Weekend Video Update: Not a good week for the Bulls

Hello fellow MarketClub members everywhere, Adam Hewison here co-founder of MarketClub with your weekend update for the trading week ending on 4/13/12.

Weekly Changes

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Video Update: Not a good week for the Bulls

  1. Is it just me but the weekend update made no sense, the charts and commentary did not match.

  2. Adam
    Can you also look at the FTSE100 index or is that not available in market club ?

  3. Hi , The Euro seems to have a date with destiny instore; What ETF would you suggest for the Euro on the downside?
    Thanks for the Videos Adam, without them, I would have freeked out and sold my oil drillers due to the pullback, and some recient articals predicting a big correction in oil.

  4. It's interesting... a stock trader's perspective... let me explain.

    I was watching a few stocks on Friday (I had a little extra time) and was impressed by how well a few of mine were doing... YUM up 2.81%, MNST up 2.68%, SBUX up 1.73% among others. I checked in on them a few times during the day... and watched my profits grow... as they had done most of the week.

    At the end of the day, I looked in on the market... and found that they were actually down significantly. Yet so many of my positions were up... which reminded me.... of perspective. While we can't predict the markets, I've found that I can be prepared for them and investing in solid stocks with increasing revenues helps weather most financial / market storms.

    Imagine how well they will do if the markets run up for a week!

    1. You are using extrapolation on your stocks and that will be your hurt. Even in bear market, there is a 10% chance that your stocks can move up. This is why earnings do not power stocks, it is a myth the financial pundits and analysts want you to believe. Just look at the SP500 earning during the 1973-1978 period when earnings in the SP500 were up but the stocks were tanking. Don't believe me just look at a chart of that period and look at most of the SP500 stocks during that period. And finally, Google just report good earning, why did it tank the next day after reporting? Stock market moves in ebb and flow like waves, never go up forever and never goes down forever, that is why there are oversold and overbought conditions.

  5. Spain stock market just hit a 52 week low, and broke below a flag it has been in for a year. Get your crash helmets on.

  6. I guess the market is entering risk off mode, and if that's the case, then I'd suggest to long the following 3 items: UUP, TLT, and VIX.

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