A word of thanks to all our visitors this past week

Just a quick word of thanks to all who voted in our polls and left comments this past week on our blog.

We had a record number of comments and votes on our blog for:

Is Putin now dictating American diplomacy in the Middle East?

It is still not too late to voice your opinion and vote. We will do our very best to respond to any comments you leave.

We also received some pretty interesting comments on a newspaper clipping titled: A Short Guide To The Middle East

Latest poll: Trading superstitions - Do you have any?

We are off to a rip roaring start with this poll. One trader I knew, back when I was trading in the pits of Chicago, was so superstitious that he didn't change his clothes, shower, or shave when he got on a hot streak. That's why we all gave him a pretty wide berth in the pits after the first few days of his hot streak. It is crazy but true.

Do you have a superstition you practice in your trading, or are you not superstitious? Either way, join the vote and share one of your favorite trading stories.

Did you miss my Mystery Stock of the Week? You can find it right here, the reveal might just surprise you.

Lastly, did you manage to catch my tutorial titled: Learn How To Trade Netflix In 90 Seconds?

Have a great weekend everyone,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

2 thoughts on “A word of thanks to all our visitors this past week

  1. Actually it is our pleasure to join you, and we must say " Thank You " to entire INO Team as you have provided us a chance to share our views regarding some most important issues, which are concerned to entire world.

    I hope, you will continue all such " Whistle Blowing" initiatives by which, people are finding a platform to express their views, opinion, voice, fillings and what they want.

    Thanks again.

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