Friday Poll: Would you buy Apple stock?

You know we love Apple products here at MarketClub, but has the company lost its luster? I was shocked to see that Exxon has surpassed Apple as the world's most valuable company, after the tech company's stock hit a new 52-week low.

Apple's stock has been falling since it reported earnings on Wednesday. It hit a new 52-week low of $437.51 today, well off the recent all-time high of $703.99.

So, that begs the question....

Would you buy Apple stock now?

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11 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Would you buy Apple stock?

  1. Who cares? There are thousands of stocks. This one is in a downtrend. Anyone who rode it all the way up should have put in a trailing stop. You know, to protect profits and capital. Duh.

  2. I own AAPL and just bought some more.A number of international banks and analysts like Barclays Bank ,Deutsche Bank,Credit Suisse ,Goldman Saks and others just came out in the last 3 days with Strong Buy,Outperform and Overweight recommendations with target prices of $600 to $660 target price (about 40% above fridays price). I am convinced that once the undeserved panic is over AAPL will recover nicely.

  3. We are still holding a small position in our funds after taking profits, looking to add sometime around the 3rd week of February. We called 375 months ago, now looking at an entry a bit higher then that if we had to guess but timing is more important then anything now.

    Thanks to Adam for all of his help on this one. You "chart monkey" you. LOL

  4. Apple stock is going down in 2013 faster than it climbed in 2012. There are a number of reasons for this – but I am guessing the primary one is that many individuals as well as professional investors treat the stock market like Las Vegas – taking a short-term approach and looking for quick profits.

    That should not be a surprise in a capitalistic system where critical performance measurements are made every 13 weeks – not 13 years! How can any company properly plan long-term when their very existence is determined 4 times per year! (Makes me think of the true story about the US Park Service. They had three finalists for privatizing the restaurant service at a national park. I key element of this was the long-term preservation of the park itself. One company bidding was a US company and it provided a five-year long-term plan for the ecology of the park and preservation of nature while it did the restaurant service. The second group was a combined bid with the American Indians and their long-term portion of keeping the park in a mint-like condition was 15 years. But the third group was a consortium that included major participation by a Japanese company and their long-term plan: 500 years).

    So we have to remember that Apple stock started 2012 at a lower value than it is right now at $439 per share. This means that even today there are a number of people who purchased Apple stock who can still sell it at a profit. And they're doing that. Short term get in get out mentality.

    Also stockbrokers love to do transactions. Make a commission on each sell make a commission on each buy. Are they fueling this selling frenzy? You bet they are.

    So what can Apple do? Well here are 3 key things in my opinion:

    1. Do a partial buy-back of some of the outstanding 900 million shares of its own stock. The $43 billion in cash reserves located in the USA (the other $65+ billion being in foreign locations) could be used to purchase 100 million shares – but I am not suggesting anything like that! Just announce this and buy-back 10 to 40 million shares!

    2. A 5 to 1 stock split. In order to bring the round a lot or 100 share purchase price down to about $9000 instead of the current $44,000 do a 5 to 1 stock split putting the shares in the $75-$100/share range. This will have other positive psychological effects as well.

    3. Continue to innovate and during the first half of 2013 announce products such as the ITV and perhaps new facilitating iCloud / iTunes software. While this is likely the most difficult of the 3 steps to be taken it is the area which Apple does the best.

    In addition Apple may even want to do television or web infomercials where they demonstrate just how solid this company is. Remember, Apple's total annual sales as recently as the year 2007 were less than $25 billion (and less than $5 billion just a few years before that!) At today's rate, the company will have sales of greater than $200 billion in the current fiscal year!! How many companies are pleased to have $50 MILLION in sales? This company was founded in 1976 with $1,300. Today over $50 billion of sales in 3 months. It is absolutely unbelievable and Apple should tell the world just how fantastic this is!!!

    I've owned Apple Macs since 1989 and have an SE still running Mac OS 6.0.4. Works fine. I've owned Apple stock since 2001 (first purchase after 9/11) price-adjusted for split: $8.00/share. But I've also paid $605/share! Just love the company, products and future of Apple!

    Comments appreciated.


    Saturday 26 January 2013

  5. Hi George, You've got my interest up. This theory could be plausible. I am interested. Could you share you resources? Thanks, mary

  6. There should be another choice with subparts - I would never buy Apple stock because a) The company has an atrocious record concerning human rights b) The company should be paying a massive dividend given its earnings or c) the business model is not sustainable because the idea of people going into debt to buy gadgetry is a fad, not a trend.

  7. I am waiting to see if Apple is able to produce any real new products without the venerable Mr Jobs at the helm. Apple stalled the last time Mr Jobs left. There is no coming back this time. I really think that Apple will end-up milking the Ipad, Iphone, Macbook, and Ipod until the last Apple man or woman is standing. Granted that may take a long time. I predict a long slow death at Apple. Soon you will be able to Visit Apple and see a vast army of fat, well-fed, unproductive Apple executives running around cashing in their stock options.

  8. Apple sued Samsung on some patents and won between one to one and a half billion dollars. Samsung is not happy. Rumored that Samsung will not renew supply contracts for screens, special flash memory and one other item Apple needs to make iPhones. Maybe Steve would have handled it differently.

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