An Interview With Brian Booth of

I recently interviewed Brian Booth from Many of you will remember the name as he writes our Gold Chart of the Week article each Monday right here on the Trader's Blog.

Before getting involved in the financial markets Brian was involved in the life insurance business. This lead to an interest in the stock market and long-term financial planning.

I think you'll find Brian's approach very refreshing when you watch this Skype interview. In the interview, I was able to ask Brain some very pointed questions such as, "what is the worst trade you ever made?" I think you'll be surprised at how Brian feels about that trade today.

I hope you enjoy this interview with one of the most interesting market minds I have run across in recent times.

Adam Hewison
Co-Founder of

3 thoughts on “An Interview With Brian Booth of

  1. Strap in for tomorrows FOMC announcement. It should provide valuable trading information for not only the Precious Metals, but most major markets as well.

  2. Thank you again Adam. I enjoyed speaking with you and hope to do this time, maybe you can elaborate on your trade in Wheat from the 1970's! I am kidding, of course.

    And thank you Juan.

  3. Adam:
    We need more interviews like this one. (Brian Booth) Also, click, click and bingo... I'm connected with typing e-mail, password, etc.
    This was a winner. Keep it simple... Thanks.

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