The Power of MarketClub's New Trade Triangle Scan

In this video Adam shows you how to find winning trades even when the market is down. How does he do that? With our new Trade Triangle Scan of course.

We hope that you find this video informative.

Watch video here: The Power of MarketClub's New Trade Triangle Scan

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11 thoughts on “The Power of MarketClub's New Trade Triangle Scan

  1. Enjoyed the video and am considering returning to the Market Club fold. However, I almost turned off the video when you went political, blaming Obama for our current difficulties, ignoring the role of congress.

  2. Dear adam
    it is a new trend in trade triangles.congratulations.pleade send me by mail the 3 programs that turn ipad into a normal computer.thanks

  3. Nice to see you back Adam. Thanks for everything you guys do. Keep up the good work and especially the daily videos! While the Trade Triangle technology is important, I hate to feel like I'm alone when I trade! The daily videos help me stay motivated and focused, especially if I'm having a tough time with my trades.

  4. @Daniel Auclair:
    Market Club can also scan Canadian Stocks... You can see it in the video, when Adam uses the drop-down list.
    Tu peux aussi choisir seulement les titres canadiens. Adam le montre dans le video.
    Je ne suis pas membre de Market Club...

  5. After watching your video and your new Trade Triangle scan, I was wondering about the choice of Adam to pick FAZ according to the **Monthly** triangle. Isn't it dangerous to pick a 3x Bear share in the kind of market we have right now?
    That one (FAZ) can turn on a dime, in a matter of hours (if not seconds!) From what I learned with Market Club, you buy on Monthly signals, and sell on weekly signal.

    My concern is that If a trader has to wait for the weekly sell signal to make money, he could be in for a real surprise... of loosing money... simply because a 3x share isn't meant for more than a few days at a time!

    Please, could you explain that kind of strategy?

  6. All I trade is Canadian stocks.
    Hopefully we will get this scan for individual countries too.

  7. I have used Metastock for a long time now and I own it ( not paying monthly). But my real question is as a Canadian I trade mostly in Canadian equities. Do you only cover US equities?

  8. Market club just keeps getting better & better! Awesome work with the new triangle scan system.

    1. I thought I owned the best stocks already - they are all in the penny range now!!!!

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