Real Estate, Are you Buying?

Sales of new homes increased 7.9 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 421,000, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. That comes after sales plunged 14.1 percent in July to a 390,000 annual rate. The National Association of Realtors also reported last week that the sales of previously occupied homes rose in August to a seasonally adjusted 5.5 million annual pace. That's a healthy level and the highest in more than six years. With a positive outlook in the housing market we wanted to ask.....

What are your real estate plans?

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17 thoughts on “Real Estate, Are you Buying?

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  2. As per my personal view, considering various factors, directly or in directly linked with real estate, are so critical, and all possible impacts thereof are fearful, up-to that extend that one just cant even imagine too such situation at this stage.

    Some related overall economical study indicates that this is a pure and only " Sale Time" for real estate, therefore, if you don't want to sale, that is OK, but one should not even think too, of buying any rental or home properties, in future, time will may prove all such buyers. " Big Big Big Fools "

    One interesting fact of real estate is that it follows sharp fall and bear face of very very long period, and you can confirm this, by way of checking data or situation of Japan, after 1990 till the date.

    1. rasesh shukla, unless YOU have a crystal ball, forecasting is only a scare tactic or one of indecision, of which both don't have any credibility.

      1. My Friend Mr. R.E.

        Thank for feed-back.
        Wait for some time, time is always telling us the best and undisputed as well confirmed results, so no further exercise required for me for any argument, clarification or explanations accordingly, OK?

  3. I bought my first rental property in 2005 with an interest only ARM. First escalation and it was refi or lose the property. With a substantial buy down, got another interest only ARM.
    Despite the difficulties, we held on in order to buy when prices were low.
    So far, that was a good decision. Was able to buy 3 more properties, all cash flowing. Then the ARM payment adjusted to about half what it was. Don't feel sorry for the bank. Now all properties are cash flowing.
    Have been trying to buy another, but the prices are up and it is very difficult to get an offer accepted, even all cash. Not sure how long the buy phase will continue, that is if we are in a buy phase, but properties were more attractive a year or two ago.
    I am thankful for what we were able to buy in late 2009 and late 2011.

  4. We sold our family home about 4 months ago and got a very good price! We paid cash for a free standing condominium near Mariemont in Cincinnati.

  5. Here in The Woodlands, 40 miles north of Houston, we do not have houses for sales. Exxon/Mobil is building their campus (world headquarters) 5 miles from here and is moving 8,000 people in a year. But... we are the Republic of
    Texas !!!

    1. No doubt about the Republic of Texas! My son will enroll @ Texas A&M next fall (no signs of economic distress in College Station).

      1. I hear Texas is the place to be John. I have several sets for friends plus family that live in Texas and they constantly tell me to pick up and move there. In fact, my brother just left for Texas last week.

        They may be on to something,

  6. I have a second home in Sun City, AZ and I plan to sell it this Winter/Spring. I bought it at the near bottom of the market and it is now time to make a few bucks on it. Also, I feel too young to be living in Sun City and I don't like golf. Do you know anyone who wants a 2 bedroom/1 bath home in Sun City that likes golf and senior citizen activities?

  7. Home values in our area (SWMO) are still 20-25% below pre-'08 crash. On top of that, very few buyers in the market.

    1. Same here in MD John. Although the market here in 08 was extremely inflated and has now settled back down to what I feel is a fair level for our area. There are a lot of houses on the market that tend to sit for quite a while, but they are moving. Not just as fast.


  8. Too much uncertainty in the world to make any future long range plans. Not taking any chances and just keeping it simple.

    1. I think your right Harley. With the current state of affairs going on it's best to stay within in yourself and your limits. Keep it simple and you shall prosper.


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