How are you spending the holiday weekend?

The Easter holiday weekend is upon us and my schedule is busy with chores, sports and family. Schools here in Maryland are wrapping up spring break and soon my family will be back to the non stop grind of work, school and practices. It's nice to have a holiday weekend to try and relax (as much as we can). With that I wanted to ask our readers...

What are you going to do this holiday weekend?

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As always I would love to hear your plans so leave a comment below.

Have a safe and hoppy Easter weekend,


16 thoughts on “How are you spending the holiday weekend?

  1. For a city full of atmosphere, culture, living heritage and a reputation for a good time, you could do a lot worse than spending a weekend discovering Liverpool. After winning 2008's Capital City of Culture award, Liverpool has re-emerged on Britain's cultural map as a buzzing city to explore, with history around every corner and exciting new developments taking pride of place along the Mersey. Although always popular for stag and hen parties, and of course football, the modern Liverpool is a superb all-round family city break, with many attractions to experience.

  2. yep, it's saturday already.when am done with market review i will call some friend to let go and play game of soccer as usual.and i will stick around till holiday is over and everybody part to their various way.happy easther!

  3. Some of our kids and grandkids invading the homestead. Celebrating the resurrection!

  4. watch the Master's. play some poker, review charts for signs of trend reversals. Just learned about Haramis. I noted several at first glance on 4/3 in SPY, TBT, THC-bearish ones, and USO (bullish). I plan a more extensive review prior to Monday.

  5. My 12 year old still believes in "The Bunny". I'll be coloring eggs (or at likely cleaning up the mess) and hiding baskets.

  6. I am going to a wonderful Hippie Dance and campout in the forest next to a creek in a canyon on the Reservation. I will be there with my family and dear friends. We will laugh and dance and celebrate life and love and nature and even a little nonsense. There will be magic tricks and jugglers and nice healthy food. Positively invigorating! We will then leave this place likely cleaner than we found it. That is what we do. Blessings to all this weekend.

    Good luck to all next week. Looks like some interesting opportunities. Trade responsibly. Peace

  7. Spending weekend with the precious kids we have, and getting ready for sumer. Cleaning, planting new flowers , opening the pool e polishing the barbecue griller.... enjoy yours folks.

  8. Prepare 2011 Taxes. Last weekend to get these to my CPA just in case we wind up getting a refund.

  9. What? No silly video with bunny ears and cotton tails? I think I'll go and hunt WABBITS!

  10. Why is there no question of celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord? You cannot get out of a depression or repression without Him.

  11. I work in the oilfield. We can't leave you poor folks shivering in the dark, now can we? There are no holidays when it comes to supplying the world with energy. There isn't a holiday that I have not worked on- especially Christmas!

  12. Working down under in Australia. Great place to be. Easter a day earlier.
    People here are wonderful. I am really enjoying it. Been here since 24th of Feb. Going home to Phoenix next week

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