Poll: What are your thoughts on the Vice Presidential Debate?

Tonight was round 2 of the 2012 Presidential Debates. For this round VP Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan went toe to toe and we want to know......

Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate?

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125 thoughts on “Poll: What are your thoughts on the Vice Presidential Debate?

  1. honestly,.i dont care any debate for US election, as a trader that not based in US, i just do care about election result.if obama win,,if obama wins. Unlimited QE will continue to be issued
    if obama lose...If Obama wins, I will be ready to buy dollars

  2. If successful in the election the Borrow and Spend Republicans will try to finalize their “Starve the Beast Strategy”.

    - $5 Trillion of new tax cuts
    - $2 Trillion of new Defense spending
    - Bankrupt the United States; then cancel the social programs and eliminate the regulatory agencies.

    The unfunded Bush tax cuts, unfunded Medicare benefits and two unfunded wars were just the set up. Romney and a Republican House would provide the final act.

    1. I agree with you completely. A Romney/Ryan administration would be a disaster for this country.

      1. Your both brain dead! You can't name one thing in this "clueless" president's resume' that even sniffs at a qualification for him to be in the people's house and
        I resent Biden, obviously into his second childhood, for his disastrous clown act
        and 82 interruptions, making an adult and responsible debate impossible.

        So...you obviously don't remember Obama's statement to the Rev. Wright: "You have a problem! You can't lie!" But he can!!

  3. In your country you have a developing situation that no political party will ever be able to address effectively. Simply put it means your parties cannot implement spending policies that create deficits year after year which now amounts to more than 100% percentage of what your countries goods and services can create during down times as well as good times. Your country has failed you because it cannot stand on its on two feet during good times let alone a rainy days. What makes your situation more difficult is that the public sector is mired in corruption from the White House down to the unions. When both parties are guilty and involved with the same taking then you have two parties without a distinction. The evolutionary process has turned your country from the greatest and wealthiest country to basically a financially destitute banana country mired in too much exponential debt where interest charges will create the cliff that cannot be conquered. I respect the people of the United States but it's impossible for you to be all things to all people. I'm afraid that the next phase could either amount to war or insurrection affecting all of us. God Bless America.

    1. Mr. Walsh, you should not mistake our criticisms of our own country to mean that we will allow that from outside the country regardless of whether or not the same points would be made by citizens. If you want to criticize, become a citizen.

      1. So Keith, no one other than a USA citizen is allowed to criticize the USA, regardless ..... ? What the USA does affects everyone in the world. So, the world not only has a perfect right to criticize but an obligation. It does not need US citizenship to do so.
        Meanwhile, if you are a USA citizen and don't vote, then even you really have no right for criticizing your country.

        1. As to expressing opinions pro or con, it is a right everyone should have, regardless of domicile. It might even help us to make the necessary corrections to restore the country to the pre-casino days when lots of people worked, in world class industries, producing unprecedented wealth.

        2. First let me say that I am less crazy about this idea than I would say the vast majority of Americans would be and that is because I believe The President, particularly the current president, represents a huge population of people the world over. If fact to many people over the world The President maybe the only indication of what it means to be an American. This is of course not to mention the power that any President has militarily; i.e. the most powerful man on earth. Having said all that most Americans will not draw any where close to this fine a distinction. If you attack (or criticize) from the outside, we will attack back. In my case, I am really not trying to attack so much as educate and I would have said exactly the same thing if you were a lefty. It would be preferable to hear what positive things you would like to see happen.

        3. beachguy,
          In short, yes. If you are a citizen you (or your ancestors for you) have earned the right, if fact, the obligation and duty to criticize the government including the right not to vote. You (or your ancestors) in all likelihood have sacrificed lives for that right by either defending it or at the very least have left everything behind to go to a foreign land just for the very idea of becoming an American. We are a country of immigrants, but in recent times that idea has been very unpopular within the states, so If you were successful in immigrating here in recent times you have very likely endangered you life to do so. Having a computer keyboard and an internet connection does not automatically give you that right.

  4. In any debate class Biden whould have failed the class. From unsupported lies about Libya to the 80 somethin interruptions, he is a digrace to the office. The clincher for me was when he looked at the camera and said "Trust Me" I'm the good guy. That's just what a thief says before he robs you blind, or the mass murderer kills you, you make the call.

  5. I expect a money-chasing site to support the Republican (Ryan 71%). No other source came up with such a ridiculous score. The logic of the comments deserves an even greater sneer than Biden could give.

