How do you feel about the US economy?

With increasingly better job numbers each month and a feeling around the country that things are getting better. We want to know...

What do you think about the condition of the US economy?

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79 thoughts on “How do you feel about the US economy?

  1. It is improving but remains weak. (46%, 913 Votes)
    It is at a point where it could easily fall back into recession. (46%, 903 Votes)

    Are not those two almost same. It is interesting.
    That means the economy will fall back deep into recession.

    1. I would say "depression" is more reasonable this time around. What is there presently that could pull us out this time. The government has already spent all of our money.

    2. Erdal,

      Thank you for your feedback. It seems that the survey or poll was pretty much even. Had we conducted this survey two months ago I think would've seen different results which were leaning to the economy getting worse. Psychologically, it would appear as if the markets perception has changed and that is what drives markets.

      All the best,

  2. Ron Paul is our best chance,but it will not happen,too bad! We do have many wonderful people in our country and most of us will survive. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    1. I support your statement 100%. Too bad more haven't seen Ron Paul as our Freedom Fighter. The media doesn't even bother mentioning his name if they can help it. Judge Napolitano has supported Rep Paul, and Fox cancelled his show. Last night was his last show. Very sad when FOX News is narrowing it's fair and balanced approach.

  3. The difference between the sentiment disclosed by your survey and the trends predicted by your trade triangles is very interesting. I hope that your predictions are correct. You have a pretty good track record.

  4. never have so many struggled for so little compensation, all it would take is a simple stump of the toe event, and we would continue the decline.

  5. I think the market will go up until every single bear is DEAD! The government can prop up the economy for a long time but not forever. Trade with the market and don't try to pick tops or bottoms. So far i think the triangles are doing a good job.

    Here is my take on politics: Vote any party except Democrat because they have been taken over by the socialist and communist idealogy. Just go on the socialist & communist party web-sites and see who they support. What a shame. What ever happened to the JFK democrat party. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". I want them back!

    If we ever get them back then we can use fundamentals again. Until then, forget the fundamentals and go with the triangles.

  6. It is really funny to hear a few people on this blog saying the Obama isn't too bad a President and also saying they's vote for Ron Paul if they had a chance. That combination of thoughts is irrational and dangerous because it shows a lack of knowledge of history's lessons of the evils of socialism (Barack Obama style) and its proven ability to stifle liberty (Ala Ron Paul).

    It is a sad truth that the Republican Party has been once again usurped by the Rockefeller Progressives and Bush, as a member of that group, really hurt this country. But Barack Obama is a Progressive on steroids and has accelerated three-fold what Bush had done.

    There is only one way to save this country. We need to get people in office who will reverse the burdensome regulations that tie up small business, remake our tax system so that everyone pays something,make the business climate so attractive that businessmen will be encouraged to invest in our country without the fear of being demonized for making a profit, quickly open our current energy reserves in gas and shale oil and do it in a way to reasonably protect the environment, tell the special interest group to put a lid on their unreasonable and selfish claims. Folks, it is only the Conservative arm of the Republican Party that enough has people who feel this way. The Democratic Party is now totally controlled by the far left. They are Liberals, not Libertarians and if you don't know the difference you should abstain from voting, because an uninformed vote is far worse than no vote.

    Unfortunately, My take of the situation is that 50% of the voting public are in the category of being uninformed, so I feel Obama ill be re=elected.
    That will be the death knell for America, so bury your gold and silver, buy some gums and ammo, get ready to go to your survival shelter because we will be in for a lot of hurt.

    1. you're exactly right -- unf, that is...!

      This country needs people who UNDERSTAND that they'll need to vote for someone who does not promise a Rose Garden and will stop the stolen gifts (entitlements) distributed just to keep the stupid masses quiet. The British voted for David Cameron (and his, unf, somewhat neo-conwervative 'conservative' party), and the British did it even though Cameron had made it quite clear during the entire campaign that many unpopular measures NEED to be taken and will be taken in order to prevent greater harm.

      Here in the U. S., we need to UNDERSTAND the very same thing and have the things done that are necessary: only THEN is this country ready for Ron Paul's consistently reasonable and well-informed policies which may very well be the very last way out.

      The other option is the guns & bunkers scenario mentioned by Doc Massimei -- and that's gonna really SSSUCK. Better vote for some 'austerity measures' and the necessary consolidation now, you have been warned...

    2. 60% of the voting population relies on the government for some type of assistance. As that percentage grows the closer the Democrats will get to full communism.

