This is going to infuriate some folks but it needs to be shared

I received this email from a good friend on mine and I wanted to share it with everyone for comment. For those of you who say politics don't play a role in the markets, it is time to wake up and stop looking through rose colored glasses.  Just look at Europe!

Here is what my friend sent to me.

"I am really concerned about North Korea's appointment of the "dear leader", Kim Jung Ill's youngest son to be the new leader of North Korea-- a nuclear power!

After all, Kim Jung Un (pronounced Kim's young-un?) had NO military experience whatsoever before daddy made him a four-star general in the military.  This is a snot-nose twerp who has never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership: he hasn't even so much as led a cub scout troop, coached a sports team or commanded a military platoon...   ...So, setting that aside, next they make him the "beloved leader" of the country.  Terrific!!!

Oh, crap!  I'm sorry.  I just remembered that we did the same thing here.  We took a community organizer who has never worn a uniform and made him Commander-in-Chief; a guy who has never led anything more than an ACORN demonstration and made him the leader of this country.  I'm sorry I brought this up, never mind."

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  1. No one can help having political opinions, that is a fact of life...however... when it comes to trading ( not investing per se)....


  2. Adam your website's decline has been accelerated by the Obama bashing. It is a shame that what I considered a good site for market analyses has resorted to trying to become the Fox NeWs Network II. I will make sure to drop in from time to time to remind you that stirring emotions via a racially charged subject is BAD BUSINESS. Happy 2012.

        1. @ WRC...

          And please don't forget to continue paying Adam $500 a year for his worthless service so that he can continue his little rants. I'm sure he's laughing at YOU all the way to the bank.


          1. Ivan,

            For someone who does not know our company and who is not a subscriber to MarketClub I find your comment and your view of our service flawed and to be based on zero facts. Next time you make a comment on anything make sure you have the facts in hand.

            All the best to you,

          2. Well your right about one thing, I have eaten what I was fed. And that was good teaching from Adam on how the be a great technical trader! I did find other services but nothing came close to Market Club! You see Ivan; I knew nothing about trading when I joined Market Club. I didn’t even know what a technical trader was; a friend of mine started me out as a fundamental trader. Long story short, that didn’t go so well for me, I know if I wouldn’t have found Market Cub I most likely wouldn’t be trading now (dead account by now). I’ve been a member for over 2 years now, well worth the dollars!!!!

            I watch all of Adam’s 1pm updates & Wednesday Market Club TV. Watching Adam every day is like going to trading school, I find myself looking at charts on my own and spotting out support & resistance leaves, energy fields, head & shoulders formations, flags patters & even using money management, discipline & so on. So I well keep eating what I’m fed in the hopes of one day I can be as good as Adam is. O and Ivan, you spelled my name wrong, its Adelino not aedlino.

            Have a good day.

      1. Hi Adam

        First I want to say I see nothing wrong with what your friend E-mailed you & you shared with us. I don’t watch much news so any info from here is great lol. Remember you mentioned that you felt that by the end of 2012 we’ll be at a low point on the S&P? I know that the Monthly Triangle turned green (this might have been from silly season) but I think your still right on that prediction.

        I remember you saying that you didn’t know what was holding up the Markets with all the bad news going on and I agree with you. I came across some info I would like the share, hope its ok. It might flush out some more Ivan’s though lol.

        Take a look at this if you would, then this one here if your interested in more this is a must see 3 hour and 21min video; it has lots of shocking news! but no matter what happens I’ll continue to trade with the trend ;-).

  3. Have a backtested methodology or be ruled by emotion. The email and post is emotional and dangerous for investing health.

    The sad fact is we are all out to get what we can before we burn the store down. Life is not a high school football game. What team someone belongs to doesn't matter squat; they are all compromised: Obama, Bush, Romney, Paul... every last one of them.

    BTW -- you could make money on ad space with a post like this:
    "2012 prophetic economist predicts..."
    "What if he wasn't born here..."
    "FEMA: are the camps ready yet..."
    "How to trade when they turn off the internet..."
    "What stocks will benefit from the alien revelation..."
    "Gold: Yes you can eat it!"

  4. I am totally at a loss as to why anyone is upset over what your friend said. It seems so totally not comment worthy to me. It is obviously true. So why are so many people upset over the truth?

  5. Obama isn't qualified for anyone Sh*thouse as like Hu of North Korea and both are a big fraud and Obama doesn't know where is birth certificate is. His certificate is in Kenya with all of his other doc. are. Most liberal has a fifth grade education and blind as a bat. The article was the obsolute truth which liberal hate to see posted. I like your market analysis on different market so keep up the good work and it might educate and help the liberal make money beside taxing people to death. Nothing is free because someone is paying for it in taxes and fees. Good Job Adam!!!!!!

  6. It appears you have proven many will drop market focus and fight when their chain is pulled....tee hee! I enjoyed much of it but there is no way I would spend my time reading it all.

    I expect you knew what and why you published this, it will be interesting to watch over the next few days.

    Since we are talking politics, I am not in favor of Barry Soetoro, currently known as Barack Hussein Obama and will vote against him to any office. Of course dog catchers are not elected, but if they were I would vote against him in my home town!

    1. hubris

      In its modern use, hubris denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of humility.

      remind you any one? BHO maybe?

  7. Knowing very little about the markets a few years ago I have learned a lot from Adam and really appreciate his updates when he shows one how to analyse various stocks, commodities and currencies technically. I am now more and more aware, also of how much more I have to learn.

    Of course various policy decisions do impact the markets and Adam has often mentioned what they are in passing. In my opinion these comments have had very little personal bias in them, and anyway I am not in the business of demanding that everyone else must echo my series of political or other beliefs.

    I am very thankful that Adam has put price fluctuations into their context since it has helped me watch out for similar events and then prompted me to check on the effect it has had on market prices.

    Vary few traders I have listened to have been able to supply this link between moves in the economic and policy spheres and the fluctuations on the markets. Although I am more and more forced to become one, at present I am not a trader. In my humble opinion I think that Art Cashin on CNBC is also that rare kind of commentator who by long experience and tested wisdom can interpret market moves in terms of the variety of various factors such as seasonality, the moves of other market sectors both at home and abroad, as well as intra-firm or market weakness and of course government policy.

    After listening and watching Adam's presentations for a few years I have long understood that Adam already decades ago felt very deeply that emotions get in the way of trading. Unlike most people who would just complain and either avoid trading or muddle along badly, Adam took it a step further and began to innovate with his co-founder a system which would take the emotions out of trading.

    As I have understood his comments, that would help the investor/trader to stop making the wrong decisions as well as supplying him or her with the right information with which to make the right decisions.

    He has told us over the years how he thought that there must be a way of developing algorithms which could to a reasonable degree of accuracy show private investors where to get in and where to get out that would produce profits over the average number of trades. This is something extraordinarily difficult to do and his trade triangles are a clever mechanism that I have not seen reproduced anywhere else. But there is something else to the Market Club site - it is user-friendly.

    As I have heard him say so many times on his shows: this is all to cut the emotions out of trading. This is a very enlightened position. Psychologists know that high continuous levels of fear and stress raise the human being's levels of cortisone, adrenaline and nor-adrenaline to levels which seriously damage organs and tissue, including brain matter. Not only does fear and stress make for very bad decisions, it destroys your health.

    It is for all the above reasons I did not believe that the story that Adam related about the new leader in South Korea compared to our present situation was really Adam's own view. I suspected that he was conducting some kind of experiment to make some kind of point, even though I thought it might raise some eyebrows. I was right. I was prepared to see a considerable emotional response, and I am certainly not surprised he got one!

    For these reasons, although I have contributed to this blog now and then on the very subject of economic and political matters I found it pointless to do so on this occasion.

    I have four university qualifications in psychology and I think that the human emotions involved in trading are as ragingly convulsive and misleading and destructive as anything in homo sapiens past ancient history on the savannahs of Africa or anything from our recent history going back centuries and millenia.

    Today, the modern human being, if operating as a single private trader or investor is just not equipped to think clearly while dealing with the gamut of emotions that arise in every nano-second, not only from a trade, but throughout the trade process until a position has been closed, and even some thereafter.