    1. Hear!! Hear!! Thanks for picking the bar up off the floor and providing a much needed reality check in this mostly ignorant, juvenile discussion that I'm promptly vacating.

  6. I notice that in our politics we tend to have discussions around left and right as if there is only and east and west and no north and south of politics. This is a really interesting truly non-partisan site with a more global take on the subject: http://www.politicalcompass.org/uselection2012

    It has been around for quite sometime, not just for this election.



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  8. All these ridiculous diatribes are a waste of everyone's time. The election is decided,Obama will win,good for the country and all open minded people. Sorry all u Willard fans for getting your hopes up. But maybe four years from now your party will come up with a more viable,open-minded candidate that represents this country as a WHOLE!!

  9. One Question that I would like to ask Obama or Biden is about the bankers. After the S&L scandal in 89-92, Clinton threw 300 of them into jail. The 08 crash was more than 20 times as bad and nobody went to jail! And then we had the bailouts where Obama's man at the Treasury, Geithner, gave out 3350 times as much money to the bankers than the homowners about to be put, with their families, out on the street. If you question that, get "Bailout," the book by Neil Barosky. And Obama & Biden claim to care for the middle class. They are both owned by bankers like George Soros.

    1. I don't disagree with your overall take that the banks who created the bundled derivatives did knowingly bundle a lot of bad with very little good and that probably someone should go to jail assuming there was a law making that illegal...I am not a lawyer so i don't know. My question is do you realize you are attacking from the Left on all of your points? I personally don't question their commitment to the middle class, only the veracity with which they fought for their goals against the Right i.e. no one payer health care system. Having said all that, all of your points are valid Lefty points. Fight on!!!!

  10. For those that think Vice President Biden's laughing was rude or disrespectful, please take it from me that is exactly how we meant it. Every time you see the Vice President laughing at Ryan, you should just envision him calling Ryan/Romney liars.
    It is the VP's role to attack, so your guy failed to respond not because he wanted to look above the fray, but because even he doesn't believe the stuff he has had to spew recently. And that is saying something because Ryan helps make the kool-aid.

  11. Thanks to Mark Twain we have the phrase "Lies, damn lies and statistics...". We heard plenty of all of that in the Vice Presidential debates. I will not vote for either of them. I'll be voting for Gary Johnson and Jim Gray. If I voted for those other guys it would be throwing my vote away. The other guys are going to tell us anything we want to hear but will be closely following the dictates of the money that got them elected once they are in office. I don't want any more of that and you shouldn't either.

  12. I think Ryan had the edge over all, but at first he reminded me of a grown up Eddie Munster and Biden was all smiles to the point I thought he was in a Crest commercial. I´m giving the edge to Ryan because he showed he could handle Biden through out the debate. Biden having been in the national spotlight for years should have wiped the floor with Ryan, but he didn´t, edge goes to Ryan.

  13. What difference does it make?

    Blacks, muslims and all other minorities will vote for Obama no matter what.
    Many women will also vote for Obama no matter what.
    He could bite the heads off of bunnies and they'd still vote for him.
    Whoever is left will vote for Romney.

    1. GM...really? Are you a misogynist bigot or just sounding that way. Im a former Republican (loved Reagan) and woman who is tired of uber-religious hypocrits pushing their personal views on to others. Ill vote for Obama because I dont want my daughter to grow up in a country that is run by sexist plutocrats that dont think women should get paid the same as men for the same work...or women who are forced to have their rapist's baby because they want to force their views on others. Easy when you're male and it can never happen to you. And of course...lets not forget to prohibit low cost or free birth control for low income women (makes sense if you want to limit abortion) but then you could keep us barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, eh??? GM. But of course MY tax dollars will have to pay for your Viagara for your limp d$#k. So it ant No matter what fool.

      1. Be honest Valerie.
        You've never voted Republican in your life and never will, no matter what.
        Be honest.

        1. As God is my judge...Ive voted Republican since Reagan (when I first voted) and Ive served 23+ years in the military as an officer...so how honest do you want??

  14. Ryan is a far better man than I am. I would probably have gotten so angry that I either said some thing bad or punched Joe out.
    Paul somehow kept his cool and was able to speak very well in spite of being laughed at and interupted 82 times. If we have a budget problem, having the house budget chairman as VP should give a signal that Romney wants to effectively deal with the greatest threat to America since WW2. Obama only wants to tell everyone what they want to hear to win the election and figures that he can print enough money to get by.