  7. All the signs are clear that QE3 in various forms are being introduced with the only goal being the re-election of the president. After his election the economy will slide down and provide us with dozens, no, hundreds of profitable short trades' opportunities. Politicians are only interested in being re-elected, nothing else. Don't take them seriously.

  8. get rid of the elected iddiots in Washington. It's a shame they can't be tried for stupidity every one of them should be tried for treason for the way theyare destroying this country.

  9. The Gov's numbers can't be trusted, example the recent increase in new home starts...was equal to what it was in 1922 when we had 1/3 the population. A country that depends on 70% of it's GDP to come from it's citizens spending is not sustainable in a global deflationary depression. This is not a recession it's a 200' financial tsunami. More destructive then anything in this countries history.

  10. After reading all of today's commentaries I see that the observation of chicken little is still valid - "the sky is falling"! The majority
    still seems to believe in this adage. How in the world can we get anything accomplished when human thinking is wrapped in this idea.
    My sugggestion is to begin the repairs at step #1 and progress to step #2,etc. until some improvement appears. And then, the elation of having accomplished something of value will inspire us to greater heights in our pursuits as more and more advancements are made as we move into more successfull results. I know this works as I did it in my own working career.

  11. there are a lot of prophets of doom...have always been..America has still got a lot going for it...we are all looking up to you.

  12. Do you want Big Brother? If so we will end up like Greece.
    Do you want self-reliance. If so retire the present administration and the country will get back on the right track,

  13. We should be doing better but the numbers look better because we are still able to print money instead of earning it. One day, the world will no longer want our printed money and that day will be the beginning of hyper-inflation. Then the collapse will come so this is just a period of calm before the storm.

  14. I am retired (retarded) milintel & Financial Adviser....Do you really want to know what's ahead??? Read "Aftershock". Then buy gold & silver and a few legal
    guns and nonperishable food & medicines. And...oh yes...a prayer stool.

  15. The real problem appears to have eluded most...only the symptoms are being seen by most. The problem: Most of the money (worldwide) has been drained into a few accounts (banks, corporations, funds, personal, etc.) and it will stay there until the governments pull it out (taxes). The world exits within a "consumer" economy and when the consumers have little or no money to grease the economic does not "go round". It stops! The flow of money must be started again in a way that will put it into "productive" jobs. Products and services will put people back to work. High interest rates on credit cards are eating up money that should be going to purchase manufactured items...this is taking money out of circulation as the banks are holing it, not making loans as they should. Corporations are buying each other rather than producing more items for retail shelves because the shelves are filled with unsold items. Unit this stalemate is broken, we will continue to sink deeper into DEPRESION! The the money, where ever it is and renew the economic cycle by putting money into the hands of the CONSUMER!

  16. Most any working economist that hasn't "an axe to grind politically" is bearish on the economy. The true stats about the unemployment is in excess of 16%, foreclosures are at an all time high, defaults on student loans are epidemic and climbing, the baby boomers are not buying up or leaving their jobs, second and third homes are trying to be sold, estimate of another 20-30% drop in national real estate values are on the cusp...what do you think? Even if the GOP are successful in claiming the White House, this current President has already spent the budget for the next term. "WHO ME WORRY, I READ MAD MAGAZINE!"

  17. Well a number of folks have identified the US fiat dollar has being worth less (soon to be worthless) as the Fed creates more worthless dollars monthly. I'm glad someone noticed that money made with something of real value (silver coins) has actually increased in value (i.e. a 1964 dime worth $2.50 in today's funny money). Is it possible that going off a gold backed dollar (thanks Pres. Nixon?) to hide the cost of the Vietnam War (and all other political promises since?) with inflation is the root cause of all these bubbles and busts?

    1. There were booms, bubbles and busts before, during, and after the gold standard. Remember tulips? Perhaps the real problem is with the human psyche. We don't appear to think clearly where money is concerned. In fact psychological testing has determined that the mere presence of money - whether real, fake, or only in the conversation - makes people behave in a selfish and self protective manner. That explains why history is littered with all kinds of financial malfeasance, and also why Congress is continually compelled to create new legislation to safeguard the interests of the public, and why the effort to circumvent any legislation is so strong. When people of all stripes refuse to behave in a super risky and unethical way, we might see progress. Good Luck.