    Investing or trading today without navigational equipment is like flying blind with all the fear or terror involved. It might be weeks or months before a position is closed and all that time it is weighing on the body and mind of the person involved. The trade triangles take a substantial part of that emotion away.

    It would take millions of years of human evolution in the right environments for that new capacity to develop to cope with all that emotion, in fact it would be a quantum leap in the development of mankind. We also just do not have the time to wait that long to see whether it will ever come about.

    For all who have commented who are not students or graduates in psychology I can highly recommend a very readable book on Emotional Intelligence.

    It is not a book about emotions and trading, but it is a well-written book that most people can read and understand, and benefit from immediately. In fact one's emotional intelligence increases merely from reading the book!

    The book is called just that: 'Emotional Intelligence', and it is by Daniel Goleman and you can pick up a new or used copy for between $8 and $12 on a number of sites such as Amazon. I am sure it will change your life, and I am sure you will certainly understand even more why it is absolutely vital to keep emotions out of trading.

    Today only 10% of the market is owned by small investors compared to 90% five decades ago, something which also means the big houses can move the markets. If that were not enough, due to the present state of the finance industry and various economies around the world, the markets are now extremely volatile and it is very difficult to discern long term trends. They may be there but the volatility makes it difficult.

    What Adam has done is to produce a whole system of information and knowledge which is designed to equip the single private investor with all the knowledge and tools to guard against buying a lemon. For those like myself who do not sit in front of eight computer screens with access to all the training and resources of the big finance houses, every bit of it is vital.

    While I would certainly not recommend a similar incendiary story to make a point, I think we should give praise where praise is due, and encourage Adam to continue his good work, including the innovation of new user-friendly features in Market Club, since he has the knowledge and proven capacity to innovate for the good of the private investor.

  8. Congrates Adam. You did light a fuse! Your readers must keep in mind that this is a military dictatorship and operates outside the civilized world. Who knows what happens if this kid has a hissy fit. Conversely, what is the probability of him releasing his control in favour of democracy? ... exactly! Bottom line is, more of the same.
    So Adam, that's politics. You can hit a home run by giving equal time to the topic of religion. Neither has little to do with the markets and both should be kept under lock and key! And most importantly, throw away the key.

  9. Adam, i am bombarded with useless emails all day long and each email burns valuable time. This was a pointless exercise and pretty much statingthe obvious. Can you focus your attentions to the very onfusing picture that is the markets at the moment. Your expertise is markets not politics ad i understand it and thats ehat i pay to listen and read about.
    Regards, Paul.

  10. Get over it - Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I believe a little controversy is beneficial to meaningful debates.

  11. Abraham Lincoln didn't have any military experfience and he did a pretty good job as both President and as Commander in Chief...

    George Bush, Jr. had limited military experience and look what he did for the country...

  12. Who cares - stick to the markets. Politics is a losing battle for everyone in the United States. Obama is a joke!

  13. From a new member.

    It seems to me that Adam underestimated vehement responses on both sides of these issues. Then he issued a very poorly constructed attempt to 'spin' the context toward a trading lesson on removing emotions form one's trading.

    I am fairly disappointed in the whole matter being injected into this forum, but I am extremely disappointed that that Adam chose to 'spin' the problem he created into a trading lesson.

    That Adam actually convinced himself that his 'spin' would fly, shows a big lack of respect for the intellect of members here.

    Too is a very delicate matter.

    1. Charles,

      Thanks you for your feedback and welcome to MarketClub.

      Trust is very important to our relationships with all of the folks we do business with around the world. It is also the foundation our company was built on, we are a very ethical company. If we were not, we could have not managed to survive and thrive on the web for the past 17 years.

      In retrospect the post was perhaps a little too incendiary, but it also perfectly illustrated just how emotional we can become when the right buttons are pushed. The bottom line is the markets push investors buttons everyday of the trading day and investors must learn that emotions are the major cause for losing money in the market.

      Every success with MarketClub.


      1. somewhere I saw a banner and a guy behind a podium that most illustrates my feelings about...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

  14. My family has fought for this country since the Revolutionary War and I believe we have never come closer to losing our identity since that first war. My husband served as the Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne, leading them to Iraq twice, my brother as an infantryman in Iraq. They served their country proudly and as soldier and lovers of America, they are (as am I) terrified of the direction of this nation, economically, politically and morally. As I am a businessperson, I prefer to view from that perspective and as such, there is a saying in business: The fish stinks from the head. Obama's aroma is that of a putrid rotten fish. And I will not ask for forgiveness for the blunt statement.

    1. You are so right Cindy. Not only does the fish stink from the head, nearly half of the nations people do not recognize the stink which is most worrysome about the whole situation

      Thank you for your families service and your wise input

    2. I'm with you Cindy, but is Obama any different than the clowns running for president on the Republican ticket? You have to admit that this three ring circus is as bad as any of us have seen before.

  15. Peace Now, Peace Then, Peace Forever !!! Tolerance will go a long way !!! We all are forever !!!!


  16. In your defense regarding such a repugnant post, you state that it was to “bring attention to an important trait that …. [our] Emotions”. That smoke screen does little to mask-over your feeling of our current President Obama Commander-in-Chief. I have been an avid reader and follower of your market club postings and form time-to-time I have read or heard your “personal” feeling regarding our Commander-in-Chief and for the most part I tolerate it as I am sure most educated folks do.

    However, when you begin a post with; “I received this email from a good friend on mine and I wanted to share it with everyone for comment.” it indicates that you are in agreement with your friend’s email. It does not in any way suggest that you are trying to show us how “Emotions or Politics” for that matter came into pay in regards to our trading in the market place.

    It becomes more offensive when you do not take responsibility for your actions and try to insult our intelligence by suggesting that you were merely trying to indicate that our emotions direct some of our trades. I have always told my son that he needs to step forward whenever he has made a mistake that he needs to accept responsibilities for his actions. Adam you need to do the same!

    I do enjoy and learn from your trading experiences and maybe just maybe you need to put your political beliefs in check, and let your business expertise influence your readers.
    By the way please inform you friend that there has been over 10 US Presidents (Commander-in-Chiefs) who have not had any military experiences what-so-ever and a couple whose military background are questionable and not very flattering, yet all of them have perform their duties within the confine of the Office of the Presidency; and each one of them has had their detractors.

    1. Jose,

      I appreciate your feedback. I do agree in part of what my friend sent me and I think everyone can agree with this(maybe not) and that it is pretty gosh darn scary that we have a twenty something in charge of nuclear missiles in a country we know little or nothing about. I am not sure what you were like when you were in your twenties but I know I made my share of mistakes during that time in my life. How about you?
      It wasn't clear to me if you read this
      All the best,

  17. Adam you may have set forth a worthy issue, but it forever marks marketclub as a political forum that will cost serious trades too much wasted time to frequent. I offer no objection, given your rights of expression if the political/moral issues are more important to you than MarketClub's focus on markets. If you didn't know it before, you doubtless know now that starting such discussions permanently markets your site, and limits your client base, losing those who prefer to explore political moral issues elsewhere. I believe political/moral issues are more important than predicting the markets. Perhaps you could start another forum from this thread for this purpose so your clients will have the freedom not to commingle serious market analysis with political analysis.

      1. Adam,
        I thought you said silly season was coming to an end. Some people only love democracy when their man is in office.

  18. Reading all these comments made me realize how badly Obama has split the US.

    His one expertise, community agitator, has really paid off

  19. Market club is a great web site and Adam and his team has done a fantastic job at helping traders worldwide. Having said that, I do agree that politics should not be brought here. Everyone has his/her opinion on the matter and everyone should have the right to express the latter. I think we should stick to the markets on this blog. Period.

    Just a thought from a European perspective... and for Adam's friend ... Leave other country do as they wish. America IS a nuclear power and THE ONLY COUNTRY in the world who is responsible for mass murdering since the USA has used the nuclear bomb TWICE in the history of the world..... so stop trying to give lessons to others about whether or not they should have the nuclear bomb. Once again, the USA has used it TWICE and killed hundreds of thousands of people .... keep that mind and be humble based on your past in this domain.

    A lot of country have the nuclear bomb and have never used it .. it is merely a weapon of mass persuasion that allows to weight on the global political and military scene .. No one is crazy enough to use it nowadays ....

