Poll: What are your thoughts on last night's State of The Union Address?

President Obama used his State of the Union address Tuesday night to address government spending, Medicare and declare that victims of gun violence “deserve a vote” on a sweeping gun control package.

Obama largely spoke these main issues, while adding a roster of wish-list items – including a call to increase the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour, up from $7.25, and pass immigration reform.

I felt like the theme of the speech was about boosting the middle class and jolting what continues to be a tepid economic recovery. We wanted to know......

What did you think of the State of the Union address by President Obama?

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71 thoughts on “Poll: What are your thoughts on last night's State of The Union Address?

  1. Reading all your comments the bottomline can only be: State and Church should be thoroughly separate entities! State comes first so politicians should serve the people in Congres and House and practice religion at home and in their churches.

    1. Did I hear you right? Place your faith in politicians, not God?

      Place the state above God? And what always happens to Godless states? Utopia?

      Do U.S. politicians "serve" "the people?" And just who are "the people?"

      Oh, and you Christians keep your mouth shut in the public square?

      I don't want to engage in a prolonged debate. "To those who believe in God no explanation is neccessary. To those who don't no explanation is possible."

      1. You are right John, a christian/islam/buddhist politician should vote with his brains NOT with his faith! Religion has more blood on its hands than nations! Read history!

  2. He is the most abortion and homosexual marriage politician in the history of the universe. In the objective order Obama's policies indicate his hands are covered with the blood of butchered children ripped apart in the wombs of thier mothers, his thighs covered with the natural result of sodomy and his lips dripping with the seed of other men--the natural result of his demonic policies. A real Picture of Dorian Grey...and a "people" who don't give a squat!

    He is a Prince Hall Mason so it is worth noting that the Catholic Church defines Masonry as the "Synagogue of Satan" and Masons as "First born of the Devil." No wonder Obama attacks the Catholic Church with his HHS ploicies FORCING Catholics to fund abortions, under penalty of heavy fines for those who refuse.

    It is worth noting that Hitler did not start with concentration camps for the Jews, but first passed laws against them. Now the same with Obama's laws against Catholics. This may not tongue in cheek---What's next? FEMA reeducation camps s few years out?

    Does anyone smell the horror of a amoral dictatorship coming down on our heads?

    1. Good for you John, i concur. The
      almighty god should be our example.
      Politicians and their worldly views
      are destroying our country. I am
      praying things will change.

  3. The worst part was the way they made fun of Marco Rubio taking a drink of water. This guy made a great rebuttal all the media had to say about it was he drank water. If that is all they can find wrong with him it proves that he is pretty clean. This is the way the media works, take a small harmless thing like drinking a little water and make it into a great sin. Hitler said, "If you take a lie and repeat it enough people will believe it."
    By the time 2016 gets here Rubio will be painted with so many lies that the sheeple will believe it, and they outnumber us 10 to 1.

  4. Bla-bla-bla, just more political rhetoric. Instead of raising the minimum wage, it would instead be very timely to provide conditions for real job creation;

    Bring back Import Duties with rates based on foreign production costs. Globalization has not worked for us anyway with many US companies leaving their profits abroad. It may upset some of our trading partners but it's just a matter of time before they rebel being paid back in severely deflated dollars.
    It would negate the need for Cap and Trade, a severe cost which would be borne by only 15% of the world population. The service life of landfills would be greatly extended. Pollution from shipping goods long distances would be greatly reduced. Millions of jobs would be created in the US as homeland manufacturing and services are expanded. Many additional jobs would be created planting trees and vegetation for carbon sequestration, a much better alternative to a carbon tax which would not be a meaningful deterrent to, so called, carbon pollution.

    Declare bankruptcy and change the color of money from green to red, white and blue. We would take an immediate hit but would eliminate years and decades of financial hardship.

    Limit government grants and benefits to Corporations and Persons which have legal status.

    Reduce the size of government. Audit the cost of administrative law and wasteful regulations.

    Separate Commercial Banks from Investment Banks.