  18. The three choices above re: "What do you think about the condition of the US economy?" are ALL bogus. The economy is doomed! It's not "going back into recession," it's going to completely collapse! We should all prepare for it! Reading the comments from most of the responders to the question renews my faith in the knowledge and foresight of many Americans. Still, most, including The MarketClub, just do not realize how bad it's going to be. Relying on "trends" and historical charts do not apply in this economy. This time is different in all respects. Read your Bible.

    1. I believe that the economy is on its way up. One of the biggest problems we have in the United States is the lack of confidence with the problems we have with the congress. When my children were small and had a disagreement I used to tell them to compromise and work it out. Unlike the Democrats and the Republicans, my children did compromise and worked it out. As long as you have one group going into a discussion with there mind already made up and they won't bend then we will have unfixed problems. President O'bama promised a new government when he came into office. But, now he has both sides mad at him because he has collapsed a few times with the Republicans just to get the bill through. And this caused many people on the left to be very upset. Then when he managed to get through some bills through without the republicans, they were mad. Lets just come together and stop with the hidden agenda's that only hurt's the average American. While the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Please look as the glass is half full.
      Thanks for listening!!!


  20. BK chart shows a weekly down triangle while the three triangle table shows a weekly up triangle...which is it?

  21. We are in a depression. The only reason why it doesn't seem like it is because the Fed and the ECB will print money and create stimulus until the cows come home, especially during an election year. It creates the illusion that everything is good. Once it stops working, all hell will break loose.

  22. Listen, folks. Don't be unnerved by the ups and downs of the nervous Nellies in the stock market. Here's the skinny. It's true, the world economy is going into the tank and at some point, if we keep on spending like crazy beyond our means, we will see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a world of woe. The problem is, no one knows when the guillotine will fall. Before then, the market will do what the market does, so there is still money to be made in its ups and downs. However, I can't see this going on for more than another two to three years, so keep stashing away gold and silver in tiny, trade-able unit size, especially the 90% bags of junk silver (for those of you still novices, see below * for what that is), so you can buy everyday necessities (you're not going to be able to buy a loaf of bread with a one ounce ingot of gold or silver when the monetary bubble burst.)

    Stock traders are in the stock market to make money. Surprise. Since the march to the gallows will take a long time we will continue to trade to make a buck and pay for our daily bread. Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, he had to do what he had to do. However, if you are in it as a long term investment, forget the gambling and think of the long term, again within the next three years, and buy gold and silver which can be had as ETF's, mining stocks or the hard metal but be careful of the numismatic variety.

    * 90% bags of junk silver: Are made up of silver coins (dimes, quarters, half dollars) struck in 1964 or earlier were made of 90% pure silver. After that date they were made of base metal. You can purchase these bags at various "face" denomination, meaning the total amount that is on the face of the coins. As an example, a bag with a face value of $1000 in dimes would be 10,000 dimes minted before 1964 and at today's spot price for silver that would mean that such a bag would cost you a little under $25,000. so, doing the math, each one of those dimes is now worth $2.50.

  23. We may have bottomed out, but this mess caused by B Frank and others is not a recession. It is a DEPRESSION.
    Any time the pendulum is allowed to swing too far hard to solve problems shall follow. Lets elect better prepared citizens who can see into the future and act accordingly.

    1. I agree we need better people in the government. But if you look at the 4 stooges who are running for the GOP I think we have a serious problem. The best debate was when Gingrinch asked Romney why he had stock with Fannie Mae and then Romney said do you realize you also have stock with Fannie Mae? That was priceless as Gingrinch had been silenced for the first time. Then Santoro-oh boy. One lady said her son was in a group where the kids were deathly sick and some of the parents didn't have money for the prescriptions. Santoro's comment was "they shouldn't have bought the I-pad instead of paying for medicine". Do you think a parent would buy something other than medicine for their children? I guess I like Ron Paul to some point. President O'Bama will not be given a chance to do the right thing so we need to move on. And just get rid of the entire congress.
      Thanks for listening.

  24. Afraid to buy anything more expensive than an iPad due to fear of current Administration.

    We make purchases with fear and trembling, never knowing what new regulations and taxes are going to take huge bites out of our budget!!!!!

  25. wow so many negative comments. reminds me of the story of the successful hot dog vendor thinking about buying a second hot dog stand for his son whom upon leaving university with an economics degree couldn't get a job. The son was horrified to hear his father was thinking of investing in an economy which was obviously in recession he convinced his father so well not to buy the second hot dog stand that the father decided to sell his own hot dog stand. Six months later they were both sitting on a bench in the street the father remarked to the son 'you know son you may have been right about the recession look at all these people walking the street looking for a job'!

