

  23. Your comments this morning makes the point. What is more, as uncomfortable it was to review and follow with the inane comarisons, the post did provide an opportunity to lose focus and hold on to the emotions rather than sorting through the facts.

    In the final analysis, we are all human and the market as you noted..."The market is not personal, it is not your best friend, nor is it your worst enemy. The fact is the markets are just about as cold and emotionless as you can get."

    I will follow through with my plans with MC now that the emotions are checked at the door. GS

  24. Adam, I have enjoyed the many market reports you provide and your illustrations of the trade triangles. However, I have not jumped in with your trial offers, or full membership, yet. I have paid for several investment newsletters and tools over the years and your . As it turns out, every one of the founders has evidenced success with their projections/recommendations, but the students are rarely as successful; possibly because the founders of these instruments cannot practically pass on the full formula that they have in their "arsenal".

    Now, as it pertains to MarketClub's trading triangles. Could you post a portfolio example (forward, not drawing from past indicators) of one or more securities that one might pursue based on the technical indicators of your Trade Triangles? That is, when the trade triangles indicate "purchase", have your portfolio show the paper purchase and track to "sale" based on the technical indicators of the trade triangles. I would purchase the service myself and work this forward, but as I have stated, this would be another purchased tool, another investment, and another item to learn. Pay first and recoup the return later, maybe. If this is too difficult to present for the viewing audience, then I, and quite possibly others, will try to catch these indicators from your briefings and paper trade on these over the appropriate term to try to determine success of your indicators. If you can offer a more expeditous path I would love to hear about it. Thank you...

    1. RSH,

      I do a daily update everyday on our Trade Triangle technology.In addition to that we have a 1 hour TV show every Wednesday at 5 pm EST. You can watch the shows but you may want to spend $8.95 and have full access to marketClub and private members videos including our ETF portfolios. Here is the link you need to get started.

      All the best in 2012,


  25. I happen to agree with you. But most of us are not stupid-- you are clearly back peddeling on what was clearly your sincer personal opinion as the first posting of your artical had nothing at all to do with a link to market emotion.

  26. Thank you Adam for all the hard work you do to help us non-professional traders. I have become a much better trader since using a system and removing my emotions from my trading. Keep up the great work! Mike G.

  27. Adam,

    Since you introduced the topic of nuclear war via your previous post, I want to briefly share some information. I am senior scientist with Physicians for Social Responsibility, have previously been hired by Switzerland to testify on the consequences of nuclear war at the UN, and have a website that discusses the long-term environmental consequences of nuclear war at

    The detonation in conflict of less than 1% of existing operational and deployed nuclear weapons would lead to catastrophic changes in global climate and massive destruction of Earth's protective ozone layer. Even a nuclear war between Pakistan and India, using 1/2 of their current nuclear arsenals detonated in their urban areas, would produce the coldest average temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere experienced in the last 1000 years (the cold would last for several years and then moderate). This could easily stop grain exports and lead to global famine.

    This would happen because about 5 million tons of smoke from nuclear firestorms (in burning cities) would make its way above cloud level into the stratosphere, where it could not be rained out, and remain for about a decade. The smoke would block about 10% of sunlight from reaching Earth; heated smoke would also destroy much of the ozone layer that protects us from UV-B (would double UV-B in Melbourne, Washington, Helsinki, Bejing).

    The US and Russia still keep at least 1700 strategic nuclear warheads at launch-ready status, which can be launched with only a few minutes warning and cannot be recalled. The are the equivalent of a self-destruct mechanism for the human race. A war fought with these weapons would leave the Earth virtually uninhabitable for decades; the immense firestorms created by nuclear detonations would put 50-150 million tons of soot in the stratosphere, blocking 70% of sunlight from reaching Earth's surface in the Northern Hemisphere, 35% in the Southern Hemisphere. On a cloudy day, at noon it would only be as bright as it would on a night with a full moon.

    This would create the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 18,000 years; minimum daily temperatures in the large agricultural zones of North America and Eurasia would drop below freezing every day for about three years. Agriculture would be impossible. Most humans and complex forms of life would perish.

    This research was done in 2006-2008 and has not been publicized by the mass media. I am not sure if even the leaders of the nuclear weapon states are aware of these facts. The scientists who did the research have been trying hard to get this message across, but their studies have not been acknowledged or discussed by those in charge of nuclear arsenals. The US and Russia have 95% of the world's nuclear weaponry, this is where the potential for human extinction exists.

    best regards,
    Steven Starr

    1. Steve,

      Thank you for your comments, they are way above my pay grade. Hopefully readers of the blog will appreciate like I did the information you provide us with.

      All the best and here's to a long and happy future for the planet.


  28. Thanks Adam. I have traded futures for over 20 years and I sometimes mentor a few. That is one of the things it seems I can not stress enough to those I mentor. Emotion and haste are the culprits of many a sunk ships. (Failed business, closed trading accounts, failed relationships, ect ect ect) Emotions lead to a confused mind in trading and you are more apt to make a wrong decision than a winning trade.

    1. Bill,
      Thanks. I cannot emphasize enough to traders that they are their greatest enemy if they cannot keep their emotions in check.


  29. Some people are always looking for a reason to be offended. What a terrible way to go thru life. I guess the market offends them when it doesn't agree witn their trades.
    Keep up the great work uncovering the obvious and not so obvious.

  30. Speaking of emotion, I have heard of a trainer using TFT to deal with excessive emotion in trading. Adam do you have any experience and or comments on this?

  31. I don't believe you Adam. I have noticed a right wing tilt that prevades most of your rants and colours your market interpretation. I would bet the farm that you have never voted for a democrat for president in your life and that you fall to the right of main stream America. You seemingly want to return to the hands off laissez-faire environment that created the melt down of our economy via the insane housing market...I am sure you wrongly blame "ACORN" for the securitazation of the mortgage market into more and more insane imvestment vehicles...

    1. George,

      Oh ye of little faith.

      You are correct I have never voted democrat and to follow that up, I have never voted for a republican for president, this I will swear to on the bible. As I said in my first blog "a friend sent me those comments" I did not say I agreed with them. I have friends both on the right left and it the middle, And yes I even socialize with friends who may have a different skin color to mine!!

      What I am for, and this is what made this country great, is innovation and entrepreneurs who take a chance on a business with their own money.

      Every success in the future,

      1. Excuse me Adam, my apologies. I thought you were a United States Citizen. My mistake...

  32. Adam, are you getting ready to run for office? This sounds like a politicians response (apology) for something stupid they said or did.

  33. There are far too many idiots out there who are too narrow minded to respect others views. For the record, I think your comments are spot on, but there would be no need to apologize even if I disagreed with them. Please don’t allow such criticism to affect you’re your blogs. I expect to receive your unbiased raw views and comments. The objective here is to make $$$ and not to censor anything that may get in the way. Cheers!

  34. The lst amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives you the right to express your views, or the views of another with whom you agree. And your blog was neither racist nor far right. We have become far to political "proper". And, as you may gather from my comments, I agree with much of what you say on your site. Keep up the good work, Adam. P.S. And if you never said anything that offended anybody, you know damn well what you would have become. Robert Williams.

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