  5. same old political non-speak. I don't really know what he said except that he's gonna do whatever he wants Congress or no Corgress, Court or no Court. I'm ready to kick them all out except Marco Rubio and start over.

  6. Unfortunately, more of the same. Spending and more spending. The economy is getting better. No! The stock market is doing well. Yes, but only because the Feds are printing money that goes to the banks. Why don't the masses understand all of this? Is it the dumbing down of America?

  7. Judging by most of the comments here, the only problem with a free press is that it is wasted on the
    United States.

  8. We are already insolvent guys, do the math. Both political sides share equal blame. Falling for the rhetoric is a diversion, when you fall for it either way, you show you are not able to know just what the situation is and how it projects going forward. None of the sideshows matter. It's far too late to "fix" it. Again, all you have to do is the math.

  9. timsa uk, what planet do you live on.??? Keep drinking the Obama cool aid until we are offically broke. The old white folk continue to pay taxes so that 48 million folk can have food stamps that they use to play the lottery and buy booze. Thank goodness that THE TOP 5% PAY FOR THE BOTTOM 47%.It won't last forever and maybe the thought of sending their children to school and getting a real job might enter whatever minds they have.

  10. the 800,000 job lost each month was in bush last year, giving the bank 600,000,000.00 with no rules attached to keep them going to after the election. so obam. spent 5 trillon to fix all of housing, banking and other problem the rep. house & sentors, passed no rules do what you want big boy stock market banks lend with no proof of income caused this mess so i will try to get the rest of the sentors and house that are rep. to be replaced by dem. so we can fix the rest of the problems. less

  11. To all Americans, yes, you, and me
    This is a major crisis in our history.
    Obama's dreams are clearly all wet
    Spend and spend, just raise our debt

    Using words like "invest" and "hope"to cover his plan
    Taking livelihoods from workers as fast as he can.
    He wants to spread it all out, make all citizens the same
    Except for those who play the Washington monopoly game

    Jobs are scarce, and our future looks dim
    Vacations and golf are more important to him.
    Yet for some their cell phones, and most frills are free
    Pulled from the paychecks of you and of me.

    Pelosi's family flown here and there
    While we are taxed to pay the fare.
    Reed who "houses" any Republican thoughts
    While his irregularities have yet to be been caught.

    "King Obama" has technically bought the farm
    His self-made Constitution will cause great harm.
    God help us and our children in a coming day
    When the jig is up and its' time to pay!

  12. Obama believes in greatness! The rest of the world sees the potential of America, but the comments above show how difficult it is too re-create, greatness!

  13. Raising the min.wage will add to inflation.All prices will rise,more taxes,ones on set income will hurt the most.

  14. What I found perplexing was the lack of recognition of the real issue that can sink the country soon - the ever rising mountain of debt. Obama's state of the union would have been perfectly normal if we were in normal times. But these are turning points where insight and precision in navigating the monetary and fiscal changes that this country needs are required. And last night, I did not see any evidence that the president sees this danger that is obvious to anyone who looks closely. Or perhaps he has just decided to ignore them, wishing and hoping that they will vanish into thing air!

    1. You are too kind to Obama. He knows darn well what he's doing. He only wants to appease our enemies. To do that he sweet talks his American supporters into believing he is watching out for them! His campaign promise to "spread the wealth" has come true. Too bad he is ruining our country, causing more poverty, and putting the future of America at risk. He is far too liberal and for those who think he could be the antichrist...well, they may just be right!

  15. No one wants to admit flagrant disrespect towards Gods law over a long time has consequences-B.O. is the on a long line of troubles for the chosen people of God- spankings will increase.

  16. I fear sequestration will drive foreclosure and bankruptcy rates higher in military towns, of which I am an owner 🙁 Quite the "reality" president, which talk show will he be on this week? We could be doomed!

  17. what an ignorant group of capitalist tools you all are.
    blinded by failed ideology.
    Old, angry, mostly white guys, terrified that the changing world is rendering you irrelevent.
    my only solace is that you are a shrinking minority.
    I discard you.
    BTW Allen, EVERYONE is paying taxes.
    The poorer you are the higher your share, most likely.