    1. Nice try, but the analogy is errant. People now-a-days are not going to sell out or quit their jobs like the owner of the hot dog stand in your analogy. They will hold on to it for dear life. They know what a blessing they have just to have work. That dopey son in the story would have done well to accept the job, as anyone in this economy would do. Come to think of it, the analogy is not just errant, it is far out wrong.

  26. I am a fan of Elliott Wave Theory and it is blatantly obvious that the markets are going down. The Bear patterns have been so established since the year 2000 (The end of Grand Super Cycle Wave III) that we are now into a Long Term Bear Market (Grand Super cycle Wave IV). Currently, we are in a Primary Wave 2 correction (up) in the DOW the S&P 500 and NASDAQ but that will not last. We are looking at a catastrophic market collapse that will surpass that of 1929-1933. Beware the Ides of March (or before). Be safe not sorry and liquidate, now because "later" could be too late.

    1. Totally agree. Just finished studying the Elliott Wave and the Grand Super Cycle. We retraced more than 100% of previous down wave which should not happen if all is correct for the Elliott wave theory, but I have heard so much negativity about March 2012. Adam may have spotted what will cause the market to drop - a huge spike in price of oil, but there are so many problems that could effect a large correction.

      1. If the retracement is >100% then the count is wrong. Watch your 'Degrees' of wave counts.

        The current situation with regard to the DJIA is that the Market is in Intermediate Wave 2 (now, as of 11 Feb, probably Intermediate Wave 3) of Primary Wave 3. DOWN!
        And that forms part of CYCLE DEGREE WAVE c, of SUPER CYCLE WAVE (a) of GRAND SUPER CYCLE WAVE IV. The latter started in AD 2000, 12 years ago. Primary Wave 3, as a rule of thumb, is, at least, the range of Primary Wave 1 (7728 points.) Which means the DOW will fall to around 5200 points, 7728 points lower than the Primary Wave 2 current peak of 12924.
        Something really bad is going to happen in the Markets. So my friends, like the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared".

  27. the economy has already showing signs of cracking. the only thing delaying the inevitable is the Fed and other Central Banks engaged in QE. But they's been doing that for the last 3 yrs and the economy hasn't 'turned the corner' to produce a real recovery, though QE has given the illusion of recovery (until it stops). Even with the so-called improved employment reports ... a majority of these are lower paying service jobs. The transfer of good paying jobs and technology via offshoring and outsourcing has screwed the average American. The 1% elites of the world continue to push the 'globalization' propaganda as they profit off of it. And they've bought off most in Congress and Obama and most of the GOP candidates will do their bidding. They question is ... what are WE going to do about it?

    1. O'Bama? I think he is on the correct side. I am sure he isn't squeaky clean, but he can't be as bad as Romney, Gingrinch, and the lost sold Santoro. Maybe Ron Paul is our answer.

      Thank You

  28. Statistics are the easies thing to manipulate. The only general information is provided by government and is immediately suspect. Why aren't the credit agencys and other private organizations rebutting the numbers that a being pumped out almost daily by the government so the citizens know the real situation. The ecomomy will crash and it will drive many borderline cases over the brink.

  29. I believe the economy is being artificially inflated by pumping borrowed money into the market to keep it up for this election cycle by White House.
    When we run out of printing ink and ability to borrow, it will come crashing down.

  30. Some 30 years ago plus, the credit market was open 'full throttle' for the baby boom generation. This large bubble of people, buyers, investors, combined with easy credit created the bubble in the Stock Market, market, housing market, mortgage market, bond market, medical services market, revenue in to the govermeent from social security, etc., and each of these bubbles collapsed/will collapse, when these markets get overvalued and no larger group bvuyers/investors is available to buy from this generation at these overvalued, easy credit inflated prices. Easy credit has only delayed and compounded our economic issuses. Government policy was the problem and still is the problem.

  31. The question is too narrow, and simplistic.

    "Feelings" about things are infamously wrong, clouded and besmirched by any number of personal biases and mostly not to be trusted until verified with some serious "thinking" AFTER conducting more than cursory research, digging, digging to get at the reality of the economy.

    That research and investigation is impossible for the average person, and only insiders into the machinations of those who control our lives will have any where near the right 'feelings' about the economy.

    That said, I don't really know HOW I feel about it. And those who 'think' they 'feel' right, that their intuition is an accurate reflection of the reality of the economy are likely 1) kidding themselves, 2) politicians who have something top gain or lose by how they portray their feelings about it, or 3)ignorant.

