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Social media is big so everyone tells us , but would you buy or sell Facebook? The one caveat is, you have to hold the stock for 6 months.

Would you buy or sell Facebook?

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21 thoughts on “Would you buy or sell Facebook? Vote

  1. I wouldnt buy facebook, cause the price is already overrated, its just too expensive for now. id wait till the facebook bubble crushes and then id consider buying it, right now, never. This is the principle behind Warren Buffets fortunes.

  2. Remind that old yahoo messanger and orkoot time, the same history will repit and facebook will be also evoparted from peoples mind

  3. I agree with most of the comments above... and there need to be more possible responses... and how the hell are you going to sell it if you haven't bought it yet...

  4. I thought you all would know by now not to prophesize anything. The market will do what it wants to do, not what you think will happen. Remember, the markets Can Remain Illogical Far Longer Than You or I Can Remain Solvent.
    Wait and follow the signs given by the Market, only then will we all know the true direction.

    1. agreed....what a waste of time to have these types of discussions, especially initiated by MarketClub. It sends a confusing message as to what to look for.

      Nothing to see here. Move along.....

  5. I think it is an hyped up IPO. Whilst in the long run, the stock may do well, I think in the short term there will be downward pressure. SO, for a 6 month timeframe, I will Sell.

  6. drhotdog,
    re your comments about FB, is right on course... i believe that is biblical prophesy... is facebook THE BEAST? referred to in the bible? those of us who read the bible, know that their will be a time, ( happening now?) where the government will know every detail about every person on earth. and our computers will help them do that....esp FB, and other similiar companies.

  7. No facebook for me, however very much into facebook enterprise social networking partner, BroadVision, which is looking good. BVSN looked like it had a good future until some market maven naked shorted 10,000 shares and can't cover since it is blazing up so hints the SEC. Gave me a good opportunity to buy more when it settled back and is again flying higher. Might be some lessons learned here for a Wednesday evening Market Club review. Stay away unless you have a strong stomach and tight trailing stops.

  8. it is going to reach astronomically excessive valuations immediately. i might watch for a chance to short.

  9. buy then lock in profits when i can 🙂
    US and European markets just started to recover as seen in the individual stocks, IPO will definitely on play as well.

  10. Facebook is a CIA front company. Its a database designed to obtain information on the younger generation .Why spy when they will give it you free. Further the kids and other fools are happy to provide a picture of their face so that a digital point map database on everyone can be created. Anyone who has a Facebook account is a fool.

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