Questions for MarketClub TV?

world_market_globe Adam and Jeremy are back for another episode of MarketClub TV @ 11am tomorrow.

We are going to be discussing the market with most of the show dedicated to Forex. If you have any questions with regards to Forex and how MarketClub can help you take advantage of this exciting market please post them below.

Please leave a comment or email us at [email protected]

7 thoughts on “Questions for MarketClub TV?

  1. Could U pls comment on DD. I am interested in knowing when the Monthly triangle is likely to turn green

  2. 1. What do you think is the low target of "DBA"

    2, What are the chances "USDILS" will go up again.
    (Re: I live in Israel)

    I am a member

  3. What are your thoughts on silver? If there is a pullback, can you give a fibanacci approximate level of how low it might go? I miss the daily silver updates!!

  4. Hi guys
    I am now a full fledged member based in New Zealand. I am interested in Kiwi and the Ozzie market and have brokers and accounts in both countries.
    My question therefore would be "How could one play the A$ NZ$ pairing? What would you refer to on market club charts and data? Are there any instruments for this trans Tasman currency pair?
    best wishes


  5. How can I enlarge the font on your charts, especially the first line showing the Symbol and Hi, Lo, close?

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