    The economy is like an iceberg: Most of what underpins it, is invisible.

    1. You are correct. This is just a simple question looking for a simple answer. It's not even a brain teaser.

  32. The Keystone pipeline would strengthen the economy, provide jobs, provide about a million barrels of oil per day so we would not need the middle east oil and perhaps could avoid getting dragged into wars there. It would also make our good neighbor to the north happy. So our current government is dead set against it.

    1. The Keystone issue came up as we get close to elections. The Republicans wanted our government to act immediately. I agree we have to do this, but this would negatively effect so many people that would be right in the track. We also need to be careful not to ruin our land and act responsively. This is definitely something that we have to do, but try if possible to keep it out of politics if the right will let this happen.

  33. It is well documented that the liberal democrats created the sub-prime meltdown by easing requirements for mortgages so everyone could experience home ownership in America. This was started by Clinton back in 1999 when he pressured Freddie and Fannie and Barney Franks to allow applicants with poor credit, weak employment history and low income to obtain mortgages. Now, Obama is blaming Wall Street and banks for causing the meltdown. Government mandated making loans to low income groups and minorities or face fines and prison. Our country is in big trouble and has probably passed the point of no return. Obama wants to create a Marxist socialist country and destroy capitalism and free enterprise. It is hard to justify owning equities when Obama is our president.

    1. Mike, it is so refreshing to know that someone else realizes where all of our problems started and where our country is going or has arrived. No one has mentioned Soros as a culprit in our problems. He loves to bring down the currency of a country. Makes him happy as he has said.

      1. I believe that the number one problem would be FOX and MSNBC news stations. I hope down deep inside you realize that both sides had there hands in creating this problem. I didn't see you mention the poor policies of President Bush and the rich people that have made millions of dollars. You can see how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The fix is to look ahead and don't let this happen again. We need to get rid of people like Karl Rove and Barnie Frank. There is no way one side didn't cause as many problems as the other. We need to work together. When you have someone like Grover Norquist making congressmen sign a form before they even go into meeting to try and compromise. How do people expect to solve any problems. And even though President O'Bama hasn't had a good presidency we need to give him a chance. The 4 stooges of the GOP. I guess I mean 3. I am probably going to vote for Ron Paul if I get the chance. You know he isn't about saving his job, or getting rich. He is about the country.
        Thanks for listening

    2. the poor helpless banks were forced by the big bad gummint to loan money to exorbitant very profitable rates...out of "boiler rooms" set up for the purpose...and then bundle the loans and sell the CDOs to gullible investors...and lose the paper trail...and write huge credit-default swaps on them...and when the house of cards came down in 2008, they were forced to take the bailouts and walk away with billions from the Fed...and the poor helpless banks were the victims and it was all the fault of...the Democrats? Do I have this right?

  34. That was quite the tirade by Len, above. The reference to "you Americans" is a bit hypocritical since most of the developed countries are and have been, for some time, living beyond their means - including we Canadians.
    On the other hand, America does seem to have a governance problem. To an outsider it appears that many members of Congress have been unduly influenced by the money thrown at them by vested interests like the TBTF banks and corporations. Dylan Ratigan is on the right track with his "Get the Money Out" campaign.
    We have strict spending limits on elections in Canada which helps, although some of our politicians also tend to focus on getting re-elected rather than doing the right thing if it is unpopular. Cudos to our current Conservative Gov't. for getting ahead of the curve by taking steps to ensure that our Old Age Security system remains viable by announcing that they will move ahead with legislation including raising the retirement age for OAS to 67.

  35. Optimism falsely created ! The job numbers are not factual ! After a person's unemployment completely runs out, they fall off of the statistics - We are daily losing a bigger figure ! Many have taken menial jobs or completely stopped looking and none of this is shown in the unemployment rate ---In actuality, "Unemployment is well over 15% "
    It is unfair to broadcast figures as propaganda covering the real truth ------------

    1. You are right. Just remember if religion is the opiate of the masses as suggested by Lenin. Propaganda IS THE opiate of the Tyrantical Statist.

    2. keith, they unemployment numbers are not factual in another way; When the government promotes green technology through financial incentives that create jobs, as those incentives disappear, so do the jobs. When the government creates programs to improve infrastructure through grants or legislation, when those funds run out, so do the jobs.

      Unsustainable is thy name when government spending is the source.

