An interview with Gary Tanashian of

I recently interviewed Gary Tanashian, who writes the well-respected newsletter "Notes From the Rabbit Hole" and runs the blog

Before getting involved in the financial markets, Gary ran a successful medical components business for 21 years. This experience gave him an understanding and appreciation for global macro-economics as it relates to individual markets and sectors, and along the way he developed an interest in technical analysis. He has real-world experience and a positive view on how commerce works.

I think you'll find Gary's approach very refreshing when you watch this Skype interview. In the interview, I was able to ask Gary some very pointed questions such as, "what is the worst trade you ever made?" I think you'll be surprised at how Gary feels about that trade today.

Gary also shares with us his views on oil and gold, both of which are in the news due to the recent military flare up in the Mid-East.

I hope you enjoy this interview with one of the most interesting market minds I have run across in recent times.

Adam Hewison
Co-Founder of