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6 thoughts on “Do you have questions?

  1. Well Sarah and Jim, look at it this way: It “LOOKS” terrible for gold at this time (again!).. The END of the bull market? Perhaps. We are PERMANENT bullion holders (like in “…till death does part…”). Are we worried? NOT A CHANCE! But you see, we are OLD FOOLS and do not know any better. I seriously doubt The FED would sell its gold. With the kind of paper currency debasement it has adopted, gold will be its ONLY salvation left.

    Now, the PROBLEM with gold is NOT gold, it’s MENTALITY. i.e. ”Bernanky says” yesterday. Gold does NOT care about those things. It knows it is FOOLISH people floundering. Gold knows very well where it belongs. It knows very well its place of GLOBAL value relative to the debased paper currencies of the world. PEOPLE, by contrast, DO NOT! So, they spike it up and they spike down relative to its ABSOLUTE VALUE. Sooner or later though, it adjusts itself to the MEAN, which ALWAYS increases, as my simpleton chart shows me for my life time line. It only has TWO points: YEAR 1927, $20.36 and YEAR 2012, $1647.31.(Now, today). So, let them do whatever, IT DOES NOT MATTER!

  2. It seems to be 'the old boys network' still think oil will last forever! fossil fuel can only last as far as the inhabitants of earth B-4. The cataclysmic event that killed them. Why aren't people looking at lithiun along with the other "chemicals needed to run electric batterrys, wind and solar power. SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL

  3. Swiss National Bank Gold reserves babysitted by the FED

    Well, this is one of the last remaining "bank-secrets" so secret that even transparency loving Swiss democrats renounced on knowing really about it since WW2. As a gnome of Zürich once wispered in my ear in the 60es "we have 1/3 of our gold over there,fallali fallala" I am not sure about the tons because gnomes are very discret and never speak about tons. All I guess is, that after the crazy sales of some 50 % of today's remaining stock, reducing our stock to some 1050 tons, it must be something like 50 % of todays stock at least.

    Some group claiming to represent "The Swiss people" conducted by a partyleader and billionaire (who by the way happened to orchestrate somehow the fall of the National Banks president lately) announced an iniciative to forbid further gold selling by the National Bank and repatriation of Swiss goldreserves abroad. Because Switzerland does not know a Federal Law Iniciative, this will go right into the constitution. So most probably the Swiss voters will have to decide within one or two years about that. And, by the way, we have excellent tungsten detectors over here....
    fallali fallala

  4. If the price of oil is to go north, how is it going to bypass Europe and China slowing down. The dollar is going up and supply inventories are at a high. The U.S. demand is at the lowest in a decade. So the price is basically riding on the hopes of Retails and Iranian threat?

  5. gold silver and oil seem to be the right choices in this volunerable economic and turbulant political climate...the trio seem the best play long term for investing and trade around long term with short term and intermediate term ideas to swap...such as gdx, gdxj, nugt, gld, phys, iau and dgb, sil,pslv, ssri, sivr, agq,dbs, and uso, dbo, oas, petd, oil...any comments?alos if something is at +100 I am thinking that is a sgnal that is it tiem to pair back or take profit....gld and silver are the exmple...Thanks!!

  6. What's the story on the squelched story of Switzerland wanting it's gold back from the NY Fed. As I understand it, the Fed, which has been babysitting it since WW2 and the Cold War is refusing to even let them see it and inventory it, and it hasn't been seen by anyone for a while. - Germany also. If the Fed did sell it, what will happen to the price of gold?

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