My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

When i watched this commercial just after half time, Yes, the game is still on, I instantly knew that it was my favorite commercial of Super Bowl 46. Very inspirational, great writing and of course the very believable Clint Eastwood.

Let me know What do you think?

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25 thoughts on “My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

  1. The commercial is no longer available because the nasty NFL won't allow it to be shown here, or so the message says. Is Chrysler still in business? Loved the DeSoto.

  2. Five or ten years of high quality cars that get really good gas mileage and don't break down will convince me to buy a Ford , not some feel good commercial.

  3. I thought the significant votes we the percentage who indicated that they didn't watch the super bowl. A big chunk of American society could care less about the super bowl or the ads!

  4. The comments left here of those that cannot understand true... patriotic American values, endorse and support a losing of a once great republic. It is most unfortunate that the spirit of this particular commercial is abundant with what.. it.. is to be an American. For this reason, and this one alone I'm afraid that the greatness of our foundation is crumbling, the few who are trying to hold up the inferior will eventually fall from the weight, and those with negative consolation and negative remarks about the problems will only drag down what was once a great country. Negativity solves notta, action gives credence and honor for the downtrodden. Chrysler was a byproduct of banking and Wall Street greed, although they could of been a little more solvent with their finances, we can't hardly put blame where it doesn't belong...

    Perhaps we should look at those who post things like Alan did here: "NY Giants Rock and for the American halftime – Obama 2012!!!" This is something to be concerned with!!

  5. Good actor and good theme but America will never come back from all of its debt! Thanks to Clinton, Bush and Fraud Obama for all of this debt and message was untrue and false. Ford is the only stock i would invest in the stock market.

  6. This is so very wrong! Detroit hasn't shown anyone how to do anything except take handouts from Washington. Yeah, I know. It was a feel good statement. But it didn't make my day!

  7. America is in the final 2 minutes, and if we don't turn this country around, away from the failed socialist policies of the last 3 years, we are destined for a country we won't even recognize. We cannot keep taking from the producers and giving to the takers. Has never worked, and never will.

  8. You should view this commercial with the understanding that the One company that didn't accept a government bailout is the one that is doing better than all the rest.

  9. Good commercial, but it was more "hope" than reality. The reality of our dire situation with debt is just inescapable long term, "hope" doesn't solve it. Coming together? Would be great, but politics has become more and more polarized over time... there doesn't seem to be any room for compromise anymore.

  10. It is not American exeptionalism. We as Americans have always stuck it out and made it to a better place That's what this country's foundation is. God Bless America! And go Clint and Go Giants! As an election year this will as history shows be a good year for stocks ARe you ready? I sure am trying my bset to be, because I am an American! Born and raised. My grandparents came from Italy and on the other side from Germany and Ireland They knew what this country was about and so do i... do you? Look again, there may be corruption in this country but there are also good guys trying to get it right don;t knock a good message that comes from the heart... nough said.

  11. So the message is that car manufacturing will save us?? Please. Just more feel good "American Exceptionalism" mythology.

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