Meet one of our great staff

One of the real joys of working at is having a staff who are really incredible. I mean, not just from a business standpoint, but also from a community standpoint. Today I want to give kudos to Melissa.

Melissa has been with our company for 8 years, and is head of customer service and sales for our premium product MarketClub.

This past weekend, Melissa participated in a charity "5K Obstacle Mud Factor Run" to raise money for HHK - Helping Hero Kids Foundation.

Congratulations Melissa, on doing great work for our company and for our community!

Adam Hewison
President of and Co-founder of

6 thoughts on “Meet one of our great staff

  1. Go Melissa! Awe your proud moma send this to me... We have known you since we were a little girl... and look you are as sweet as ever...Good for you- we are proud of you too.......woo-hoo... From the Mullen's.....

    1. Wow! Huba huba huba..... Ingenuity of charity could only strengthen the delicate fabric of humanity.

      1. "Huba, Huba, Huba,"
        You must be the "Ancient Mariner" to use that phraseology, J.J.

        I am MUCH too young to know what that means!

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