  15. Biden represents everything I hate about politicians. The only thing bigger than his ego is his disregard for the truth.

    1. Its worse than that, the fool face masks a stooge who doesn't know any better that he is promoting a toxic Socialist or worse ...stupid because I think in his heart he believes he is a true American ...maybe he has just been in politics too long and just a reactive cranky old man being manipulated by Mr Axelrod.
      doesn't even know it ....now I am starting to feel sorry for him . Time to stop this.

  16. You media people amuse me. While you label it a debate, its really not, and who wins or loses is not the point. That is all based on style and who likes who.

    It was clear that the Vice-President did a good job of pointing out the "Malarky" involved with the Republician position. I won't call them liars, but they just don't tell the truth, or their position has no basis in fact. Their program is to make the rich richer and put the burden on the middle class. Abortion issues etc are social matters and for the individual to decide what is right or wrong and not for the government to decide.

    If you choose your candidate based on his moral position and the color of his skin, you don't deserve "good government". If the so-called "job creators" deserve more tax breaks because they create jobs, they've had since 2003. Where are the jobs. If tax breaks = jobs, under Obama the taxes are at their lowest rate, because he reduced them for everyone. Lowering taxes does not work. Neither will austerity. We need to expand our economic base and revitalize our infra-structure, and we need to take care of all our citizens not just white ones.

    1. You believe ultra left socialism will "expand our economic base and revitalize our infra-structure"? Take a look at what socialism did to Russia over an 80 year period state organized growth means no growth at all. Everything is managed to make it look good!! If you can't see this happening already you are blind!! The two party system is no good we need a strong third party. In the meantime voting for a bunch of losers is not the way to go. Sure there are some problems with the Republican way of governance strict control of the financial system including the Fed Reserve is a must and needs to be party mandated.

  17. Such serious subjects, fiscal insolvency, Iran, terrorists murdering our diplomats, and all I could focus on was that hideous, moronic, silly face of your Vice President. He's not my VP, I disavow any connection to that fool. What a disgrace this whole Obama thing has become. Careful Mitt, they are intent on stealing this election. TWO questionable jobs reports from the DOL confirms they will stoop to any level to win. I am disgusted. We can do better.

  18. I think that this says it all and said it a long time ago.

    Beware! The government is no longer working for you. You are it's tool to be used until you cannot be bled any-more.

    "We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where government is free to do as it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission."

    Ayn Rand

  19. Rep. Ryan has a great grasp of the issues and facts. I would have liked him to be a bit more forceful. On the other hand it
    saddens me to say the VP Biden acted and spoke for the most part like a Buffoon.

  20. WOW....The Market Club vote on who won the debate last night just proves how much in denial and out of touch with reality that Republicans are. You sure enjoy making up stuff. I am laughing with a big Joe Biden smile on my face but, then again unlike Kevin , I have no racism or hate in my heart.

  21. After decades of political sabotage by both the Republican and Democratic Parties the time has arrived for the Independent Voter to come forward, stand up and take back control of our country on behalf of We The People.

    In the beginning our Founding Fathers envisioned a government, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated almost a century later at Gettysburg, of the people, by the people, for the people. Now, after a century of political betrayal, that vision has become terribly distorted.

    To better understand this betrayal and why our elected leaders have been all too willing to lead our country to the brink of economic defeat one would need to understand who has and controls the power.

    On a global level, relative to the United States, the top three tiers of power are:

    European banking cartels / financial empires
    Major corporations
    Major religions
    These groups are referred to, in political terms, as Special Interest.

    An example of how Special Interest affects the American taxpayer can be demonstrated by looking at why the U.S. attacked Iraq. Wars are fought for economic gain. Iraq was no different. The question is who gained economically and at whose expense? In the case of Iraq the major corporations of the military industrial complex benefited to the tune of 100s of billions of dollars. The total cost of the war was financed by the central banks. The war was conducted, on many levels, in the name of God while the American taxpayer was saddled with the trillion dollars plus expense.

    As we move forward to the National level and relative to We The People, the interests protected by our elected officials, in order of importance, are:

    Special Interest
    The interests of the two major political parties
    The self interests of the politicians
    The interests of We The People
    Why have the interests of We The People been dropped to the bottom when the Founding Fathers had envisioned them to be at the top? The answer is simple, money.