    The USA have used it so reflect on that and leave sovereign countries do as they wish.

    Lastly, you do not need to have military experience to be a great leader ... look at history, go back hundreds of years, or not even .. Mandela, Ghandi .. some of the greatest leaders in the world and no military experience ... anyway ...

    Enough of this, let's get back to talking about the markets. That is what we are all passionnate about and that is why we love Market Club, right!! .. So let's get back to the market and thrive in 2012.

    Keep up the great job on the market and market club Adam.


    1. Someone here knows nothing of Japanese culture circa WWII and earlier. And acquiring that knowledge doesn't require anything more than ordinary reading of old books available at a smelly ol' book store.

      The Japanese worshiped their emperor as someone to whom they owed a debt which could never be fully paid even to the point of losing their lives for him. Japanese were expected to die rather than disgrace their family, clan, the emperor, or anyone else by failing to do something correctly. Suicide could be the remedy for mispronouncing a word in an Imperial rescript. In battle there was no surrender. Enemy prisoners were held in contempt for having surrendered and were likely to be used for bayonet practice. Among non-prisoners such as in occupied China, wholesale slaughter of the population was customary and stopped only when the troops exhausted themselves or there were no targets left who had to be taught a lesson. There were races to see who could cut off the most heads and this was reported in Japanese newspapers until the issue got a bit sticky and the race between officers, enlisted men, or units to see who got the the most heads in occupied cities became an embarrassment in the outside world. The Japanese chemical warfare experiments in China are a horror which out-Nazied the Nazis. In the first ground conflict with Americans in the Aleutians the Japanese attacked a position and bayoneted American casualties in their hospital beds. When the Japanese were finally defeated their public cheered when it was revealed their soldiers fought to the death. On Guadalcanal, the first major ground conflict, it was evident the Japanese wouldn't surrender and would launch suicidal attacks by trying to land aircraft full of soldiers on airstrips in order to attack parked American aircraft. Certain death was not issue to Japanese soldiers and this behavior continued throughout the war. Not only did Japanese civilians commit suicide on Saipan but as well they were murdered by their own troops. On Okinawa chance meetings between bedraggled Japanese groups and American patrols might start with an offer of cigarettes but then the officers ran their women through with their swords and proceeded to commit suicide. By this time it was evidence with the Japanese suicide air attacks that any invasion of Japan would be prohibitively costly and lose a huge number of Japanese civilians who would commit suicide, be murdered by their own troops, or who would die of starvation, not to mention killing large numbers of American and other troops. So one atomic bomb was dropped. No response. A second one was dropped. The vote to surrender in the cabinet was 7-7. The emperor broke the tie. No more bombs were available yet but the Japanese could have continued fighting as they were fully conditioned to national destruction, given the usual objections or exceptions by some parties.

      No one knows accurately how many Japanese were killed in the nuclear attacks but the number is likely a good bit smaller than the figures cited by anti-advocates. However a much larger number, plus what is thought to be hundreds of thousands American and allied casualties could have occurred if an invasion had to face over a million well armed Japanese troops on their own homeland and who still had the capability to inflict suicide attacks via aircraft.

      Before someone opens their mouth about 'slaughtering x number of people with atomic bombs" I would suggest they do some reading. It's nice to have about fifty or more years of such casual reading under one's belt when making comments about recent world history and conflicts.

      As to studying economics on this site, I am now listening to an early Sunday morning investment program which precedes "The Truth about Money" featuring R. Edelmann. They are discussing the withdrawal of equity money from the market, banks getting federal money and not loaning it to smaller businesses while being obligated to buy federal debt (or whatever the deal was)and the damage done by program trading which causes large gyrations in equity values which are beyond what is economically justified by market shifts. They mentioned our debt is becoming unsupportable and there absolutely must be changes in so-called entitlement programs. There is also a guess it will not happen with the result there will be major dislocations and losses in financial markets and retirement funding, whether self-funded, or from a business or government source.

      I will slowly close down my margin buying (which is small anyway) and try to put my risk into something which is fairly liquid while still offering useful dividends. I have a side lot with fruit trees and some grape vines plus other plantings. I figure I will likely augment my income with by peddling veggies and peaches to starving urban peasants from a grocery cart in my local alleys. If I can harness my pit bull to a small wagon it'll be just like the old days when I had a horse drawn wagon selling vegetables in my alley.

        1. Le chien aboie, la caravane passe ... et ce monsieur croit tout savoir .. pathetique !!

          1. Donnez-moi votre adresse et je vais pousser mon chariot rempli de raisins concord dans votre allee et vous donner le premier choix.

            Then you can get drunk on Concord wine when you see Big Zero's appointment to the consumer financial protection agency is going to pay for or forgive all the failed mortgages from the sub-prime program. That's a nice way to buy votes at our expense. Put that into your investment discussions folks.

  20. America realize that Communists and Islamists do nor relinquish power through the vote of the people. Prepare for WAR to reclaim your Constitutional Rights. Traitors should be shot at Dawn.

  21. You did it again. Your provocative statements are ridiculas and reminiscent of Howard Stern. Please stick to market analysis.

    1. There is nothing ridicuLOUS about that post, especially since it reflects the opinions (remember that we are all entitled to these) of every investor I know.

      Learn how to spell, for Allahs sake!!

  22. Wow I really hope that this is a mistake or someone has hacked the system. This has no place in MC. I would like to see someone from market club retract this nonsense and apologize to the people who have placed their trust and money here...........or I will take my business elsewhere.

      1. If Obama joins the Mormon Church, would that reverse your poor opinion of his world-wide demonstrated leadership?

        1. Demonstrated world-wide leadership? Oh yes, the French envy his ability to apologize and the third world nations admire the way he smooches their leaders. The developed countries think he's a fool.

          It would make no difference if he is Baptist, Catholic, Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness! He is as unqualified today as he was 3 years ago and what does this have to do with charting?

  23. Who would ever say politics does not play a part in the markets? But this continual anti-Obama talk really has nothing to do with politics or the markets. It is very disappointing to read this here.

    1. Big Zero made economic proposals and executed programs such as wild borrowing, printing money like Weimar (with some of the same goals in mind), preventing all on shore and offshore oil drilling and transport of oil and gas via pipelines proposed to be built, spent hundreds of millions on phony green energy projects financed and managed by his political contributors, and is doing everything possible to make sure there are dozens of millions of illegals not only kept in the country but doing what he can to attract more of them. This costs billions of dollars in energy development and has bankrupted medical facilities in and around California not to mention overloading the school systems with un-assimilated children of nature.

      All this will come to a head unless stopped. I can see there are people who do not have enough casual knowledge of these things or history to be able to see that this country is sliding into the toilet. When we disintegrate and stand for nothing because we were never taught any economic or factual truths about the nation, money, the national moral and constitutional foundations, it will be all over and we will be half nuked off the face of the earth. As it says in the Bible, "The living shall envy the dead". Keep pretending that there is a way to talk the market here (and there is) without being aware that you are all the enemy - you are the Big Bad Rich and must be made to pay your "Fair share". You will be the worker ants paying for the ruling nobility's luxuries.

      I will watch my silver stocks for whatever that's worth, maybe get more physical silver in anticipation of possible inflation, and consider a useful amount of a couple better foreign currencies as a convenience. I'll look into some additional closed end funds and maybe give a second look at reliable dividend paying stocks. I am too low on the scale to be damaged but others of you are. This is no time for "raised pinkies" discussions when smiling patronizing economic Stalinists are sharpening their knives for your wallets.

  24. This is a disappointing rather than 'infuriating' email. You're using your website to promote your political views under the guise of 'market news'. The only reason I'm posting a comment is that I hope if enough of us do it, you won't send us drivel like this again.

  25. I hate to admit that I wasted precious minutes from my life; not only to read the cover blog but all the Left/Right and just plain ignorant responses…………….WOW, what a waste! Please stick to something that can make us all $$$$$$$$$$$$$. We already know that the market and politics don’t interact with each other in any logical way! And now I’m one of you asses that actually responded to this CRAP and not address the business of making money!!!!!

