Daily Video Update: After the bell Amazon and Apple report earnings … Buy or Sell?

Hello traders everywhere! Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub with your mid-day market update for Thursday, the 25th of October.

After the closing bell tonight we have the number one tech company, Apple, reporting their earnings, as well as the number one online consumer company, Amazon, reporting their earnings.

Doubtless the earnings of these two giants will have an effect on tomorrow's market. In today's video we will be looking at both Apple and Amazon and share with you how we are positioned before the earnings are reported. I think you will find how we are positioned might be very contrary to popular opinion.


Many markets are at the crossroads of making major trend changes. Are we going to see a continued trend on the upside for the equity markets or just the reverse, is there going to be another dramatic fall?

Have oil and gold finished going down? Are we going to see both of these markets resume their trend to the upside?

Are we going to have a resurgence of inflation?

These are all legitimate questions, and as always we will rely on our Trade Triangle technology to lead the way.

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S&P 500: Broad trading range. The major trend remains positive according to our Trade Triangle technology for the S&P 500. Based on our intermediate-term weekly Trade Triangle, we are on the sidelines in this index. Psychological support at $1,400, but remember this is October.

CRUDE OIL (Dec): Broad trading range. The long-term trend is positive. Intermediate-term trend based on our Trade Triangle technology remains negative. Major support at $84 a barrel on the December contract.

EURO (Spot): Positive trend for the Euro. Two of our three Trade Triangles are green and are bullish for the Euro. We are getting a little concerned that we are putting in a potential twin peak in the Euro. Pay close attention to the weekly Trade Triangle.

GOLD (Spot): Only our long-term monthly Trade Triangle is green and bullish on gold. Look for support around the $1,700 level. A move over the $1,730 level turns the momentum back to the upside. Intermediate traders are now short gold from $1,738.58.

COPPER (Dec): Only our long-term monthly Trade Triangle is green and bullish on copper. Support at $3.5500 which is the mid point of the Donchian Channel.

SILVER (Spot): Support at $31.30. Only our long-term monthly Trade Triangle is green and bullish on silver. Silver is oversold, but shows no sign of reversing. Watch the $32.50 level, a move over this level signifies a rally.

WILD CARDS: Donald Trump, US Election, Terrorism, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Israel, the Fiscal Cliff, Greece and Europe.

Every success in trading and have a great day.

Adam Hewison
Founder & President INO.com and co-founder of MarketClub.com.

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One thought on “Daily Video Update: After the bell Amazon and Apple report earnings … Buy or Sell?

  1. The daily chart of the SP500 has broken the trend line as Adam mentioned in the video, but the index bounced off the low at 140.57 today. This corresponded to the #1 low pivot and a trend line of the weekly SP500 chart going back to 2011. If the after hour selling in AAPL can reverse, the market may rally and work off its oversold condition.

    AAPL found support at the 570-80 level, I believe, and is now coming back to the 609 level thus far.

    If the SP500 can bounce there may be some back testing of the broken daily trend line where I plan to initiate shorts and puts, depending on what the dollar is doing.

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