    In order to conduct a successful election campaign one must be fully capitalized to levels that go beyond belief. The primary source of this funding comes from Special Interest. The secondary source of this funding comes from the major political parties, which again comes from Special Interest. Two ways in which Special Interest fund political war chests is through direct lobbing or direct intervention by the Parties. Smaller Interests will send individual lobbyists to seek out and finance candidates or office holders, in the form of campaign contributions, to support their causes. Larger Interests will go directly to the Parties, whom they support financially, and have them intercede directly with the members on their behalf. Have you ever heard the saying “Towing the Party line”?

    In a general sense the election results are not too critical to Special Interest. They hedge their positions by supporting both sides and the winner owes.

    Unfortunately, Special Interest has the financial resources to offer far more support to the Parties and their members than does the individual American. Since money is the mother’s milk of political success it’s easy to understand why Politicians live by the second Golden Rule, which is; “He who has the gold makes the rules”.

    Now instead of a government that places the interests of the people first we have one that places the needs of Special Interest, Party and the self-interests of Politician’s far ahead of those for whom it was intended. This betrayal has taken the most prosperous country in the history of man to the point of economic collapse which, if not corrected immediately, will eventually leave a large majority of trusting, hard-working Americans in financial ruin.

    Ridding our government of this betrayal is not that difficult of a task. In fact the turn about can be accomplished in one Presidential election.

    The solution will require 470 Americans coming together as a single unit, vying for the 435 House seats, the 33 Senate seats and the office of President and Vice President, with the full support of the Independent Voter, offering an election platform that includes:

    1. Outlaw Political Parties.

    Any entity whose interests come before those of We The People cannot be allowed to exist.

    2. Make it an act of treason for any elected office holder or person running for elected office to accept financial or personal benefit for influence.

    The country desperately needs independent thinkers acting independently for the best interests of We The People.

    By removing Special Interest from the equation our elected officials should be able to find better solutions for the issues facing our country in a much shorter time frame.

    The cost and time to conduct election campaigns can be greatly reduced with the Internet and public access television. Not only will these medium prohibit the ability for the buying of influence it will also open the field to other qualified Americans instead of the over whelming number of “connected” attorneys.

    3. Reform congressional benefits to resemble those of mainstream America.

    The perks and benefits congress provides them at the taxpayer’s expense are absurd. They need to be repealed and safeguards structured so future generations will not have the ability to bring them back.

    Presently the Independent Voter represents 40% of the United States electorate. By splitting the remaining 60% between the Republicans and Democrats the Independent candidates would prevail and real change could begin to be enacted. Taking full control of the senate could take two years as for the first time in history Republicans and Democrats would begin working together, not for the interests of We The People but for their own. Then again a mandate this enormous would be hard to ignore.

    Time is running out for our country and the political corruption needs to be flushed from the system before it’s too late. Replacing Party Members with different Party Members has not worked for over a century. The only answer is to replace them all and, with the implementation of new constitutional amendments, insure the interests of We The People are forever protected.

    1. Richard, Thanks for the well-thought out comments. I quite agree with you. I don't know what you'd call it but it isn't a democracy that we have, being run by big money and special interests.
      A second thing that I would add is that America's addiction to wars has essentially bankrupt the country, taking money that should have been spent on education,roads, intrastructure, health care and so on and fighting often useless wars to benefit the Special Interest. Gutting out the country to fight wars has not been vaery smart at all. Now we are all crumbling and owned by the banks.

    2. Good food for thought... however, too many people have their heads in the sand, mostly Saudia Arabia sand. Thanks.

  22. Sorry I needed to catch some z's. Way better than listening to some old jackass laugh like a hyena.

    1. Really Tony? I guess being an A** on national TV makes you a winner? That's the problem with you Lib's. You only see what you want to see. I guess that is how you are taught to debate in school. No respect or consideration for others? I'm ashamed of our Vice President for his actions last night. He couldn't even thank Ryan for the debate. No class if you ask me...

  23. Politically, both parties can't afford be honest with the american people since telling the truth would be the same as committing political suicide. The entire entitlement system is BROKE! The day will soon arrive where EVERY program will need drastic cuts across the board. Yes ALL of them including: medicaid, medicare, social security, food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. Borrowing and printing money to pay for these bloated programs MUST STOP NOW!

  24. Biden did what he had to do. Pres Obama lost lost week for being passive. He just sat back and let Romney steel the show.
    Biden reversed that srtategy, challanging all disputed facts aggressively. Be objective and forget for a second who you're backing. What strategy would you have advised the VP to take in view of last week.