  36. the debt issue not going away. either us govt defaults or keeps printing money either way we will have to pay back. and moderator please on this blog if you want comments.

  37. Improving??? I think not. Eventually taxes have to go up to pay back all the money printing. This recovery is far from real. It's hard for anyone to guess when it will turn, but I like many suspect one day it will. How many more times will the fed print money? I am on the side that gold will go parabolic before a deep correction along with stocks and commodities.

  38. you Americans are a disgrace to humanity ...your military and police personal have sold out...cowards prepared to shot their mothers and children ...the moneys no good get a grip on yourself ..the money system is criminal YOU just sit there and profit from it ...sell forex is there anything real in your life or is greed and futile pursute of MORE all there is......NO the whole thing is going down and all the money in the world will not protect you and you don't deserve to live when morally you support the GAME.....Millions maybe Billions will starve to death in world of abundance because the highly evolved monkeys have no feelings ..but life is full of twists....yes I am sick to death of the whole carrot and stick's think you can live in a hole in the ground

    1. Try preaching that to the Iranians and Samolians and a few other tyrantical countries and see how long you get away with it, let a long living!!

    2. Please refrain for paint all Americans as corrupt greedy snobs. I am one of them, and am powerless till the next election to get rid of the inept trash that is ruining our country. Even then I will need 51% of the voters nationwide to vote with me.

      Thank you

      1. I am just glad we got rid of Bush and his cronies. President O'Bama could do a lot better, but he is way better that the hold Bush put us in. Please lets all open our eyes

    3. Len, I feel very badly for you. You appear to be bitter and unhappy and feel that it is America's fault. Take responsibility for yourself. Get an education. Many citizens of the United States started with nothing and became successful through honest hard work. This country gives more in charity than any other nation in the world. Your mind has been corrupted by propaganda. Take another look at the true Americans who care about their neighbors, their nation, their freedoms, all the blessings our blessed God has given us.

  39. Let´s think about a new world, with less speculation and more work. Let´s reduce taxes, spend less money on luxury and increase savings to improve economy. Let´s use small and economic cars, let´s share wealth care and reduce public deficit. No more wars and let´s reduce military budget and improve new industries. Let´s open our economy to products from emerging countries and sell more technology and know how. Let´s think about it.

    1. Do you think no more wars, will bring more or less attacks like 911 and Pearl Harbor? Not much of a history buff are you?

  40. This is a serious question for me. I am a fundamentalist and in banking for 25 years. I see doomsday happening from second qtr this year to sometime next year. In my opinion it is inveitable. My goal is to accumulate as much wealth and cash as I can before the depression happens. Also have all my debts paid off. This way I will be good if/if not financial doomsday comes. May God bless everyone. 🙂 P S follow the triangles.

  41. The Fed is printing money at the rate of $110bn a month. Effectively, it is devaluing the Dollar. I guess that provides some short term economic stimulus but at the cost of inflation, and long term debt interest. Ultimately, the USA, like most of Western Europe, is living way above its means. There will come a day of reckoning, and another, and another, until either these societies get their work act together, or else they fade intThe problem is, the electorate don't want to hear this, so the politicians are under constant electoral pressure to provide the easy options. The problems can be delayed for some future administration to worry about.

  42. The US economy is very vulnerable. With a dept ratio of 100% to GDP, when things get better in Europe, borrowing interest rates for the US government will rise and we are going to see trouble.

    1. Pablo, how are things going to get better in Europe with unemployment at record levels? How does the governments of the various countries continue to pay for things when less are working to pay for it? The ECB, just like the Fed, can only prop things up for so long. Same goes for the IMF in the Eurozone's case.

      I see more rioting in the streets ahead because Euro unions won't want to give up anything. Of course here in the U.S., it's just an illusion as well.

      Reminds me of a Styx song:

      America spells competition
      Join us in our blind ambition
      Get yourself a brand new motorcar
      Someday soon we'll stop to ponder
      What on earth's this spell we're under
      We made the grade and still we wonder
      Who the hell we are

  43. The economy is propped up by Fed action via the various forms of QE, and bank shenanigans (not marking to market their assets). It's propped up by government spending for jobs in the green and infrastructure areas. When the QE and govt. jobs programs (all payed for by taxpayers) ends, it's game over. How long can Obama keep the markets propped up to get re-elected is the only unknown. He only has to ask the Fed to do another round of QE (by whatever name they call it). 2013, no matter who is President, we'll all be singing the Chicago blues.

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