Alex Daley: The Greatest Growth Sector in the World

Genome sequencing has gone from a cost of $3 billion to $10,000 – within just nine years, says Alex Daley, Chief Technology Investment Strategist at Casey Research. And that's only one example of how fast new technologies are now being implemented and made affordable to the public. Watch this eye-opening speech from the just-concluded Casey/Sprott Summit to find out where today's and tomorrow's big investment profits lie, and how you can get your own slice of them.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important sector for investors looking to make money in a weakened economy burdened by ceaseless government meddling. And there are many other investments that can help you protect and grow your wealth – even while inflation and real negative interest rates whittle away the profits of income investors. Listen to 28 renowned financial experts today, and learn how to Navigate the Politicized Economy.

4 thoughts on “Alex Daley: The Greatest Growth Sector in the World

  1. Well said Boatman. People have sold their bodies to pharma. Eat well, be happy and take charge of your life and body.
    Roche Pharmaceuticals sells chemical based fragrance that cuases cancer adn then they sell the meds to "cure" it is called vertical intergration.

  2. diet, attitude and lifestyle trump genes everytime.

    because there are other genes that turn 'on' or 'off' the bad ones that respond to said variables.

    western medicine, hell bent on bankrupting the US, pushes the genome because it helps them get to the 32% of every dollar spent going into their pocket by 2030 [18% NOW]..........if you think thats sustainable then u are on TOOO many of their stupid drugs.

    all so the sheeple can drink their cola n eat their fried chips.

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