    1. Biden did what he had to do? What? Being rude and either uniformed or a liar. Still claiming not to have received the intelligence briefing on Libya immediately, which testimony before Congress the day before proves false. Or maybe he just wasn't paying attention. Nothing new there.

      1. I blame both parties for the sad state of this country. The moral implosion Obummer/Biden and his ilk he represents. And the Republican party that just stood by under John Bainer and the house of Reps and watch the other party ram obummer care down our throats and bloat the national debt beyond my wildest dream. I am a conserative/independent and vote God and country first and party last. I pray that king obummer gets thrown out of office and we really find out what damage he has done to this country. I believe we can see the market and mood of the country change after this election. Which way the mood changes depends on if the American people wake up from hope and change and let reality sink in. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  25. Im havin problems with my Port.page.page comes up but no candles or MWD.can somebody suggest curing the problem

  26. Between Obama and Romney, I'll take Romney. But Romney has the personality of a marshmallow. Why can't we find more candidates like Paul Ryan? On both sides of the aisle?? Guys who have well thought out principles and the guts to stand up and declare them. I don't care if you agree with their principles or not. But at least we wouldn't be asked to judge a personality contest for the president and vice president of the US. Ryan won that contest hands down.

    1. Yeah....thats what we need...more national leaders that want to make it illegal to have an abortion when a woman is raped (or even emergency contraceptives)....great plan. Let me know how that works out for you when ui happens to your wife or sister or daughter...you mysogynist A$$.

      1. You sound just like your hero Biden - running around screaming insults at everyone. Very mature.

    1. Wahid...and Ryan (and his ilk) are Taliban. God bless those who represent us (Dems or Repubs) that support women as independent beings entitled to self-determination and not as chattel.

  27. Biden is cerifiable - He is a continuing embarrassment to this country and his party.

    This was not a debate. Biden is unable to get past his silly smirk and a smart ass view of this country.

  28. The establishment won the debate. The people lost. I'm tired of these events becoming like football games, although, that is the extent of the mental capacity of most of the people in America these days.

    1. I love the freedom we have to debate. In my mind Ryan clearly won. He had info that educated the television audience to how the two parties differ. how a Romney Ryan ticket would work with the democrats. and yes he did come across as stiff and serious
      compared to what. rude,interruptions, facial smerks undignified conduct for a vice president candidate. This is a clear indication on how Biden has in;the past and would in the future conduct himself on the floor. Medicare receipients , seniors and the disabled were clearly informed of the choices we would be given under Romney; compared to what rising cost and ultimately no choice. The military young men and women our embassy's,ambassators across the globe continue to be put in harms way without the knoweldge available from our present administration to protect ,without the honor to provide added security when informed of life threats from hostile peoples. Ryan also pointed out when our long lasting ally Israel Prime Minister came here and was snubbed, dishonored,, by President Obama,refusing to meet with him. His choice of who he did meet speaks volumns. The present administration is unable to distinguish between our allies and those who wish to do us harm, the courage to stand in the face of truth, In God we trust, One Nation under God. Yes I'll vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Judith Jurinek

  29. David Brooks said it perfectly: Biden's behavior was a total turn-off to independent voters, the absolute key to this election.

    1. My right wing friends... get used to idea that President Obama will be reelected and become a transcendental figure..

  30. Martha Raddatz won the "debate." She imposed the abortion question to aid the Obama campaign. Obama needs the women's vote to rescue him from his disasterous debate with Romney. She also aided Biden by interupting Ryan at crucial points, and allowing Biden to ramble on with his incoherent and sneering remarks. But an objective evaluation of the "debate" gives Ryan the win.

    1. Hugh, if you dont think the abortion question is important to women then you really have no clue (whether intentionally or not) as to what is important to over 50% of the population. Not only does Ryan want to outlaw abortion in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother but he wants to outlaw emergency contraception (not abortion) for those who are raped. Why do men feel they have a right to impose their beliefs on women when they themsleves will never have to face this issue? What if it was your wife or daughter? Most decent men reconsider when that question is posed to them...but then there are the insecure men who feel they must control every facet of womens lives to prove their manhood. If men object to federal money for bith control why do my tax dollars go to pay for Viagara (and such) for men? And you would think the common sense approach to minimizing potential abortions n this counry would be to provide free or low cost birth control to all low-income women. Uber-religious zealots dont want to even compromise or talk about abortion but of course they also want to have nothing to do with the pre-natal costs and support of this child. Some churches do but Ive gfound that few put their money where their mouth is.

