Friday Poll: Big Brother Is Watching

Reports came out today that the NSA and FBI are using a program, code-named PRISM, to tap directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and connection logs. The same program also collects similar data from all of the major credit card companies as well. In other words, pretty much every second you spend online is being collected and archived by the federal government, which leads us to our poll question today.....

Are you for or against the government spying on your personal records?

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As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject as well. Please leave a comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Poll: Big Brother Is Watching

  1. No one has addressed what should we do about it! I for one will be writing and phoning my rep. to remove it. If you want my vote- do something!

    Evil can occur when good people do nothing!

  2. The world is now in the early stage of networked data collection and digital technology. I am not for speeding up the process of utiliztion of the technology. It will happen fast enough without my support. Lord only knows where people are headed. I am too old to care much, but I am curious.

  3. For the past couple of years, George Orwell has been coming to mind. I read him back in the
    mid 1950s. Very impressed with his work.

    Since it's been some years, I've started to read him again. Last year I did the same thing on Ayn Rand. The "good stuff" is just as good the second time around!

  4. The question is worded incorrectly. It should say "against ALL government surveillance without a warrant", not just BROAD surveillance.

  5. BIG GOVERNMENT is the Numero Uno problem in this country........Period. It is as simple as that so why don't people get it? This country was built into a world super power with a much smaller government (not much government at all
    starting out for many years)......those were the good old days. People we need to turn this wonderful country of ours's now headed for 3rd world status or worse.

  6. Big brother doesn't have the algorithms to watch everyone, thats a fact.

    Also how much failure is it that not only were the boston suspect on a list but that they can track everyone!!! Thats failure on all levels! I wouldn't be boasting about this, it makes them look even more incompetent.

  7. Progressive Republicans and Democrats are ganging up on us ordinary citizens, by prying into all facets of our daily life. Let's throw all the bums out of Washington and get our country back!!

    1. Right on Gary, I'm with you. I cannot believe there were actually 5 votes for other then against. They must be from out of US voters here. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves!

      1. I can't believe anyone would vote other than "against" unless they are part of the power structure that benefits from unscrupulous surveillance.

    2. Then what you pinheads? Those with all the guns get whatever they want? What a great country that would be , kinda like Syria is now. Bet your kids would like to live like that. While your taking your government back, quit using the Interstate roads they built, get your kids out of public schools, give back your medicare and medicaid, get off your chickenhawk ass and go defend your rights like good tax paying citizens.

      1. You won't be sitting on such a high horse when someone gets into power with beliefs which differ from yours, and then use their power to pry into your life, and use that power against you! Very close minded!!

  8. Really? Are there people who are "all for" fascism? I see two votes for that so maybe it's Obama, aka the extrajudicial executioner, and Kim Jong, Putin and Castro being the neutral voters. Anybody tells me they're FOR warrantless surveillance/data collection I will punch them in the face. Can your next poll be "Will the American people wake up in time to save this sinking ship, the USS IOUSA"?

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