Will Changes to Redbox bring on a Coinstar stock revival?

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Home movie watching has dramatically changed in recent years. With online streaming services such as Netflix, brick-and-mortar stores like Blockbuster have become practically obsolete.

There have been a few recent entries into the movie streaming arena. The first of which, Amazon, announced its new service, Prime Instant Video, in 2011. Amazon has been growing rapidly as their product offerings keep expanding. From physical goods to online streaming content, Amazon is snowballing in their product offering types.

The hot news is the fresh partnership between Verizon and Redbox. Redbox is the touted pioneer of physical DVD movie rentals distributed through kiosks instead of storefronts. With consumers utilizing digital content in record amounts, Redbox seemed to be missing the boat when it came to online content. Well, that is until now. Verizon could help Redbox offer online streaming capabilities, a new target market and a potential stock revival.

Redbox is a subsidiary of Coinstar, NASDAQ:CSTR. Their stock price has been up and down in 2012. After an all time high in July, the stock has seen a significant decline and is generally flat for the year.

If you used a buy and hold strategy for CSTR, you would have seen an approximate 1.25% loss for the year. Using MarketClub’s Trade Triangle technology however, you’d be sitting on a fantastic return.

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  1. Good stock example. CSTR can swing wild and make some cash piles. Her confident voice gives me confidence. Thanks for the vid MarketClubsters.

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