  31. Both sides made points but Ryan did so with poise and a better sense of knowing what he was talking about. Biden was downright rude constantly causing disruptions. Ryan finished strong speaking clearly and with conviction.

    1. Bill Maher summed up the VP debate in a tweet :

      Hello 9 1 1? There is an old man beating a child on my TV...

  32. If facts don't matter, Romney is your man.
    If plans and details don't matter, Romney is your man.
    If you want the U.S. to continue to be the nanny for the rest of the world at taxpayer expense, Romney is your man.
    If you think we should be in Afghanistan indefinitely instead of making the Afghans take responsibility for themselves, Romney is your man.
    If you believe you can increase military spending, cut taxes, and balance the budget based on closing unidentified loopholes ... but without hurting the middle class, Romney is your man. And you are delusional.

    Well as you know the right wing in this country currently lives somewhere between crazy town and fantasy land

    1. You people and your "unidentified loopholes". That's Regime talk for big government and lobbyists keeping the presidents and his cronies pockets fat. Let me give you only one. If you want to destroy America from the inside, ruin the middle class and make only two classes, poor and rich, the Barack Hussein Obama is your man.

      1. I see a Teabagger all over you... you guys are no different than Taliban... trying to destroy the American way
        of life from within with your extreme views...

    2. Excuse me, you have got your facts wrong. Did you listen to the debate last night with Ryan? Its actually the Republicans that don't want to end the war. They are criticizing Obama for bringing the troops back from Iraq and they are against the idea of eventually bringing the troops back Afghanistan in 2014. In fact Mitt wants to add another 2 trillion dollars to the military budget that even the Military never asked for. This economy needs that like a hole in the head. I wonder how much they donated to his Super Pac to merit a promise of another 2 trillion for the Military regardless of whether its going to dig a bigger hole for the country. Go figure it out. You saw last night how much Ryan was saying about how wrong Obama's decision to bring back the troops and how wrong it was for him to bring back the 22000 boys recently. The Republican idea of being the policeman of the world had better end. Bush nearly bankrupted the country because of his arrogance and we need another hot shot like Mitt like we need a hole in the head. Mitt has 5 sons..... tell him to enlist at least one of his sons to serve the country before having these grandiose idea of sacrificing other people's children in a war that is self defeating....wasting American lives, trillion of dollars to people who would love to put a knife in your back when you eventually leave without even a thank you note. When are you all going to understand that you cannot eradicate these radical groups completely. It would be better to spend the money at home providing better homeland security and put all that wasted money back to providing for our own people.

      1. Good points. But of course Mitt wont let HIS precious sons serve in the military and be exposed to danger...they are much too valuable and plutocratic for that. Mitt actually supported the Vietnam War by protesting against the was protesters....yet when it was his time to be called up he pulled the "Mormon" card (which I didnt understand since I have served with Mormons in the military)...and spent the rest of the Vietnam war in France. Its easy to send others kids to fight (especially the 47%ers) but not his or him. And of course lets publicly praise veterans but privately do everything you can (some Repubs...not all) to reduce their benefits and promises made.

  33. Debates are too political to really discern much of anything.......The bottom line is that the Obama record is poor for the last 4 years, and we need someone with the proper business experience to carry us through the coming crisis. I believe Romney is the most capable individual of choice to do that.

  34. Democrats like Biden continue to say and do anything to expand government without admitting it - even if there is no money to pay for it, so they can buy votes. We're insolvent and we need some grownups to get us out of this mess. Biden hasn't a clue. Ryan is better. So is Romney. Obama never balanced a government budget in his life. And he never will.

  35. Ryan was much more honest than Romney in terms of sticking to his odd principles. But both of them face the difficulty of trying to sell unpopular principles and policies to a public which is tired of wars, growing social stratification, attacks on the rights of women and the difficulties facing the average citizen. As was well stated above " CUTTING the things they say they will cut, and changing the things they say they will change will advance us even more rapidly into the depression we are in."
    Like Romney, Ryan failed to give specifics about his policies and many of his past positions--because he must know they lack the support of a majority; but unlike Romney, he did not flip and flop back and forth about his principles. I think the polls will show that Biden won.