  26. Hmmm, I am retired military, and I think that President Obama has done a great job, and I am not the only one from the military who thinks so, the majority of the people that I know agree. Yes, I think that is one of the reasons the market has done so well when it could have done so much worse considering the mess that we put ourselves into. Without as thoughtful and intelligent a leader as president Obama instilling some sense of hope in most Americans, we could be in a much worse economic condition, thus a much worse market condition.

    So, Adam. Although you have used a poor example, for some unknow reason, yes, politics do affect the market, but maybe not in the way that you seem to be trying to ascertain. Perhaps you should keep your thoughts to yourself when drinking heavily as another reader assumed

  27. Speaking of merely making money and studying markets, and no politics, are we? A certain party high in government wants to tax you heavily as being ungodly "rich" if a couple makes $250,000. That's still only $125,000 each which in New York may not go that far depending on what sort of support you need to keep a personal business interest going. I hear that figure is supposedly going to be more like a combined income of 200G. After all, you greedy bastards, you must pay your Fair Share, as Big Zero has to give those millions of illegals free medical care and God knows what else while planning how to give them instant citizenship so they vote for his ass and establish a totally independent executive which can issue decrees without Congress which, after all, opposes him and is therefore broken. So Fearless Leader will govern without Congress - though actually he will have the entire mob of degenerate pornocrats in the senate supporting him.

  28. Adam, did you have too many gin and tonics last night and start posting this crap??? You definitely are not a good business man, introducing this CRAP into your business. This is reflective of the liars, hypocrites and whores for the corporate sheople-herders of America. These creeps from the ultra right that see a black man who is twice as intelligent, twice as succinct, twice as literate, twice as successful, and twice the president and twice as good for America than of any of the white trash garbage that they have put forward. And they are not as anbry as they are scared. You must be one of them???? You lost a few more on this one.

    1. Eh wot? Twice as literate and intelligent? So he states there are fifty-seven states, speaks of Navy or Marine "corpse-men", has never released school or other records and no one has the slightest idea of who he is or with whom he associated as it is largely hidden except for those people who were part of his hate-America and the middle class mental conditioning. Those we know about. He has, strictly speaking, never worked a day in his life and has been on some sort of government payroll at best - after proving he was able to turn his Marxism into something worthy of financial support by behind the scenes agents.

      This man is dismantling the military in his proposals and will give us the weakest military forces since WWI or WWII and thereby guarantee a military wear down and defeat after defeat of an unsupported and under-equipped military. I wonder how anyone who is allegedly retired military can support this sort of planning unless they aren't really retired military and are, in fact, retired Hamas or maybe a protected illegal alien working for CAIR and who is really a colonel from the 7th Iraqi Camel Lancers. Our military spending today is in proportion as a percentage of prior GDP expenditures. That doesn't mean it is all wisely spent given government intrusion and disgusting social requirements such as vaginafying the services and then trying to butter them over with faggots. I am just waiting for some joyboy to have a snit over not getting his knob polished and detonating some ordinance on a carrier. They do have a higher rate of suicide, dearies, and petulant behavior as is evident with the recent Wikileaks releases. Incidentally, communist theory going back to Marx, if I recall, says, "They shall us the means of their destruction", which is a demonic revelation of what we are doing now. Except Big Zero will simply give the Russians our missile secrets which is an exception to the "sell" business. Ditto for Clinton and Loral Space and Communications as regards satellite secrets to the Chinese. In due course we shall find how well the Chinese apply those warhead launch capabilities. Marx is rolling over in his grave laughing and Lenin is shaking his head in disbelief.

      The military issues are somewhat moot as we will go broke trying to pay whatever tax burdens the pornocrats succeed in laying upon the people to pay for Obama's Marxism and the creation of worker ant alien vote blocs. He knows there will be resistance which is why just a few days ago he declared he can arrest anyone if they are thought to be a terrorist threat. This actually applies to Americans though he denies it. We are heading for dictatorship simply because the pornocrat party is a bunch of semi-Marxists who are too stupid to realize what they are getting into. They think it is all about the usual welfare politics and being "for the common man". It isn't. Most of them will simply become part of the new communist nobility as in Korea or any other communist country where the top end lives quite well. The rest of us will become worker ants of sorts and will be turned into mindless zombies as per "1984" or Brave New world" (I'm not sure they assign those books as reading material any more).

  29. Stick to analyzing the stock market, politics isn't your cup of "tea".

    To conflate a military dictator with a democratically elected President is absurd and discredits the person making the argument, not Obama.

  30. Hi, I laughed!
    Why does a country's leader have to be a military man? But I am an Australian

    1. Another name for the USA President is "Commander in Chief" -- that's why anyone in that position SHOULD BE a former member of our military! If our President has no first hand knowledge/experience, how can he/she be a "Commander" who has the power to declare war, or protect the country via our great military services?

  31. I totally understand how politics can effect the stock market. That's why I STRONGLY suggest getting a book on political science. This will teach you how any political move you hear about will immediately effect the stock market! Than you'll know how and when you should act and on what stock.

  32. Hey, he's a great improvement. Before him came the coke-snorting, Daddy-dependent, draft-dodging, alcoholic, proto-fascist wastrel.

    1. But he was a coke snorter whose best friends were terrorists (Bill Ayers), communists (Frank Marshall Davis), criminals (Tony Resco) and anti-semites (Rashid Khalidi) and his primary mentor, friend, and religious leader is a racist anti-American (Reverend Wright). How is this not worse than his predecessor.

  33. Please Adam, stay with the markets and technical matters - these sorts of waffling political debates are a dime a dozen on the Internet and quite frankly there are much better places to find informed and useful comment on political matters.

    1. Yeah, Obama's policies and his bailouts have had nothing to do with the markets, right?

  34. North Koreans view there "dear-leader" very much like devout Catholics view their pope, or Christian fundamentalists view their God, and it remains a religious indoctrination under the "dear-leader"

    Americans view there "commander-in chief" as a democratic choice given to the people, when in reality that choice must first be approved by the ruling class. An independent does not stand a chance without the consent of multinational corporate titans.

    We have reached the age where Americans, Russians, Europeans and Asians will be sacrificed for a global empire that protects the property of resources and technology accumulated by global corporate interests.

  35. Don't discuss politics? I'm taking my charts and going home? Exactly what do you think caused further wreckage of the economy (beyond what lib spender Bush did) when Big Zero was elected? Aside from being a college punk radical professor who had an intense exposure to violent radicalism he lived a short distance from a 60's Weatherman bomber and pretended to have never met the man! His entire political formation was among Marxist heathen. He has sought total and non-constitutional control using assumed or presumed regulatory powers and with no oversight by Congress. This means that he can install regulators who can instate disastrous rules to interfere with business practice and investment. His tax-crazed lusts are aimed at destroying the middle class which is the core of any modern civilization. The poor are useless due to ignorance and dependence (the real issue) and the rich are few in number and take care of themselves by maybe inviting Zero to a big luxurious party. Speaking of seizing regulatory power on the grounds that Congress opposes his proposals and is broken (an excuse for the mentally weak sheeple), this guy also likes to seize or appropriate a lot of luxury for himself. Howzabout that pointless trip to India where be rented out half the country for himself, flew over forty tons of equipment, a fleet of aircraft, and a couple hundred ninnies from his wife's mob of "household assistants" (of whom there were either 46 - or was i 146?). Then wifey had to take her personal mob to Spain for a pointless vacation because some hairdresser from the 'hood had her daddy die and she needed to get away from it all or whatever.

    This arrogant self-worshiping idol want wants no resistance to his indulgence or public spending and that will come from the productive people who must pay for it. Nobama wants to destroy them and their wealth so he can give it to the unshaven Moslem hordes of Tatary who are going to debark from their squadrons of galleys on the Florida coast where he will be waiting to welcome them with plenty of bowing and scraping among singing of choirs apologizing for the fact that America even exists.

    1. Gee, you didn't even have to say "OBAMA" because you so accuracy described him and his wife!

      Let's hope and pray our next Commander has experience, brains, and knows the history of our country! At a minimum, the next Commander AND his family should "LIKE" America and be proud to lead it.

