Daily Video Update: US stocks chase European indexes lower

Hello traders everywhere! Jeremy Lutz here with your mid-day market update for Wednesday, the 9th of May.

While Adam is away we will be providing the daily update in written form each day, with videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week.

Post and prosper with other MarketClub members everyday.

3 Stocks on the move: DIS (Walt Disney) XL (XL Group) DF (Dean Foods)


Percentage changes in stocks are relative to the S&P 500

CONSUMER GOODS: -0.14% Top Stock DF +10.41%
SERVICES: -0.40% Top Stock DIS +2.98%
HEALTHCARE: -1.04% Top Stock MRX +4.41%
ENERGY: -0.70% Top Stock SWN +4.19%
TECHNOLOGY: -1.46% Top Stock FTR +5.36%
FINANCIAL: -0.69% Top Stock IEP +2.93%
INDUSTRIAL GOODS: -0.76% Top Stock DHI +2.07%
BASIC MATERIALS: -0.78% Top Stock NEM +4.47%
UTILITIES: -0.41% Top Stock ORA +8.87%

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2 thoughts on “Daily Video Update: US stocks chase European indexes lower

  1. Great post GROVEBABY. Market club advised to stay short from S&P 1074 all the way up to 1292, then go long.
    At best Market Club is a rear view mirror.
    Glad I watched the free videos to see that this "system" is not worth the price of admission.

  2. So the huge energy field that was crude oil is gone? That was fast. Gonna be hard to get my subscription money back now. This dosen't really work that well does it. The triangles at best are too late, let alone just plain wrong. Good week for Adam to be away, he was pushing the hell out of this.

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