  36. Joe Biden is completely lost. Our next VP Paul Ryan made Biden look like be did not want to be there. Just like Barack Hussein Obama looked against our next president Mitt Romney. They don't want to be in these debates because they know their policies have failed, even the ones that were passed when they had Socialist control of the House, Senate, and White House. They cannot talk about their records so they Lie and distort truths. The Democratic Party is dangerously close to becoming the Socialism Party but that won't happen because the American People are not as stupid and lazy as Obama and his Regime hope. ByeBye Barack Hussein Obama. You are going to have to try take down America from the outside after this November!

  37. Mr Ryan represents some extremist views and distorts the facts in an effort to follow the tea party line. As a Christian he appears to be at odds with his church in some ways. The commandments in Judeo-Christian bible are clear and if you consider the word of Christ literally he falls to see some of the light!

    Our VP did find humor and/or disbelief in many of Mr Ryan's comments and innuendos but he did not call him a liar!

    Clearly our VP was the winner!

    1. I thought that Joe Biden's laughter and antics showed either a scornful candidate who was rude, arrogant and showed little seriousness for the debate or an emotionally disturbed individual lacking in self control who needs psychiatric help. I was strongly affected by this and would never vote for the Obama/Biden ticket. I voted for Obama/Biden in 2008, but will not support them now!

      1. I totally agree. Biden's antics were very distracting and I would hate to think of him if president performing as in the debate internationally.

      2. Judy, when you or someone you loved is raped and becomes pregnant and is forced to have that child...at your risk of both physical and mental health and great medical expense then you can thank Ryan and the Republicans....oh I mean Taliban.

      3. Ryan refused, even when asked directly, to provide any specifics to back up his positions. Biden had a choice: laugh at the hollowness of the positions or bore everyone by asking for specifics yet again and getting the old shift and counter-shift. I preferred the laughter!

    2. If phoney humor, clown-like behavior and feigned disbelief are what you consider winning traits in a debate, Jo-Jo Biden is your man! But, if you strip him of his clown suit, put him in chains and convince him that this no f___ing big deal, he is just another inept Obamaist. Consider this: Jo-Jo is just a heart-beat away from the presidency. Think about it!

  38. I enjoyed VP Biden's command of the facts. Simply put he has the experience we need.
    Ryan's proposal to do away with medicare and go to the voucher system will be a sad day for the younger generations to come. Middle class will take a hit. I am age 75. If his proposal is passed we will truly be the last generation where ALL older citizens have access to health care. I have sold health insurance for 45 years.

    1. Consider this: with Obama-care, stealing from Medicare to fund Medicaid and 4 more years of this administration, there will be no more Medicare! What part of "broke" do you not understand? I am 77 years of age...maybe just 2 years wiser.

  39. I cannot understand why Republican candidates have always accepted debates moderated by a liberal media such as NBC, CNN, CBS, or ABC because their moderators have always given an edge to the Democrat candidate. I would not even be surprised that prepared questions were given to the Democatic candidate ahead of time. In the same manner, it was totally unwise to let Palin to be interviewed twice by the liberal media in 2008.

  40. Without disclosing my political affiliation... in my opinion, there was no clear cut winner to the debate based on statements and rebuttals. We have already heard the stats before and we knew what we were walking into.

    Besides Biden making himself look like an inconsiderate and immature jerk, he discredited his personal like-ability, but not necessary his party's policies.

    You know who the real loser was to me? The moderator. She let things get way out of control and it came out looking like a circus.

      1. Lindsay, you know that the moderator is a close friend with the President right? Obama and his wife went to her wedding. Talk about being neutral...

  41. RYAN is just a regurgitation of the Republican process of lies...lies...and more lies....He proved last night that he cannot think on his feet, unscripted! According to the real Fact checkers...he lied t/o and didn't answer the questions he was asked. TOO MANY are attempting to rationalize the truth to make the Romney/Ryan Ticket palatable, but in plain English...NOTHING they stand for will truly help America and our uniquely critical problems! CUTTING the things they say they will cut, and changing the things they say they will change will advance us even more rapidly into the depression we are in...the slow recovery we have seen is in itself the evidence of the extent of the damage Obama was left with....while his opposition ONLY cares about how THEY did not do it, when in fact they did, with 6 of the 8 years under Bush with an UNBRIDLED REPUBLICAN CONGRESS that allowed the out of control spending without its payment...HISTORY will not change, even if the story tellers ad their own spin.