  36. The President is a decent family man but his policies and politics are abhorrent. So were the policies of the previous President. Middle America is yearning for decency, hope, faith and freedom! Allow us to achieve our destiny not distribute it to us from others!

  37. I love it when people criticize Reagan for being an actor . . . what does Obama do but stand on a stage, act presidential (gag) and read his lines from a teleprompter. Obama should win the academy award for Best Actor this year because he's just acting like a President. Oh, there he goes, off to his next round of golf . . .

  38. That email is full of BS. Look at all the Presidents we've ever had and look at all the candidates in the 2012 field.

    Basic elementary school education; the President of the United States is the Commander-In-Chief. No qualifiers.

    1. Yeah, BHO has been an unmittigated disaster. He is intentionally hurting us, to protect his big time donors. This is the worst of the cronyism we have seen since Hoover. Besides he's clueless, but speaks with forked tongue

  39. I love you Adam. You sure know how to take the bull by the horns. This site is great.

  40. I'm not much of an investor. I spent the last 25 years defending a document that goes by the name US Constitution. I have a top secret clearance and I've been in the various war zones. You might even say I have a bit of worldly experience. That said, what alarms me most is not the email from a good friend but, rather the stream of unconsciousness that follows in the comments! Did I mention I was Naval Operations Branch Chief for the 4 star (GEN Tilleli) in Korea (1997-2000) and in my capacity as 'all things navy' I was also the keeper of the Rules of Engagement. During that time I attended morning INTEL briefs on nK. having studied the manuals on Marxist dictators, it's fair to say that our government under Obama shares much in common with Dear Leader. The only difference that can see is that Obama has yet to become physical! Oh, it's coming!

  41. Don't defend Adam. If he didn't agree with the crap nonsense he wouldn't have posted it.

  42. I just saw this..... Where in Adam's note does it say or reveal this is coming from Adam??? A FRIEND sent the email. Are most of you that demean his service actually trading?? Pay attention! Look at what is being written! Adam doesn't say one way or another that he cares about Obama! He just says politics affect the markets! Morons!

  43. No, I am not infuriated.. I am saddened and disappointed that you would publish such unthinking commentary and ask for a response.. Are you saying that a President must have a military background? Like Reagan's in the movies, perhaps? Come on , you can use your wide communication skill to bring up useful commentary, not something which is so weak, so immature, as to compare Pres. Obama to the North Korean "leader" ... for all your financial skills, you greatly disappoint in the narrowness of your political,wider, view of life.

      1. Bush was just a drucken draft dogger and used his dads influence to keep him out of fighting. But when he steals the election Via the Right wing supreme court he sends a lot of youg men and women off to die in an unjust war. Why didn't he send his night clubing daughters off to fight?

  44. What I am thinking is that based on much of the commentary above our country is in much worse shape than I thought! So sad.

  45. MC is about The Market is about Economics is about Human Behavior. If one accepts that 1) gaining power is THE political goal, and 2) the end justifies the means, then Obama and his party are simply playing the game to win. The offer to use that power to take away wealth from others and give it to me is all but irresistible. Only the historically educated and wise can see where it leads and many of that minority are retiring baby-boomers hoping that a "free lunch" can last as long as they do. But with a broad look at U.S. history in light of World History we see that Republicans and Democrats are all going the same direction with Dems simply moving faster. The founding fathers foresaw these things and issued warnings but I think they would be surprised (and probably proud) it's taken this long for us to fall to the Siren's songs.

    "There ain't no free lunch and you can't spend yourself rich." Gov. Gene Talmadge of Georgia. 1933-1937 & 1941-1943. Elected to a fourth term in 1946, but died before taking office. He was a Democrat!

  46. Elizabeth 1:42. I also think it was Navy SEALs that took out Bin Laden, after the CIA had been tracking him for 10 years. George W Bush set that search in motion and it was down to Obama's luck that put him in office when they found that evil piece of work.
    I gather they found porno movies and Viagra in Bin Laden's possessions which goes to show how Westernised that hypocrite really was.

  47. Elizabeth 1:42 - You say "Obama helped take down Quaddafi (with no loss of American life)." In what way did he help? It was the British and French aircraft that bombed his troops and the Libyan rebels that fought on the ground, The USA had no such input.

    However, Obama did sell us those Tomahawk missiles at $700,000 each so he made some money out of it but I wouldn't call that "help" in the true sense of the word..

  48. Obama took out bin laden (who attacked the U.S. --Bush's incompetence on display).
    Obama helped take down Quaddafi(with no loss of American life). Obama clearly has more sense than any of the clowns the repubs are promoting--do you really think that crybaby newt should be in the white house? or that pinched face woman hater santorum who wants to bomb Iran? Do you crackpots really want another war?? Give it a break, haters!! middle america is SO TIRED of your hateful rants and lies against the man who was actually elected by a majority . Bush created this financial mess and you people just have sour grapes because you supported him.

    1. You are so wrong! He was elected by all those who wanted him to "spread the wealth"----to them! And he did just that, with over 40% of them collecting government hand outs now.

      Obama kept his campaign promises. And that's the only positive thing I can think of.

  49. I will listen to any discussion that can find a direct correlation between the price of Apple and the President of North Korea. I thought so.

  50. Here are some very interesting facts (easily verified) for those championing Obama's win:
    1. Number of States won by: Obama: 19, McCain: 29
    2. Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000, McCain: 2,427,000
    3. Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million, McCain: 143 million
    4. Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2, McCain: 2.1

    So Oblah-blah won in the electoral system, which is what we use; but don't pretend he's a big popular vote winner.

    Adam, I agree with others - start a politico site if you want, but stop polluting the investor site with politics. And I will too!

  51. Further my 12:15 post I have found the man on Wikipedia. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Why do World Leaders NOT take notice of how such problems were handled AND solved, in the past??? Because they do not know what to do and take their lead from others, is the answer.

  52. Well, President Obama's predecessor dodged serving in Viet Nam by having his father pull strings to get him ahead of a waiting list of 100 to join the Air National Guard. Then he was AWOL while "serving."

    We choose our leader by voting rather than by coupe's or power plays. Maybe you'd prefer a dictatorship?

  53. No no no,all you birthers got it wrong. Obama was in Kenya... yes that right BUT he wasn't born there, he stepped off a flying saucer there. You got that folks, he's an ALIEN!!

  54. By the way guys, I'm proud of all of you who talk about not bringing politics into your trading.

    Look at how emotional and subjective issues like politics create drama and make a mess of things.

    I think Adam knows this. He's the co-creator of a non-emotional, computer based trading algorithm that is so effective, in part, because it removes emotion (like politics) and subjective biases (like prejudice) from your trading.

    Don't get so offended that you quit MC. I think he just likes to stir the pot a little to make sure we're all still reading and breathing. 😉

  55. The ignorance of this group is amazing.

    And you ought be ashamed of posting this crap.

    Only comparison I see is the Chinese are propping up what is left of the N. Korean economy... as well as what is left of our economy.

    Holy hell will break loose when they call in their chits. One world economic dominance.


  56. Adam, your friend was right. From the moment Obama invited our exPresident Zapatero to the thanksgiving prayer in Washington weknew he was doomed.
    We in this small Country of Spain have "enjoyed" the worst President a country has ever had. Has created un unemployment rate of over 20%, Has nearly broken the Country separating Catalanes y Vascos from the rest of Españoles. Has put the terrorist in power and we are one of the worst economies of Europe. In 7 years in office he has never said any word of truth.
    Fortunately we kicked him out in the last election, the worst results ever had by the Socilist party. In any case our "democracy" was too young to realize all this and he has lasted us two mandates.
    Hopefully the Americans are old at the game and will see the error in time. Please vote against this type of Socialism, yours, it has never accomplished anything good in any Country and I dont think is helping USA or the other Nations. now. It is time to look for a man capable. The US has had fantastic Leaders and yes I also think it is time to put the blame of what is going on in the heads of the Banks and many politicians, not all.
    I am sure your article, Adam, is compatible with "Profits". Whether we like it or not the democracy is ruled by politics and I dont see anything wrong with mixing it with economics.
    To end this long article I apologise for talking about Spain, however in a way many of Adam"s subscribers are in any part of the world and what happens in USA afects all of us. Sorry for any errors, my language is not English.

