Daily Video Update: JPMorgan loss slams bank stocks

Hello traders everywhere! Jeremy Lutz here with your mid-day market update for Friday, the 11th of May.

While Adam is away we will be providing the daily update in written form each day, with videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

Post and prosper with other MarketClub members everyday.

2 Stocks on the move: DIS (Walt Disney), PGN (Progress Energy).


Percentage changes in stocks are relative to the S&P 500

CONSUMER GOODS: +0.54% Top Stock GT +3.76%
SERVICES: +0.69% Top Stock BBBY +4.07%
HEALTHCARE: +0.66% Top Stock VVUS +5.53%
ENERGY: +0.43% Top Stock SM +2.69%
TECHNOLOGY: +1.06% Top Stock NVDA +7.83%
FINANCIAL: +0.27% Top Stock FRC +2.09%
INDUSTRIAL GOODS: +0.91% Top Stock MDR +13.34%
BASIC MATERIALS: +0.47% Top Stock VHI +6.06%
UTILITIES: +0.4% Top Stock DGAS +3.45%

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4 thoughts on “Daily Video Update: JPMorgan loss slams bank stocks

  1. Now JP will have to unravel their silver shorts as they are basically bankrupt. Or perhaps not if the Fed keeps swapping their BS assets, not marked to market, for eroding but real money. If the shorts are unraveled, silver will rise from its "government" regulated price to true market value. But I do not expect financial reality any time soon. The "inherited" economy from Dodd Frank's housing legislation will result in continued government intervention with strong creeping inflation. All JMO

  2. I always have the same problem as Bob, which is never fixed. Do people actually expect you to sign in every time you want to view a video (which is ridiculous) -- or is there a tech problem that no one ever fixes? I agree with Bob on this one.

  3. My user name or E-mail is never recognised, so I always have to log in like a new one, I am tired of this , next week, i think I cancel my newsletter - to complicated - sorry - Bob.

  4. amazing no one but idiots like me, who know nothing of the markets really, saw this coming. time i say to take responsibility for our own governance. we can randomly choose to replace all elective, appointive, political civil service positions by choosing registered voter citizens to sit for two (2) years max with no recurrent, concurrent placement-keeping salaries, benefits in place- in all local, regional state, federal positions.

    let's see how that affects the free market and our own wellbeing.

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