Poll: What do you think Bernanke is going to do on Wednesday?

The Federal Reserve is meeting this week at a time of high alert over the slumping U.S. economy, the aftermath of the Greek elections and the shaky financial markets.

Whether that means it will announce any new action when its two-day meeting ends Wednesday isn't certain. But many analysts think the struggles of the U.S. economy and the threats from Europe will compel the Fed to say or unveil something to try to boost confidence.

What do you think the Bernanke is going to do on Wednesday

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2 thoughts on “Poll: What do you think Bernanke is going to do on Wednesday?

  1. One thing he won't have to do is lower interest rates, they go down by them selves.
    QE whatever is about an even chance.
    QE W (I made that up) for the EU is a haunting thought. but anything is possible with Ben (Wrong) and Geithner.
    Borrowing to break even rarely works.

  2. Add capital to banks; by attracting deposits through some interest payments.; raise wages 10%, it inflates products once at 3%, it will add capital to banks, reduces demand for credit and if banks refrain from providing more credit on the added capital it should all contribute to a better situation for banks, consumers, government and the gdp.

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