    1. Thank you, F.G. Well said. Yes, of course, leaders of countries always manage to manipulate the economy in one way or another.

      The entire world has access to the NYSE, and the entire world will be affected by their leaders, whether USA or Spain.

      I do believe politics influence the stock markets in many ways that I won't list because most readers already know!

  57. @ALPHACROTCH - Anyone who say, like you, that our sitting President is, "...bitter that he is half descended from barbaric tribes...his white half is apparently mired in radicalism at the grandparent level which thus indicates some serious developmental problems"... just goes to prove that MC should not be allowing people to hide behind an alias and make such prejudice, racial hate comments, over their website. Google's algorithm picks up these kinds of comments and a websites page rank suffers as a result. It flags MC as a "bad neighborhood" website in the search and can even penalizing affiliates who link to this website if this occurs often enough.

    When the free market works, it reveals that while everybody has a right to speak, not everybody has an equal right to be heard for if they did, we'd all be forced to waste our life away listening to idiots.

  58. I hope I don't see this again. Not here. I come here for market news. Please do not turn this into a political stage. If that email would have been written a couple months ago and it compared Kim Jung Un with Avon's CEO Andrea Jung then I would have found it more appropriate for this site. At least in this country we do have a Board of Directors and Elections that can replace someone we find not qualified to lead our corporations or our country.
    Adam. Your political view triangle just turned RED

  59. Speaking of politics and the market and the hoped for separation of the two on this site or elsewhere, no analysis can be made without the thought that an investment must be made with the knowledge that this country is now approaching - what is it - fifteen trillions in long term debt? If not that then wait for Obamacare, huge pay increases for federal Czars and their supporting nobility and serfs, and American being turned into a third world tar pit of unemployable semi-savages. According to the Bible they will be "buying and selling the souls of men" so someone will make a buck if they are close to Big Brother. Everyone else will wear the regulation quilted Mao suit and be chained to their workspace.

    I have some odd silver stocks which as of today fell back and which must wait for an upturn in either inflationary threats or industrial activity. F is doing better and I will sell when I can get my money back from the recent fallback and put it elsewhere. I have a couple high interest closed end funds (GDV, JTA) which I will expand a bit and which have risen comfortably. I have a couple rats which fell on hard times due to China pullback economically or the loss of uranium popularity as a market item after the Japanese earthquake disaster.

    I will pull out some money in due course for improvement in my property. This will include secure heavy duty iron fencing and low concrete and granite walls . This will secure the front of the property from direct assault by an attacking column of Occupy rabble and local Fidelistas (their hangout is about 1 1/2 blocks from me) when they discover I am running my own one man federal write-in campaign for Congress (I've done it before) and am attacking their Marxist hero and his local supporters. I'll be on the third floor roof hurling buckets of hot roofing tar into their howling ranks.

  60. Yes N Korea is a big worry,
    but because Kim Yung Un has lived a sheltered weird life;
    and now an unknown is at the nuclear controls

    nothing to do with Obama or Bush or Carter
    there seems to be no room in the U.S. for reasonable debate on ANYTHING and that too scares me..

    my father was in the RCAF during WWII, spent a year in a German POW camp,
    he had no respect for the Generals, they satisfy their ambitions with people's lives, he knew war was hell, and would have died for his buddies.

    Not sure Obama nor Bush nor Romney nor Gingerich would..

  61. An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich,a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama's plan". All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied

    The second test average was a D! No one was happy.

    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

    As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

    All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

    Could not be any simpler than that.

    Please remember, there is a test coming up. The 2012 elections.

    1. Awesome, simply awesome, thank you. No name calling, no hate, no ego, no envy, just a specific example.

  62. I am 'proper' English and I have long since taken the view that most ALL politicians are totally unqualified for their high positions. But apparently, this does not matter because the real powers behind the thrones are the back room Public Servants who have made a career out of running Governments. They are unelected but, in the end, decide what is good for all of us. And the same goes for those 'career' politicians, AND we have no say in the matter for we are the peasants and they are the experts. And this is democracy? An example from our last disastrous Government. A School teacher becomes a Labour MP and later gets promoted as the Secretary of State for Transport . His experience is in front of a class of 30 pupils yet he was placed in charge of a Department of 50,000 public sector workers with a budget than ran into several Billions of Pounds Sterling. He made a cock of it, of course but he was never slapped down as incompetent. The then Deputy Prime Minister started out as a ships steward
    and union member and via the union was made an MP. He was desperately poor at his job and an embarrassment to the Nation.They are a couple of many such incompetents and most of these politicians have known nothing but politics.
    They leave Universities with degrees (or join Trade Unions) and enter politics as aids, assistants, researchers or the like. They have no knowledge of life out side of their sleazy world but they "know it all". That is why our Nations are in such deep sh1te. They had rings run around themselves by the Fed (BoE) and the Bankers because of their naivety. All the Public servants really know is diplomatic protocol and how to spend a day looking busy but doing nothing.
    However, This state of affairs is not new. It was around in 1929 and the South Sea Bubble and all the other financial catastrophes that have happened over the centuries. And so it will continue until we, the people, demand a change to the system. Our Governments have become too big and unfit for purpose. They all must be hugely slimmed down to a more affordable level to create more efficiency so that we, the tax payers get more bang for our bucks from them. Taxation must fall and disposable incomes must rise to re-create the consumer driven GDP. Much of our taxes are to pay the wages and pensions of Government employees and too much is wasted on worthless, hare-brained projects that go nowhere and to those persons with paper-pushing, statics collecting, non-jobs.

    We should, no, we must, follow the ways of Hong Kong which has small government and low taxation but a great lifestyle.
    And where did the Chinese learn of such an efficient and rewarding system? From a British Public Servant of course. Unbelievable but true.

  63. I've enjoyed this site because it stuck to business and the markets. Now that you've chosen to slide over into politics, I'm canceling out. Been nice knowing you, Adam.

  64. Comparing Kim Jung to President Obama, making that association, making that comparison, on the flimsy grounds that both don't have military experience is stupid at best.

    Is the implication that only a guy who has served in the military is qualified to be President, else he faces the comparison with Kim Jung?

    This sort of prejudice and stereotyping always needs to be discouraged and not passed on as if it's some sort of wise message. I bet this guy also thinks that gays can't serve in the military either.

    Just how stupid does stereotyping make someone? President Obama has had excellent military victories under his watch to the praise of the majority of Generals under him. He said we took the eye off the ball going into Iraq and that he would move assets from Iraq to Afghanistan to get Bin Laden, that's what he did and it worked, we got the SOB. He said we can help get Khadaffi out of power in Libya in a better and cheaper way than two Bushes did in Iraq, and so he put in place that plan, and it worked at a tiny fraction of the cost of Iraq.

    The way to respond to republican attacks like that is to counter with the logic that Mitt Romney has never served in the military either so should he be comparied to Kim Jung?

    Rick Santorum has never served in the military either and he even looks a little like Kim Jung.

    So this means, because President Obama has been Commander In Chief, that he has more military experience than both front runner Republicans and yet your friend wants to attack him on his military service?

  65. BORING!!! Go to Drudge or Politico and express your political opinions. Let's focus in on investing.

  66. Stupidities must not be shared as they are contagious.

    When the "Army boys" run countries it was never good for anyone but themselves.
    Read some history for a change and try to understand and learn from it.

  67. I keep talking, but nobody is listening. Please listen. Politicians are political prostitute puppets. Let's identify the problem. The problem is THE BANKSTERS ARE RUNNING/RUINING THIS COUNTRY. The politicans do the bidding of the J.P. Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Rothchild's, the Bilderberg group, the federal reserve. Please quit making noise about the puppets. The problem is with the puppeteers.

  68. Does'nt matter who is President, the end is coming anyway. We have never had a President to stand up against sin. Their is One God in the World, how can we have freedom of choice? Their is one Law Giver The God of Israel, Christains can become a member of the Church of God thru Jesus Christ. Gods Commandments, Statues & Judgements are what Jesus built his Church on. Obeying Gods Laws of old are the true way of Salvation but The attiude of the United States is who cares!
    I was just warned by the Good Lord in October (that nothing will be worth nothing) I heard a date, October 28th. I thought about it for days, & then Googled it. Exactly 63 years ago on october 28th 1948, Israel put the Star of David on there flag. Well then 7 years remain for the Prohescy of 70 years to be fulfilled! "Since 1997 I have been warned by the Good Lord that he will come in my lifetime" If anyone thinks the President or past Presidents are leading this Nation in the right direction! "They are dead wrong" We are a Doomed Nation!