    1. timsa uk says:
      "what an ignorant group of capitalist tools you all are.
      blinded by failed ideology.
      Old, angry, mostly white guys, terrified that the changing world is rendering you irrelevent.
      my only solace is that you are a shrinking minority.
      I discard you."

      The idiocy of comments like this one display the lack of reason that will take us all down under the banner of 'social justice', whatever you want that to mean. Let's all just accept a Marxist approach to our socio-economic problems, as this commenter seems to suggest. You may not like it but the old white guys are mostly responsible for the advancements in technology, science, etc. that have made your life as pleasurable as it is.

      1. These old white men have filled their own coffers,along with friends appointed/hired for jobs.The makeup of the people changing to more color.Whitey needs wake up and smell the tacos.

      2. Aw the gross tonnage of that you do not understand. My wife, a Cuban refugee understands well. Their beef ration is 3/4 of a lb per person per month. She worked seven years to get out.
        If you like that system so much, why don't you go down there and try it out.

    2. As usual we have so many short sighted people. Obama is still singing the old tune My way or no way (Executive Order). Any one with a little common sense knows you cannot raise wages unless you can market your product at a higher price. The added FICA tax, Obama tax, closing loop holes all do not add to a robust economy. Y es $9.00 an hour sounds good but then know can a business support the payout of this? The ones that need the $9.00 will have to pay more for the product they need. I think the answer is to stop giving out so many freebies and get people to start training for a job. If they pass the course, training and willing to work they will receive more than $9.00. We have become too much of a taker nation and not willing to start at the bottom to earn a living.

      1. Right on, Joseph! Raising minimum wage will only cause more small businesses NOT to hire and maybe even lay off some not too efficient employees. When the Obamacare dictate goes into effect, we will see even more unemployment. And all of those affected will be on the dole, pushing the country into further debt.

  18. Obama said none of his programs would effect the deficit, so if congress should act upon his suggestions there will be no cost to the taxpayer...and all the Obama voters said...AMEN

    1. Obama is a dreamer or a liar. Of course his grandiose ideas will cost us! Perhaps he doesn't consider the printing of money to be costing us anything but the paper? Could he be so dumb/ignorant?

    1. Yeah, I am with you, How about all wellfare recipients being taken off the voters registration? Obama is buying goodies for people with our money.

  19. I didn't watch Obama's speech. He only has one speech that he keeps saying over and over, spun a different way. The speech is nothing but B.S. Why would anyone waste their time watching it unless you're one of his sheeple or getting paid to watch it?

  20. He's not smart, but clever by far, a real snake-oil salesman. A politician for sure. A divider, not a uniter. Change...it won't come from him and the Country will long suffer from this expierment. If you take the Kings money, the king owns you. And he does it with our tax dollars!

  21. He proposed 20 programs Last night and we are flat broke. Increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 represents a 24% increase. Sr. Citizens received a 1.7% increase in social security for 2013. Is that fair and balanced. Entry level jobs are just that, a path to future upward mobility, not to raise a family of four. This must be something he learned as a community organizer.[Whatever that is!!]

    1. My thoughts exactly, eddie. As he made his proposals and talked about all these pricey programs I could only think of how much money each one would cost. If we're going broke, how would we pay for all this? Then he brags that none of these things will cost the taxpayers? He must have failed all his math classes.

  22. Only the liberals acould/ would stand and clap for such drivel coming from the mouth of a man that knows what is happening to our once great Country but has a European agenda that boggles the mind.
    Thought the two Conservative speeches were fantastic. the Liberals couldn't get beyond the bottle of water.
    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the epitome of why God made Liberals. They need to get beyond their stupidity. Harry
    needs to create a budget and see if he can get more than 0 votes. I doubt it.
    Sequester here we come!!!!!

  23. Listen not to what they say, watch closely what they do!
    The words used by our government are, more often than not, a diversion to cover what they are actually doing.
    It has been my personal experience that when someone lies to you, even once, they are up to no good.

