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  1. At my favorite fast food burger place, I point to the picture on the wall and say "I want one of those". What I get looks like they took it out back and ran over it with a truck. Same with Obama; what you see is not what you get.
    Oh yeah, that goes for Mitt, too!

  2. It's very hard to accept reality, De Nial is not just a river in Egypt. Fact is, global debt is entering into a parabolic uptrend, with the interest on all debts beginning to compound in ugly fashion. The power of compounding interest can go both ways, for certain. There is no way to "fix it" or "pay it off." Not going to happen. There is only one way, that is the reality. And that is the big D, or Default on a huge scale.

    We can all play pointless blame games much like chasing one's tail, but the hard cold facts don't care. You either are able to do the numbers, or you are not. The inanimate debt train does not care if you don't get it.

  3. Obama is Divine retribution upon America for having gone a-whoring out from under God and piping a tune of harlotry and crime (as Chaucer said a few years back). As romney and the tlop end regular republiocans are skirting the moral issues (which are the only issue) their blindness and the howlings of the ignorant gimme-gimme mob will likely elect Obama again.
    Read the Apocolypse: "...buying and selling the souls of men", one world government (preceeded by one-world banking after general monetary collapse of the major nations) wars to help ruin nations or bankrupt America, which is Obama's design. This is demonic. Yes folks, they relly be a debil an' de debil gone be workin' like de Bible say. Read it for entertainment but do make the necessary comparisons. A very small number of people making economic policies and selling them to the populations are bringing about socilist ruination of economies and all freedoms. You are looking at a high Masonic-occultic assault upon the world in end times. Obama is the dry run for the antichrist. Anyone want to make a bet? No one expected Obamacare to pass.

      1. I second that (Glad I am not American)

        It seems to me to many religious freaky People.
        It's a good job this person does not represent all of America.
        I have to believe there are good well balanced Americans and that includes Non-Believers of faith.

        1. We are "eat up" with both kinds. Everybody's getting polarized. Very few of us balanced, rational, middle-road types left today.

      2. When the Caliphate in Rome some decades hence sends a fleet of Morobi province New Guionea cannibal Marines against your shores in a Kenyan sponsored labor recruitment program to find fodder for
        South african mines, things will be even scarier. If my Nuveen closed end junk bonds continue to pay off, then by that time I will be buried and plans for survival of relatives and my personal collections should be fully executed. I assure you things are getting worse for human freedom.

        1. Just out of curiosity, which American militarily saved, protected, or financially supported countries do you come from?

    1. I dont like hypocritical religious managers like Romney
      better people who deal public matters with ethic and sense of justice
      that's why I prefer Obama

      1. Obama has no ethics or sense of justice. He is running the country by fiat and the mass of degenerate Democrats are with him almost point for point. He is ignoring Congress because the Democrats in the senate let him do it - and ditto for the House. His appointees are moral degenerates who operate like Gauleiters. He borrowed or printed trillions of dollars to guarantee he can buy votes from the rabble of racially brain-damaged Negroes and invading hordes of illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere. He also buys off the government unions who are otherwise his stormtroopers in the streets. In doing just that for the United auto Workers when he bought most of General Motors he managed to screw GM bond holders who are getting nothing. After a couple years, GM lost half its stock value or will certainly lose that much and more if Big Zero is re-elected.

        He has no knowledge of business except that which comes from Marxist theory. He just can't figure out why npothing he does works. But that doesn't matter. He wants to reduce America to the level of Kenya or Zimbabwe. In offering sacrifice to his barbaric African demons he will have government abortion for everyone and Americans will pahy $1 a month so Obama's followers can eat fetus for dinner. America will become a satrap of China after the coming nhuclear war. This will happen in due course as Nobama continues attacks on our military through reductions which the degenerate American people do not protest.
        We will be incapable of resistance because of involvement in other wars by that time and will have long since lost startegic military capabilities. When the time comes there will likely be a mass menstrual uprising of females in the military coupled with lesbians and male faggots just when the country is on the verge of an attack. Faggotry is an abomination which cries to heaven for vengeance. And God says, "Do not put women in authority over men". The military has thus been double-whammied and high military men have been total cowards in not opposing this. We will be nuked and turned into a dumping ground for the populations of Africa and South America.

  4. Mitt Romney
    President Obama
    Neither of these till one is pres and then lets see how he treats the deficit problem.

  5. in the UK we are the same mess but smaller, but if BO gets in I can see fighting in the streets. Hope God blesses you no one else will

  6. The president of the US.
    Only through his direction, can the deficit be eliminated, and problems with the debt and unfunded liabilities be addressed. And The president, must focus on this soon.

    1. When, I say "President of the United States" I mean any sitting President, Now or in the Future.

  7. Bernanke has the most influence but Romney can oust him if president so Romney is the most important for the markets.

  8. Ben Bernanke - Why would one candidate be any more important to the market than the other?

  9. In November 2011, I wrote an article for the magazine, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities under the name, Koos van der Merwe, comparing the Kondratieff Wave to the US Presidential Cycle. I concluded that President Obama would serve a further four years as President. The article was published in their June 2012 edition.

    1. Jacob;
      I have my money on Obuma serving another 4 years,
      Not because I think he is any good but the Americans have no choce.
      Both Mit and Obarma are usless,
      Mit Romney will screw up big time on TV debates because he can't think on his feet.
      Obarma has the advantage in the next few weeks.
      If Obarma had of been up aginst Ron Paul. Ron would win.

      1. Too bad the Republicans are corrupt and didn't give Ron Paul and his supporters a fair chance. The two-party system is a complete sham. There's no real difference between the Democrats and Republicans. They're bought and paid for by the big corporations and banks. Romney never had a snowball's chance in Hell of winning the general election. He's a nothing-burger, a completely unappealing, unsympathetic, and unlikable empty suit. Elliot in ET the Extraterrestrial had the exact description of Romney back in 1982- "zero charisma." The only thing going for him is the backing of the party machine. Ron Paul was the only hope for the U.S. It's a crying shame to see this country go down the tubes. The Obomination will win. All the lazy slobs and leeches who want their handouts and "entitlements" handily outnumber the hardworking productive people of the nation. Atlas Shrugged has come true. no doubt about it.

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