  69. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." If the voters wake up we can throw our young rascal out. The North Koreans, not so much.

  70. LOL Scott! Go ahead and cancel. I hope you lose all your money without the trade triangle. Haha!

  71. Are you serious? You find this email from your “friend” worth sharing> I’m sorry, but this is nothing more than trash talk. It is time for the American people to stop being so POLITICAL, and start THINKING about the importance of rebuilding our country. From the bottom up. By their words and behavior, our politicians have driven an ideological wedge between the citizenry of this great country; as a result we are not working together to fix it. The only way we can work our way through this debt problem, is by working together. Time is not on our side if we don’t, and our politicians know it and use it as political tactics.

    Some one quoted this earlier and I couldn't agree more. When was the last time we had a President that was actually the leader of our country and was interested in actually making things better for us as opposed to keeping their party in power, helping out their "club buddies". I guess the best we can hope for is that he can actually talk in public and appear somewhat educated...unlike dipstick W.

  72. Have read some of the comments to your message. Didn't realize that you had so many yellow dog democrats on your program. One thing is for sure. If Obama is elected again with the same congress there is a sure sure trade. Short the market then put on your scuba equipment........

  73. Here's a web site I believe you will find worth pulling up? It is, "LABOR FORCE PARTICIPATION RATE". It shows we are at the lowest rate of employment since 1982. Based on that why should not any one that is running the country not be fired? It is certainly much more correct than the government stated Unemployment Rate.

  74. --=Barack Obama is functionally a Godless heathen who hates America, the Constitution, freedom and individual rights, and is bitter that he is half descended from barbaric tribes, who if they hadn't been colonized and civilized by the white man, would be eating one another and producing a bigger body parts witchcraft industry than they already have. Furthermore, his white half is apparently mired in radicalism at the grandparent level which thus indicates some serious developmental problems. For example, unibomber Ted Kaczynski came from a hard core Democrat family in Chicago. Between that and whatever other personal problems he had he went crazy and started his bombing campaign. Obama's mother apparently came from the same background and coming to hate herself and her country she decided to show (a) total liberal superiority over everyone else by taking a dive for a coal black real African negro to whom she was allegedly married and (b) running off into the bush to marry a higher level of tribesman in the far east. Comrade Obama was left in the hands of communists for his educational upbringing and otherwise placed in privileged white schools. (incidentally, I read one article which stated flatly that Obama is illegitimate and others which stated the timeline of his parents' life does not allow for the chance that he was born legitimate. People allege there is no record of a marriage anywhere his parents lived. Just a point of interest as the real damage, legitimate or not, is that he is functionally a college radical punk who is no different from what I saw in the Viet Nam era and as bad as the worst of the infantile retardo Soros funded Occupy movement (some of whose complaints may have a valid point).

    His goal is the destruction of America so that the Bible prophesied One world Order can come into being over a ruined and defeated nation. He has succeeded so far because most of the Democrat party, and especially in the senate, is a similar bunch of moral degenerates and the and most House members aren't any better. The media is totally porno anti-Christ and anti-American to the core and supported Big Zero in his vacuous campaign in 2008. Obamacare is intended to destroy free medical practice and put your testicles in a government vice after having stripped you of all your money to pay for it. We will all wind up like welfare inner city negroes piled up in the welfare medical facilities and county hospitals - except there will be millions of illegal aliens there as well competing for free medical services.

    Big Zero is also functioning outside the constitutional provisions for various functions he may otherwise perform and is sometimes performing functions he can't really do at all. He bypassed Congress on appointments on the grounds Congress, which is a necessarily separate division of government, opposes him and doesn't want to bend over and grab their ankles. So it is that we have appointments to positions without congressional/senatorial oversight to offices which probably shouldn't exist at all. Ditto for the National Labor relations Board, a historical hotbed of alleged anti-business sentiment, where he made a couple appointments on grounds that the Senate wasn't in session (which it was or at least not in a formal recess). This guy is an arrogant punk and dangerous. But he is not alone and will be supported by most of the Democrat rabble whether in Congress or those of them who are on full time welfare or on overpaid public employment payrolls.

    The old Republican establishment is not a lot better than the pornocrats. The Tea Party is a rebellion against the pornocrats and the east coast libs though them lib Republican critters certainly be found in the midwest. Our current Republican primary campaign is a mix of old guard Republicans and some questionable conservatives. All of them held or hold views which are contrary to the Tea Party and other Republicans and many Democrats.

    Incidentally, Comrade zero is destroying the American military and I am amazed that tanks have not crashed through the white House gates to rectify the problem. He has released the number of nuclear warheads we have. Those warheads are not being altered or upgraded and are turning (figuratively speaking) into jelly. He is planning on giving missile secrets to Russia as a "be nice" gesture to show we mean no harm and want them to have the same defensive capability. He is reducing the military's size so as to weaken us and produce a guaranteed defeat in any one or two of several theaters where conflict breaks out. And they will break out once we weaken enough (though if we follow the Chinese theoretical model we will simply surrender to their higher level of virtue). Expect nuclear war, at least on a limited level, though america is a large target and the coasts wil be within easy range of our enemies.

    For economic purposes I would tread cautiously and have plenty of slack to allow for assorted economic and political/military disasters. We have a couple decades to go before the worst happens but what will come in the next ten years can destroy America as a free Christian nation and reduce us to the status of a kowtowing nation serving the U.N. and allied military forces surviving after a limited nuclear war in the middle east. Who knows but it is best to be prepared for everything and make personal physical survival a priority as much as investments - as those investments won't be very liquid, if they exist at all, when TSHTF.

  75. I dont think the writer of your e-mail understands the gravity of our nations situation. North Korea has been in the bottom of the economic tank since before the Korean war because of an idology that stifles any progress. In the last presidential election a majority of the voters in the United States voted for the same idology in a person that espoused the Saul Alinsky ideal os socialism. If he is reelected we will go the same way as North Korea, Cuba, and Russia in 1917, Yes politics do affect markets, and they also affect the nations well being. Crooked politicians depend on lies and half truths to steer the ship of state into an abiss in the name of helping the poor. The gravity is there are a lot more people to fall into abject poverty in this country than North Korea

  76. Why did it need to be shared again ? What were your comments when Mini-Bush was in office ? Here i thought this was a serious Techincal site... Guess I'll have to look elsewhere!

  77. This is a ridiculous conversation for a website primarily aimed at giving information on making profits. If the discussion were about tax or regulation policies affecting companies, that would be another matter. However, this simply demeans the professionalism of site & those making such swipes. I have no respect for a financial website that allows this behavior.

  78. how right you are. Then someone says its ok by referring to Bush. The man stood for what he beleived. obUUma stands for no leadership no nothing

    lets talk about Carter

  79. you hit the nail right on the head. sometimes it feels good to say what is on your mind. who cares what anyone thinks! the truth really hurts---this president was bought and paid for by the libs!!!!!

  80. I think Adam laid a turd with this one. DuH! Obama Osama McCain Bush Bush - just a big show to watch while the wealth sucking continues. We know how all this ends. Come on I thought you people were traders.

  81. We could get lucky and elect anyone from the other side. Guns, God and Gold is an angenda sure to fix our main problems of the day. Does anyone really belive that?


  82. That veiled racism did NOT need to be "shared". Don't you have a right wing nut filter? Bush Jr. had what experience and knowledge (his father even wrote a book about not going into Iraq)? Two unpaid wars bankrupted this country. You should be ashamed of injecting your unprofessional prejudice. Cut the crap, Adam.

  83. Are you serious? You find this email from your "friend" worth sharing> I'm sorry, but this is nothing more than trash talk. It is time for the American people to stop being so POLITICAL, and start THINKING about the importance of rebuilding our country. From the bottom up. By their words and behavior, our politicians have driven an ideological wedge between the citizenry of this great country; as a result we are not working together to fix it. The only way we can work our way through this debt problem, is by working together. Time is not on our side if we don't, and our politicians know it and use it as political tactics.

