Friday Poll: Realtime MarketClub Equities?

We are continually looking for ways to improve MarketClub and wanted to ask....

Would you pay for an equity real-time service?

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25 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Realtime MarketClub Equities?

  1. Yes, I like the real time trading, it me to understand what the stock is doing and I can have the option to pull out if I need to. Please do not take this away. I also would like to see MarketClub add the Trade Triangles of Monthly, Weekly, and Daily in the Data Central tab. This would be for the existing stocks that I have choosen to look at. The Trend is your friend!

  2. Not Likely since I do not sit in front of the computer watching prices, If I do, it is with my brokerage account. I agree with several other comments referring to real time equities already "promised" by Adam without mention of cost, fix the alerts- if they are not right, then realtime prices will just hoed flawed triggers, Refining the accuracy /timing would be nice.

  3. The trade triangles do a great job identifying the trend the way they are.Combined with technical analasys they're a wining combination

  4. Real time prices would be great; we’ll get all of the alerts in real time instead of a delayed alert. I also agree with Bob Boucher on having the trend lines stick without having to redraw them every time and fixing the long lasting lingering Fibbanacci line problem.

    If all three can be done meaning, not having to redraw trend lines, fix Fibbanacci line problem & real time prices. Then yea if it cost you guys more to give us the real time prices, I’ll pay more of it!

  5. I am new to The Market Club so I'm not sure if I am doing alerts correctly. There are several problems I am having.
    1) Alerts should be on The market club site with some sort of bell to alert you.
    2) Alerts should tell me when to get out of a trade (+/- weekly triangle)
    3) It would be very helpfull if along with the alerts we could put addition filters in. (ex. 200 day & 50 day going up, double bottom or top, stock volume ect.) I know one can see if they go to each stock but it is very time consuming.

    Don't get me wrong I like the system but I find it hard to work with. Tx Jim

  6. Real time on stocks would be of little value to me as they are not great short time frame trading vehicles anyway. Real time futures would be of interest for sure. I hardly ever use the membership java charting because it is soooo slooooow... (but great job on the interface!) 99.9% of the time I use the free portfolio interface for quick checking futures, bonds, and stock prices because I can be in and out in 10 seconds. PLEASE add an easy way to shift items up and down in the free portfolio list. Row by row shifting from bottom to top is a real drag every few months for arranging futures contracts! (Or just add new items at the top of the list rather than the bottom)


  7. It would be very helpful if the trade triangles could be screened byy volume and price. This might also alleviate the problem of not listing all the triangles that are produced.

  8. First improve your new triangle search so it doesn't miss any. Now it is worse than useless because it misleads by not catching all of the new triangles but saying that it does.

    1. Wes,

      Currently we scan over 280k symbols for new Trade Triangles and we need to filter them down to a manageable sized list for our members to scan. Below is our criteria for doing so.

      If stock XYZ has not been scanned by a member, issued as a portfolio alert, or has fallen off of member interest, it will be dropped from the list.

      If you do a scan for a monthly “Trade Triangles” today, you’ll see symbols where a monthly triggered on today’s date. This symbol will also show up on all longer term scanning time frames as well (i.e. past three days, past week, past month).

      If we search today for new triggers, it will only show the “Trade Triangles” triggered on 3-16-12, but the other scans will still show today’s batch plus the older ones from previous days.

      Once a “Trade Triangle” is issued, it will stay on the list until it gets past the 30 days, at which point it will get dropped off the list.

      With that being said, the list will drop off symbols if they are not scanned by a MarketClub member within a reasonable time frame.

      If stock XYZ has not been scanned by a member, issued as a portfolio alert, or has fallen off of member interest, it will be dropped from the list.

      Hope this sheds a little light on the subject of the recent “Trade Triangle” list.


  9. Real time should be a feature included in the basic price that I already pay as a member. What would greatly improve the service is to have the trend lines stick without having to redraw them every time and fix the long lasting lingering Fibbanacci line problem

    1. Bob,

      We do have a fix in for the Fibonacci problem and will be releasing it soon. As for the Trendlines, we have sent this in as a request to our development team for future consideration.


  10. It would be helpfull to just synchronize the smart scan chart analysis score with the score shown on the chart.I have written about this before but never get a reply.

  11. I remember Adam saying realtime quotes were coming almost a year ago. It sounded like it was going to be part of the regular membership.

  12. When a weekly trade triangle triggers that tells me to get out of a position I would really like to be notified in real time. It could save me enough to make paying for the service worthwhile.

  13. Need quicker charts, like tc2000--just type in symbol and chart "pops" up. One could fall asleep waiting for charts. Also need trendlines to stick instead of having to redraw everytime.

  14. You would need tiered pricing because your "slower" traders would not want to subsidize those who would use the faster data.

  15. Don't bother with real-time data, fix the alerts first!!! Sifting through hundreds of emails looking for new trade triangles in my portfolio is a much larger inconvenience than not having real-time data.

    1. Wndmill22,

      We are presently working on an upgrade for Smart Scan that is going to include a change to our alerts system. Stay tuned!


  16. If you could emulate eSignal's realtime service free or significantly cheaper, that would attract HUGE numbers of traders! Dan Zanger insists that recommended stocks should only be bought when massive volume occurs. ( Above the average volume over the previous 30 days ). If you can provide a quotescreen like eSignal's displaying realtime steaming prices and the daily average volume pertaining to each stock and next to it the current realtime streaming volume, it means that you know WHEN to buy on the huge breakout. This is the method with the greatest success record. Dan recommends $1 to $2 stops, so false breakouts are "whacked" early. Annoying, but loss recovery is a whole lot easier, of course!

  17. I have been a Market Club member for a number of years. I trade futures as opposed to equities and already subscribe to a real-time charting service. I might be interested in real-time futures charts from Market Club if they had the same features as my present charts and where competitively priced.

  18. my brokers supply real time data, so there's no need for a financial publisher to duplicate.

  19. Adam, there is one reply that did not get included in your poll...namely, it would depend on the price.

  20. I have been a market club member for a little over a year now. Moving to a real time connect basis would be by far the biggest improvement ever. I also believe it to be a good business move. This one change has the potential to attract a significant amount of new subscribers and it would be positive hit to earnings.

    Looking forward to the actual reality of this occurring.

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