    1. You need to wake up. If Obama gets reelected, your children and their children have no hope. Do your own research and stop believing everything you hear on the mainstream media. You can find the way. I know you can.

      1. John, if Romney/Ryan win we will be in another war we cant pay for...praising veterans we will forget about when it becomes too expensive to take care of those injured in the war...all wile not sending their sons/daughters to fight. Only yours. Look at how many Repub Congressmen propose decreasing veterans benefits and promises made...most (but not all) pro-veteran legislature comes from the Dems. Maybe we need the draft so that everyone pays for the next war...and I served 20+ years.

      2. God's prescription for spiritual sickness
        The Word of God says in II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, which are called by My Name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land. Our land needs a healing.

  42. Ryan showed respect for Biden which was not reciprocated. I do agree with a previous
    comment that the moderator was somewhat biased toward Biden.

    How can a Vice President laugh at almost everything that Ryan said. Immature and rude!

    Go Romney and Ryan!

  43. Biden acted liked the quissential class clown who believes he is by far the smartest kid in the room. Unfortunately for Biden, he was the one who got schooled on many issues.

  44. How can you believe that VP Biden was schooled at Syracuse University. Tell the truth "Joe", from your performance with
    Congressman Ryan, I have to believed it was the school of clowning at the school of Barnum and Bailey.

  45. Ryan the winner ! Romney and Ryan the winners ! This ticket will serve 2 terms, all Americans are winners! My special Free gift to all, go to Cristy Lane.com

  46. Both Biden and the Moderator interrupted Ryan. Biden behaved like a mad Joker with his laughing. The moderator showed her bias, with her own interruption of Ryan and her failure to contorl Biden when he interrupted Ryan. Ryan gave control and respectful answers.

  47. It is difficult to judge the debate, because Biden was loud, rude, and spent a lot of time interrupting Ryan. Ryan's personality is agreeable and friendly. Biden is confrontational and partisan.

    Which vision for America is better: Biden's or Ryan's. Biden believes that government trumps the individual; Ryan wants people to have control over their lives. Ryan understands how incentive works, how incentive creates growth and can engender individual greatness.

    Ryan won the debate, because Biden is living the Franz Kafka and George Orwell fantasy of LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama, and wants America to become Animal Farm.

  48. The upcoming election really doesn't matter. We are racing toward an unstoppable currency and sovereign debt crisis. Regardless of who is elected, they will be able to stop the coming economic tsunami!

      1. Politically, both parties can't afford be honest with the american people since telling the truth would be the same as committing political suicide. The entire entitlement system is BROKE! The day will soon arrive where EVERY program will need drastic cuts across the board. Yes ALL of them including: medicaid, medicare, social security, food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. Borrowing and printing money to pay for these bloated programs MUST STOP NOW!

    1. Sounds EXACTLY like the way Gov. Romney treated President Obama. Did you notice in the first presidential debate when Obama was biting his lip? He did that a number of times. He was trying to figure out how to p[politely respond to an opponent was simply was making up "facts" as he went along. VP Biden turned the tables on the Repubs and now you can't take the heat. Sorry Charlie, Joe came through.

      1. Paul, you are the one that is clueless. Gov Romney did not laugh like a hyena every time O man spoke. He respectfully interrupted; he did not overpower or portray someone who would laugh at very serious matters, such as the killing of our Ambassador in Libya. Our VP lied about the state department and the information given to him regarding the attacks on our embassy.

  49. biden was rude and couldn't tell the truth typical of obama biden. told an outright lie about libya , why are there never any questions on the un treatys obama is planning with the un.

  50. Frankly I wonder what percentage of the people answering this poll even watched the entire debate, or if they did, would have picked the candidate they already plan to vote for no matter what happened.

  51. As has been the case all along, when pressed for specifics, Ryan has no answers on how to balance the budget. He simple clicks his goose stepping heels and yells Sieg Heil to Grover Norquist.

  52. Neither one understands the very precious Constitution and Bill of Rights crafted by our early leaders and appear bound to assist the International Money Floaters in taking us down the chute into destitution and poverty. Extremely shameful in view of the inherited gifts, talent, work ethic and natural resources comprising these United States.


    1. Biden ate his a** up! Get over it Kevin. You should join the military. Romey wants another war.

      1. A lot more to it than chewing ass. Biden did better than when he talks about jobs or some of his other three letter jokes. They both looked good but Ryan would have the edge on balancing the budget. Biden would overpower the scale with deadweight (just a democrat principle).

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