  84. Politics is an integral part of any life.
    American election will influence Wall Street.
    The market will be artificially moving up because
    White house's temporary policies will be
    "doctored" to make incumbent president
    win the election regardless of who the
    president is. The investor will have to
    read the tea leaves and make the decision
    to buy or sell short. As Walter Kronkite used
    to say, that the way it is.....

  85. Has anyone looked at the people that are surrounding Obummers political world. Their goal is to destroy the United States by spending our money and ruining our childrens future. George Soros for starters. If the governments direction does not CHANGE, we will not have to be concerned about what financial investment to make next.

  86. Even though we may share similar political views, I think that this might bring some negativity upon the MarketClub Service. I agree with discussing the impact of political decisions on the market moves, but dividing the membership might just hurt the credibility of the use of pure technical analysis of the trade triangles. I like to think that my political view and our countries political ineptness are meaningless as compared to the meaningful of the trade triangles.

  87. Obama is so much more than a community organizer.
    Highly intelligent, focused, MODERATE, until rercently bending over backwards to find some manner of compromise in a broken congress.
    I'm proud of him. He's my president.
    Name callers are the weakest form of cowards.
    I'm tired of you Adam, injecting your bias into what is often touted as a purely technical site.
    keep the lines clear, please.
    I'm ready to give up on your service.

  88. George, Jr. had never been to Europe. That says all you need to know about that joker's level of preparation to 'lead the world'.

    P.S. If the rest of the educated world could vote, the GOP would never win another presidential election.

  89. I think the comparisons are funny and also think Obama will be and should be a one term president. At least he can't be a long term dictator, however he is just doing everything he can to be a short term one.

  90. It makes little difference whether your Daddy appoints you or the people. The military/industrial/corporate complex calls the shots. Unless I am mistaken none of the present Republican hopefuls have eber served in the military. One, to my knowledge maneuvered his way out of serving. Hello, Newt, a really apt name for such a lizard.

  91. President administrations can only help or hinder a economy. This administration is hindering and very non business friendly. Here is where it helps me in my trading long term. Pull up a monthly chart of the INDU and just look at the big textbook head and shoulder pattern that formed over a 11 year period. We are right at the top of the right shoulder. Notice the huge and I mean HUGE volume over the 11 year period with a textbook right shoulder higher then the left shoulder and the volume decending on the right shoulder. Folks if this HnS plays out a lot of people are going to be hurting. I kinda hope it doen't but I will play the market whichever way it goes. Oh, look at a SPX monthly chart Classic texbook Double Top. Oh, look at the RUT monthly chart Classic texbook Double Top and on and on. All I can say is GOD HELP US! This is how i mix politics and trading.

  92. Get this crap off your blog...stick to the market...the market is the important thing.
    This is why I do not read most of your posts.

  93. Adam, please, Two very different stories. I left the republican party when a bunch of Bozos put in a complete moron who was unqualified and only experienced in bankrupting companies (Bush 'W' Bung ill). I have been very impressed with just a 'community organizer who teaches constitutional law'. Maybe some of the other Bozo's on the extreme right should have taken his class. So much so that I for one have switched my support to him. Ex-Republican-Centrist Conservative me is now voting for Obama. Markets will do what they do, News breaks on the pivots, not the other way around. Stick to the markets Adam. You are good at that.

  94. I can't believe you are so shallow and make such ridiculous and simplistic comparisons. You are a trite imbecile who thinks he is clever because he points out two totally unrelated situations in leadership. One is appointed by a dying dictator who has seized and maintained power through subversive means. The other is an educated and capable individual who was voted for by the majority. What have you been smoking? I no longer put any credence in you market analysis.

  95. To be fair young & obozo are more alike in many ways , one difference is obozo's doing his best to change this country .

  96. The truth hurts many times. Although our majority voted in a man here in this country as opposed to a dictator chosen, it was, and usually is through much lying and promising of things that simply CAN NOT be delivered by a man on his own. It seems to be that all politicians speak words we like to hear, so that they will be elected. Just sayin'... Our country is in DEEP, DEEP trouble. God help us!

  97. Maybe we could work together to make this site "politics-free" and focus in on the market, specific companies etc. Although I would tend towards the opinions in Adam's blog, there are about five billion other sites where I can read the same sort of opinion. Let's stick together and find ways to make money despite those in our government who can only think of ways to take away what we have left.

  98. Racist pour and simple. You lose and will lose again. Obama will win the day. Why don't you read the news and learn something.

  99. What a dumb can you compare the idiots in North Korea with what goes on in the US?
    And in North Korea, nobody votes and some idiot's son just takes over. At least Americans can vote....and if they don't like who or what they voted for, they can vote again for change.

  100. There is a difference between elected and appointed, but not if you are a republican with friends in the Supreme Court or communist from China. Adam you business is better than this last post Very disappointing!!!

  101. Politics aside, I think it is ludicrous to compare an elected American president to the inexperienced son of a dictator. It's just mud slinging and has no relevance to comparison, even if compared to Bush Jr. who historians are still arguing whether he was the worst or merely one of the worst presidents ever.

    What is scary is a son of a wily and mercurial dictator rising to wield nuclear power without some decent training or stable power base. There is one hopeful factor: he was educated in the west, so he's not been kept in a closet all his life. Wait and see.

  102. Bashing Obama is just for the Tea Party and Politics.
    Yes, due to the bad economy inherited from Bush Hilary would have been better. Obama would be a great President without such a really bad crisis.
    Nobody, Republican, Democrat, Left or Right Think Tank have NOT use a System Dynamics Model to know at any time "Where all our money is."
    I can do it with a team of 5 within 5 months. Then, anybody can play and ask, what if, what if.......anything like Taxes, FED, QE3, or better yet: What if we pressure EUROPEAN Countries so that people can import items from the US: Check to see why,, ANY Electronic SHOP in the USA,, on and on and on up to what I have checked from Spain, 3,000 Companies.

  103. As Gary pointed out, Obama wasn't merely 'appointed' to office. Whatever one thinks of him, the comparison with Kim Jung's son is not valid, and diminishes the standing of the person making it.

    And as far as politics having no role in the markets goes, it's YOU, Adam, who keeps making that statement, and then contradicting it. Supposedly we're to follow your trade triangles and market movement. The message you're sending is that you can't eat your own cooking.

  104. Peace!!!!
    As humans venturing through life one major task is to remain that (human). !!!
    Take care, led

  105. Not sure it's sour grapes; after all Adolph Hitler won his election far and square. Can you think of anyone was happy with the outcome?

  106. YES I agree. Thank you Adam! Let's see...anti-American, hard core muslim with symbol of islamic end times prophecy for a logo (sun rising in the west), anti-Christian, lawless, hater of the true heritage of the US, not born in the US, communist, anti-free market, terrorist sympathizer, anti-capitalism, despot who casts out hundreds of years of laws and Constitution, dictator, forcing disgusting perversions like homosexuality on the nation, hmm against everything in the 10 Commandments, calling what is evil good and what is good evil...hmm let's see...can this O-bomination really be likened to North Korea?? hard to tell...hmmm...Thank you Adam,'s time the gloves came off.

    1. Two draft dodgers! before Obama, and then a community organizer that cannot think without a teleprompter unless it is to take his wife on a $35.000 date at taxpayer expense. Sixteen years of inept leadership. No wonder the country is in trouble. The best choice has already dropped out so it looks like 20 years of ineptness! Where is a Harry Truman clone? We sure need him.

  107. My god man, take your jibberish somewhere else , try amateur comedy night at the country club....Obama is trying to clean up the MESS that was left him.No magic wand is available and no alternative solution exists
    Just you high horse pessimists

  108. My god man, take your jibberish somewhere else , try amateur comedy night at the country club....Obama is trying to clean up the MESS

  109. Yes but Obama WON the most votes and beat out the other candidates fair and square (can't say the same for 'W'). Just a simple case of sour grapes.

  110. And China has been paying on their countries debt and keeping them both in office!

    TWO Manchurian Candidates?

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