Questions for MarketClub TV?

We are looking for great questions for Adam and Jeremy to answer on MarketClub TV tomorrow night at 5PM EST.

Are you wondering where the markets are heading? Or do you have a Stock that you would like us to analyze?

Email your questions to [email protected]

We'd love to answer them during the show.


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27 thoughts on “Questions for MarketClub TV?

  1. the commodities market has been quite lucrative for sometime now. question Is there enough interest(money) for them to continue to perform if the equitiy markets rally?

  2. I would like to know more about the subject of, or how you would define intermediate term trading and long term trading as regards the trading triangles. Also, I would really like more information on where to set stop losses for both situations.

  3. Would it be possible for you to make a video of you or one of your associates starting your trading day at your computer and going through, step by step, the process by which you extract the optimum utility from your service? I know there are infinite variations, but if you could show a basic, "here's how I start my trading day with Market Club", it would be most helpful. I have looked at your videos on the site and they clearly show how to use each tool. But how you, the experts, put it all together would be very useful to me. Thanks!

  4. Hi Adam & Jeremy

    I've been a member for about over 2 years now and I must say market club makes my trading life so much easier! Instead of me looking through my entire profolio for winners, they are sent to my email address which makes the picking much easier. Thanks 🙂

    I have a comment about the tabs on the new chart look, I like them but I noticed that the old set up had a section on it where it would tell you if that symbol was in your profolio or not. It would say XYZ is already in your profolio or XYZ is not in your profolio would you like to add XYZ to your profolio, good feature!

    I've always use this feature, I was wondering if you guys might be able to put it back in. It should fit in the blue area right behind a triangles tap.

    Thanks Adelino

    1. Adelino,

      We are presently working with our Tech team to bring that feature back to the stand alone charts.In the mean time use your Portfolio Manager to quickly add symbols to your Portfolio. I myself use the PM exclusively to look at charts and add/remove symbols.


  5. Adam, thus far nobody has given me anywhere in the world an answer to the question of, Who trades BEFORE and AFTER hours? I had already a couple of cases where after and before hours both stocks went down 20%-40%. Nothing can beat them.
    Thank you for absolutely everything.
    US & European Citizen but happier with the USA.

    1. Julian,

      Normally it is professional traders that trade in pre and post hours. However, you can do the same if you want to. I do not recommend this as the volume is usually quite lite.

      All the best,

      1. Dear Adam, Thank you. They do make a killing. Some short time ago PERY (symbol) went down over 40% during the night. Yesterday HITK had a 90 score before the opening and within minutes went to score -70. Wow! from +90 to -70 (a loss of 18% within minutes)I wished I had gone the route of Quants back in the 70s when I won three Awards from the US Statistical Association. I went to CS and was part of the beginnings of ARPANET (Internet) a nd from there to Management Consulting. That happened because I did NOT LOVE money. I did not adore MONEY. What a life.
        Now, need to learn quite fast about triangles since before join this wonderful Club I got reports of 10 stocks for free and did much better than as a Member. My fault, not yours.

  6. Hello Adam,

    As a new member, and having read how to use your trade triangles, I find that when I put a trade on at night it can be jumped by a gap when trading starts in the morning, how do you deal with this problem ?

  7. Dear Adam,
    I 'm a member of Marketclub for one year now. I 've been trading silver mostly but have not performed well. I have applied for one-to-one coaching by filling out the necessary form but have not yet heard from you since.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Adam, Jeremy and team
    Could you possibly talk about Karoon (KAR)on the ASX? Its a a speculative gas exploration company with prospects in Browse and the Santos basin.Its expected to spend between $800 million and $1 billion over the next two years - more than what the big boys such as BHP Billiton will spend. It's in cahoots with US ConocoPhillips. Given that shale oil and gas development may affect price of this kind of extraction(?) I thought it might be interesting to look at this one in the Oz market.

    best regards


  9. Hello Mr. Manz, Can you tell what specifically to ask my stock screener to find stocks that will most-likely make a several point move tomorrow?
    Thanks, Gary J

  10. I bought and have held onto my gold for a few years.
    Can you talk about where it'll be by Dec 2012.

  11. I have been following your videos on a nightly basis wanting to believe that your system is worthy of subscription. You have been advising for months that the long term trend for the S&P is negative. As a matter of fact, yesterday you stated that S&P was at the top of the Donchian channel and would most likely go back down. Additionally, you have been saying for weeks that you expect the market to roll over. Today you come out and say that the long term trend in the S&P has changed to bullish? So in other words, I have missed out on being long as the market inched upwards and now as the market is topping you are suggesting I should go long. Am I missing something here ?

    1. Alex,

      By not being a member you are missing out on a lot of great information that is only available to members. Our filtering system has performed extremely well in all the markets. Next you have to ask yourself what type of trader am I? Am I long, intermediate or short-term, this makes a huge difference in your market approach.

      If you are serious about trading you can give MarketClub a try for just $8.95 for the month. If you can't afford that then you shouldn't be reading this blog as you are doing yourself a disservice.

      Here is the link

      All the best,

  12. Can you (we) deduce anything from comparing stock (markets) movements to call and puts price and Volume on same?

  13. I have several stocks that I would like to have analized:

    1. Larry,

      As a member of MarketClub all you have to do is apply MarketClub's Trade Triangle technology and you have my view.
      We appreciate your business and respect the trust you have placed in our company.

      All the best,

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