  24. If Obama were an actor he would win an award for that performance... oh, wait, he is. Maybe he'll get an Oscar. Best supporting role. And Boner should get an award for not quite rolling his eyes while O was speaking. You could tell he was tempted. And Biden... he was fighting hard to keep his eyes open. I think he made it. There should be an award for that too. And they all should get the all time BS award.

  25. Well if the President has a plan to safe Medicare and. SS with an increase for inflation , I would be more likely to believe in the government as I have retired and need stability in my life !

  26. He ensured that double digit unemployment for blacks will increase dramatically with a $9 minimum wage. That will just bring on the robots serving hamburgers at Mickey D's that much faster, and trigger the NAACP march on Washington that much sooner.

    That speech was just drivel designed to appeal to 'progressives' who seem to have their feet planted solidly in mid-air.

  27. Promoting tourism as part of America's 21st century modernization plan will help the economy grow.

  28. What more can we expect from a Communist? He is destroying America, and we the people are sadly letting him do it...

    1. That an insult to Communists. Russia has a flat tax of 10%. At least they know how much they can confiscate from their people.

    1. I watched a rerun of "Criminal Minds" where .the psychopath is captured and dealt with.

  29. Watching Obama is too infuriating for me. That such an ignorant fool is our President gives me a headache.

  30. I agree with every post that I have read here about the State of the Union rant. Never has one man and one party done more to bring down the American ideals than this president and congress. They have no clue about how to handle the problems and IF they do, then they just don't care.

  31. The president put his finger on the sour spots of the american society. Empathy is what this great nation needs! A proud nation is only entitled to that qualification if it also cares for those who are unable to provide security and a decent life of their own.

    1. Empathy? Dick, how many more trillions must we throw down the rat hole before you liberals realize IT DOES NOT WORK? All we have succeeded in doing is destroying the self respect and work ethic of millions that have learned to subsist on our empathetic welfare system. They sponge off us and you cannot even see it. And don't get me wrong - I believe in helping people when they are down, but I do expect them to get up and fend for themselves as soon as possible. Now we have 5 generations that have known nothing but government hand outs. Thanks to that we are broke and about 50% of the population believes it is their right to get that government check every month.
      Signs in the national parks say it best: Do not feed the animals - they become dependent on handouts and lose the ability to fend for themselves.

      1. He wants to raise the minimum wage so that people can work and re-gain their self-respect. People were not born without self respect. It is innate in all of us. You believe in helping people, not in government handouts - you left out your thoughts on the increase in minimum wage - so that people can 'earn' back their self-respect.

  32. It all started (cynicism) with the ridiculous outcome of the O.J. trial. Then when Obama was voted in, that was the last straw for any hope of sensible thinking. The takers are outnumbering the givers. If Obama were running my company, he would have been fired 3 1/2 years ago for incompetence.

  33. I was amused by the applause from the puppets, of whom some are thought of as intelligent, but anyone can see they are either naive or clueless. The VP looked his usual "what me worry look" I was concerned tho when I heard OB say his cabinet and himself are working hard on what they can slip through on executive order..............scary

  34. If O'Bama was a CEO of a corporation the board would terminate him. He has little if any grasp of the financials other than to continue to spend. The credit card is "Maxed" out. Cut it up and start to look at the expense side of the equation. Ed

    1. Do you think they actually believed what he was saying? Could that many people be duped? Well, Hitler managed it.

  35. lies and damn lies.

    the west+japan defaults in the next 4 years even if the other side was in power.

    credit/debt/entitlement bubble hits the wall.

    we can't handle the truth.

  36. I thought the whole time he spoke "how wonderful IF it was that easy, or even possible. I don't think he has the very first clue.

  37. WOW! A raise in min wage. That alone should increase the unemployment rate back over 8%. There were many other troubling things for the future economy. If all his hope and dreams come true don't worry about inflation but be very worried about deflation. That is my thoughts.

  38. I have never watched a SOTU speech. The only worthwhile speech was when Congressman Wilson said "You lie!" Last night the dogs were more interesting. Almost anything is.

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